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2010 USHA National Challengers One-Wall Championships






 Bastidas brothers star at 1-Wall Challengers


Jurell and Tyree Bastidas dominated play at the USHA National Challengers One-Wall Championships the weekend of May 7-9 in Queens, N.Y.

Jurell beat Ariel Garcia 21-16, 21-18 to win the 23-and-under singles championship.

Tyree edged Andres Calle 21-19, 21-18 in taking the 21-and-under singles.

And the brothers pair to capture the 23-and-under doubles title with a 21-16, 21-8 victory over Calle and Christopher Miranda. Coincidentally, Calle and Miranda faced each other in the 21-and-under singles semis, with Calle winning in a tiebreaker.

The 23-and-under B singles crown went to Edward Yu, who topped Danielle Daskalakis 21-17, 21-11.

Thanks to Michael Watson for running this event.


First round: Ariel Garcia d. Jonathan Velez 2, 2: Jonathan Milman d. Fred Wu 10, 6: Jose Garcia d. Danielle Daskalakis 16, (15), 3: Christopher Miranda d. Jaideep Singh 10, 10: Andres Calle d. Edward Yu 4, 9.

Quarters: Tyree Bastidas d. Matthew Chu 6, 20: Milman d. A. Garcia 14, 13: Miranda d. J. Garcia 16, 18: Calle d. Andrew Sheng 8, 9.

Semis: Bastidas d. Milman 10, 4: Calle d. Miranda (16), 11, 1.

Final: Bastidas d. Calle 19, 18.


Semis: Jurell Bastidas d. Jose Garcia 13, 10: Ariel Garcia d. Jonathan Milman 5, 7.

Final: Bastidas d. Garcia 16, 18.

23-and-under B

First round: Danielle Daskalakis d. Fred Wu 9, 7: Edward Yu d. Jaideep Singh 11, 10: Andrew Sheng d. Mathew Chu 16, (9), 0

Semis: Dakalakis d. Jonathan Velez 10, 10; Yu d. Sheng 14, 13.

Final: Yu d. Daskalakis 17, 11.

23-and-under doubles

First round: Jose Garcia/ John Davila d. Mathew Chu/Andrew Sheng (17), 20, 10; Danielle Dakalakis/Jonathan Milman d. Fred Wu/Jaideep Singh 12, 12.

Semis: Tyree Bastidas/Jurell Bastidas d. Garcia/Davila 9, 9: Andres Calle/Christopher Miranda d. Daskalakis/Milman 14, 16.

Fianl: Bastidas/Bastidas d. Calle/Miranda 16, 8.

USHA National One-Wall Juniors Championships




From left: Isaac Acosta and Tyree Bastidas posing after their match.



Bastidas exits the 19-and-under singles title.

Tyree Bastidas finished his junior one-wall career by slamming in the 19-and-under divisions.

He rolled though the singles without losing a game. In the final, Isaac Acosta was just trying to see how well he could do against Bastidas, and he fell 21-9, 21-1.

Stephen Cooney of Ireland, who was playing one-wall in New York for the first time, gave Bastidas a bit of a match in the semifinals before yielding 21-15, 21-18.

Quarters: Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn) d. William Schmittgal (Middle Villag ) 9, 2; Stephen Cooney ( Roscommon, Ireland) d. Dominic Kulma ( Maspeth) 5, 2; Isaac Acosta( College Point) d. John Loubriel ( New York) 8, (12), 3; Michael Elferis (College Point) d. Kennet Jiang (Brooklyn) 18, (16), 8.

Semis: Bastidas d. Cooney 15, 18: Acosta d. Elferis 5, 18 Acosta d. Elferis 5, 10.

Final: Bastidas d. Acosta 9, 1.


USHA National One-Wall Juniors Championships 



From left:Acosta, Garcia, Bastidas and Zhou

Tyree celebrates with his friends his last junior 1-wall victory with the small ball.


19-under doubles partners slam

Tyree Bastidas teamed up with PSAL individual champion Joshua Garcia in the 19-and-under doubles, and the powerhouse team did not lose a game

Both players slammed, Bastidas taking the 19-and-under singles and Garcia taking the 17-and-under singles.

Isaac Acosta, who must be having nightmares about Bastidas after playing him in the singles and doubles finals, teamed up with Michael Zhou. But they had no answer for Garcia/Bastidas, losing 21-9, 21-8.

Zhou/Acosta got to the final with a thrilling 21-18, 21-16 win over Stephen Cooney/Matthew Lum in the semifinals. Meanwhile, Garcia/Bastidas ousted Michael Elferis/Harry Tsang in two 21-5 games.

Cooney/Lum had reached the semis by besting Eloy Vela/Babaloa Ajisafe 21-15, 6-21, 11-10. In the tiebreaker, both teams were at 11-10 for three innings before Cooney/Lum won.

USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships 



As usual, Tyree roaming the front court to kill the ball against his Irish friend in his last three-wall championship of his junior handball journey at Venice Beach.


Finishing with a flourish

Bastidas’ last 2 titles close his junior career

By Matt Krueger

When the sun sets over the Pacific, a green flash radiates in the sky, offering one last brilliant spark to another California day.

Tyree Bastidas’ juniors career ended with the same brilliance as he won his 11th and 12th juniors three-wall crowns just yards from the ocean at Venice Beach. Bastidas defeated Stephen Cooney 21-2, 21-16 for the 19-and-under singles title before also grabbing the doubles.

From the outset, Bastidas dominated as he had throughout the draw, stunning the Irishman with his speed and power serves.

Playing his first major three-wall event in the U.S., Cooney did all he could to stay in the game but could only manage only to points in Game 1.

Cooney’s due diligence paid off once the second game started. Clearly more comfortable and looking to make the final more interesting, Cooney found a rhythm in his service game that left Bastidas in an early funk.

“He made a couple unbelievable serves and shots,” Bastidas said. “I couldn’t do anything with them, and it took me out of my game.”

While Cooney was rolling, Bastidas’ frustration grew. He committed hand errors and took ill-advised shots as Cooney forged a 14-5 lead.

The Venice crowd, hoping for more handball, started to encourage and cheer for Cooney’s second-game surge. But Bastidas wouldn’t cooperate. “Don’t do this,” Bastidas said to himself, trying to keep his cool.

By executing some timely shots and calling a timeout, he was able to quell Cooney’s momentum and stage an amazing comeback.

For the remainder of the second game, the tables were turned, and Cooney could only watch as Bastidas put away points with rally-ending shots. The last point seemed almost uneventful compared to the great second game both competitors displayed, but Bastidas was able to close out the match.

The win ended another great summer and exceptional juniors career for Bastidas.

USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships  



From left: Stephen Cooney(Ireland), Daniel Cordova(Mexico), Tyree Bastidas(New York), and Ricky Ortiz from California, posing together for the last time at Bastidas' last 3-wall championship.


Bastidas/Ortiz dominate newcomers in 19+doubles

By Matt Krueger


Three-wall newbies Stephen Cooney and Daniel Cordova thought they’d give the 19-and-under doubles a try, pairing up for the first time.

They found instant success as they turned away each team on their road to the final. But they couldn’t hurdle that last obstacle – the defending champions.

Tyree Bastidas and Ricky Ortiz controlled the entire match, dropping Cordova/Cooney in two games 21-9, 21-6.

Cordova shoed his amazing ability to fly-kill the ball, while Cooney chased after shots, making returns only a few feet from the stands.

For the first few moments, the teams played evenly until Bastidas/Ortiz developed a solid game plan against Cordova/Cooney’s contrasting styles.

With Ortiz playing up front, scooping Cordova’s kills attempts, Bastidas was more than comfortable playing near and beyond the long line, stroking shot after shot to the ceiling and front wall.

Eventually they wore down their inexperienced opponents and won the match. The win was Bastidas’ 12th juniors title.

USHA National One-Wall Big Ball Championships  


Tyree takes up position in the front court to hit the ball during semifinals.

From left: Michael Elferis and Tyree Bastidas(champion) posing at Victory Field.


Bastidas adjusts quickly in the 19s

Tyree Bastidas returned to the big ball, and after surviving and early scare, won the 19-and-under title over Michael Elferis 25-14.

Having just won the national pro one-wall in small ball the week before, Bastidas took a little time to get comfortable with the different type of game, and Danny Zhu almost scored an upset in the quarterfinals. Sown 20-14, Bastidas came back for an amazing 25-23 victory.

For the remaining matches, Bastidas needed to use his full offensive arsenal. The ever-improving Elferis played exceptionally well, also reaching the open final. He threatened but never overtook Bastidas, who snared what will be his final juniors title.

First round: Danny Zhu(Brooklyn) d. Babalola Ajisafe(Far Rockaway) 11; Jeff Ye(Brooklyn) d. Alexander  rivera(Brooklyn) 10; Kenneth Jiang(Brooklyn) d. Richard Hue(New York) 10; Philip Cho(Whitestone) d. Matthew Lum (Whitestone) 17.

Quarters: Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn) d. Zhu 23; Ye d. Stephen Cooney (Roscommon, Ireland) 9;Michael Elferis(College Point) d. Jiang 20; Cho d.Andy Chen (Brooklyn) 24

Semis: Bastidas d. Ye 15; Elferis d. Cho 8.

Final: Bastidas d. Elferis 14.

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