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2010 USHA Northeast Four-Wall Regional Championships


Albany – The best players in the Northeast gathered March 27-28 for the Northeast Regionals, which was marked by an open slam by Tyree Bastidas. Thanks to Fred Seestadt.

By Raul Retian

Open: Tyree Bastidas d. Billy O’Donnell 14, (8), 10.

B: Leo Cullen d. Rafael Matta Jr 18, 7.

C: Babaloa Ajisafe d. Joe Gritter 20, (6), 6.

40+: Roland Langevin d. Ken Crespi 20, 15.

50+: Paul Williams d. George Brandeburg 9, 16.

60+: Jerry Lee d. Marc Seigle (15), 12, 4.

70+: Terry Nolan d. William Carmello 7, (10), 5.

Women: Sandy Ng d. Danielle Daskalakis 6, 6.

Boys 19-under: Babaloa Ajisafe d. Kyle Bossung (17), 14, 7.

Open doubles: Tyree Bastidas/Jurell Bastidas d. David Bardwell/Charles Raymond 10, 14.

B doubles: Todd Smith/Tom Wyand d. Rafael Matta Jr/Raymond Ortiz

C doubles: Bill Huff Jr/Mike Stones d. Jared Vale/Kurt Padgett 2, 7.

40+ doubles: Roland Langevin/Randy Wolfe d. Ray Peter/Tony Santiago (10), 3, 8-10, inj. def.

50+ doubles: Dan Vera/George Brandeburg d. Ken Munson/Tom Wyand 14, 20.

60+ double: Alan Green/Graham Palmore d. Jerry Yee/Bob Bardwell (6), 9, 10.

70+ doubles: Bill Kennedy/Thomas Lynch d. Alan Green/Sal Pirri 15, 13.

2010 New York Athletic Club Invitational Handball Tournament.


New York – Allan Garner had a remarkable run in the 39th annual NYAC/Burt Kossoff Invitational from April 15-18 at the New York Athletic Club. Garner beat David Chapman in the semis even though he lost Game 1 and was down 17-13 in Game 2 before making his comeback. Garner then outmatched Emmett Peixoto in the final 21-12, 21-2.

In the Women’s open final, Megan Mehilos defeated Tracy Davis 21-14, 21-6.


Semis: Emmett Peixoto d. David Fink 1, 3, Allan Garner d. David Chapman (5), 20, 7.

Final: Garner d. Peixoto 12, 2.

40/50+: Dean Crispen d. Paul Williams 9, 4.

60+: Chris Diminico d. Ray Eng 3, 17

70+: Terry Nolan d. Teddy Gewertz 12, 3

Women: Megan Mehilos d. Tracy Davis 14, 6.

Open doubles: Tyree Bastidas/Jurell Bastidas d. Billy O’Donnell/ Raul Retian, 13, 8.

50/60+ doubles: Daly/Smeltz d. Diminico/O’ Connor 14, 16.

70+ doubles: Ben Marguglio/Tommy Carr d. Lenny Aconsky/ Vern Hayden 11, 4.

33rd Annual New York State Handball Tournament


By Sue McAuliffe and Dan Vera

Fishkill – A fierce, cold wind blew in from Canada just prior to the 33rd Annual New York State Handball Tournament held February 25-27. Snow, wind and rain couldn’t keep our Canadian friends from joining us on Friday night as they braved Mother Nature’s best to arrive in Fishkill on time for their first matches. Participants also came from North Carolina, Vermont, Connecticut and Maine. Kudos to everyone for arriving on time, despite the weather!

Tournament Directors Dan Vera and Kathy Queenan hosted 12 divisions at Fishkill Allsport.

Standouts from this tournament included Team Santerre and Team Bastidas, both brother teams running through their respective brackets. The Bastidas brothers were also finalists in the Open singles. Excellent efforts, gentlemen!

Saturday evening, Mother Nature was a little bit more cooperative as the tournament participants enjoyed our annual banquet. Inducted into the Dutchess Handball Hall of Fame this year is none other than our own tournament director, Kathy Queenan.

Kathy earned this distinction by her years of hard work and dedication to making sure that each tournament she attended was the best it could be. Her efforts, both during the tournament and behind the scenes, to ensure the full tournament experience for all participants, are well respected and appreciated by all. Thank you Kathy, for being so generous with your time and talents!

Congratulations to all our Champions and their worthy opponents. Come again next year and enjoy our hospitality!


Open Singles: Tyree Bastidas

Second: Jurell Bastidas


Open doubles: Jurell/Tyree Bastidas

Second: Raul Retian/Dennis Gingris


B Singles: Raphael Santerre

Second: Jens Klipp


B Doubles: Darwin Lee/Mike Virgilio

Second: Jimmy Lynch/Scott Mete


C Singles: Jerome Santerre

Second: Matthew Paquet


C Doubles: Scott Mete/Ron Sears

Second: Byron Rodas/Billy Kohlhousser


40 Singles: Denis Gingras

Second: Ken Crespi


40/50 Doubles: Glenn Hall/Dave Schmetz

Second: Paul Williams & Tom Doughten


50 Singles: Dan Vera

Second: Paul Williams


60 Singles: George Degonzague

Second: Richie Rose


60 doubles: John Marra/Bob Daly

Second: Richie Rose/Tom Doughten


70 Doubles: Brad Bean/Dick Barry

Second: Bill Kennedy/John McNulty