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Local, State, & USHA Regional Tournaments.

2006 USHA Northeast 4-Wall Regional Championships


Golden Horseshoe Handball Tournament - Canada


Above: M. Rajcak(CAN-finalist) and T. Bastidas(USAchampion)              

Above:Team M. Polgrabia/G. Jennings(CAN-finalists) and Team Bastidas(USA-champs)


The Hamilton Downtown YMCA has been a stronghold of Ontario handball since its beginnings. The facilities are among the finest in the area and have been continuously upgraded over the years. The Hamilton Downtown YMCA presently boast six refurbished air conditioned courts, making play comfortable and enjoyable.

The Hamilton YMCA Handball Club is an active and enthusiastic organization that has sponsored and organized the Golden Horseshoe Handball Tournament for the past 38 years and once again, in its 39th year, the "Y" Handball Club invites participation from handballers of all ages. Join us October 19th-21st, 2007. We are looking forward to hosting you.

As a participant of this event, included is a Saturday Night Social. You are welcome to purchase tickets for this event for your guests at the registration desk on Friday, October 19th.

Parking is available behind or beside the YMCA on Jackson street.

Hamilton, Ontario - These are the results of the 39th Golden Horseshoe Handball Tournament held at the downtown YMCA Oct. 19th to 21st:

Open singles; Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn NY) def. Mike Rajcak (Hamilton ON). 

B Singles; John Audet (Niagara Falls ON) def. Nazim Bajwa (Hamilton ON).

C Singles; Adam Johnston (Hamilton ON) def. Winston Guitar (Niagara Falls ON.)

50+ Singles; Jim Lowe (Temperance MI) def. Sal LiPuma (Buffalo NY)

60+ Singles; Larry Grimmer (Albany NY) def. Bill Huff (Albany NY)

Open Doubles; Tyree Bastidas/Jurell Bastidas (Brooklyn NY) def. Grant Jennings/Mark Polgrabia (Toronto ON)

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The Warren Chase Open Tournament - Massachusetts


Tyree Bastidas (champion) Bob Turnan (referee) Jurell Bastidas (finalist)


Worcester, MASS – The tournament is dedicated to Warren chase, and avid handball player who loved the sport with a passion. Almost every year the tournament draws top players from, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York.

Tournament Directors Jack Brady and Bob Turnan were in charge of the great hospitality and food served at the ‘Y’, and while most of the games were played on Saturday, the finals were decided on Sunday.

Tyree Bastidas and his brother Jurell Bastidas met at the finals of the          Men’ s Open division, where T. Bastidas walked away with the top honor.

2008 MHA State 4-Wall Singles Tournament - Michigan


Michigan Athletic Club (The MAC),

East Lansing, February 23 & 24, 2008


4-Wall State Singles Champions for 2008:


Open Tyree Bastidas-- New York City

Golden Masters Garyt Dahl -- Lansing

Super Masters Norm Young-- Lansing

Diamond Masters Carl Porter-- Lansing

“B” Dale Cole -- Lansing

“C” Mike Murray -- Lansing

Novice Tom Pritchard -- Lansing

Notice where the champions normally play -- what’s up with that!


From left: Jurell and Tyree Bastidas, Phil Kirk and Pete Hanover.

Photo courtesy of Keith Thode


East Lansing, MI - The Open: Tyree Bastidas, a 17-year old from New York City, played like a pro in victories over Pat Oliver, Phil Kirk and, in the final, over Pete Hanover. Tyree has amazing power with either hand, the quickness of a 17-year old, a variety of one-wall type shots and everything it takes to beat the best, which he did. Hanover was in the open final for the sixth year in a row, a remarkable achievement. Pete won two of those titles.

Quarter Finals: Pete Hanover (Lansing) d. Alex Bieri (Detroit) 11,1; Jurell Bastidas (New York)

d. Pat Myers (Flint) 16,18; Tyree Bastidas (New York) d. Pat Oliver (Detroit) 5,8; Phil Kirk

(Ohio) d. Hank Kozak (Detroit) 15,10.

Semi Finals: Hanover d. J. Bastidas 12,16; T. Bastidas d. Kirk 11,13.

Finals: T. Bastidas d. Hanover 18,13.

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