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Lord Of The Courts - Part 8

The march through the record books was kept on pace during 2009, as Bastidas kept pushing for more national titles with new partners all across the country.

His thirty plus national championships is an all-time record that will take many years to match. 

Lord Of The Courts - Chapter 29

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2009 USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships

From left: Ryan Sutherland and Fergal Collins(finalists) and Tyree Bastidas with Ricky Ortiz(champions).


Ortiz helps Bastidas to 2nd slam.

By Matt Krueger and Gay Cruz

Venice, California -Tyree Bastidas completed his second slam of the year, teaming up with Ricky Ortiz to defeat Fergal Collins/Ryan Sutherland 21-7, 21-6 in the 19-and- under doubles.

Bastidas/Ortiz dominated the early rounds like they did the final, not allowing any opponents more than seven points.

Bastidas, who also slammed in one-wall, showed no sign of tiring after his narrow singles win over Collins.He took many of the shots but also kept his partner involved.

The champs tried to keep the ball away from Collins and attacked Sutherland on serves and rallies."We kind of attacked Ryan with hop serves, and when we sensed Fergal was getting tired, we started hitting him with drives" Bastidas said.

Although both teams battled though some impressive rallies. Bastidas/Ortiz ended most of the rallies with winners.

In the semifinals, Bastidas/Ortiz, defeated the younger team of Brant Bidegain/Eric Brandman in two quik games 21-1, 21-7. Collins/Sutherland had their hands full with the Lattoff YMCA team of Eric Matiasek/C.J. Laffey but closed it out 21-15, 21-13.

Lord Of The Courts - Chapter 30

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2009 USHA National Juniors Four-Wall Championships



Bastidas goes out on top

By Gary Cruz

Tyree Bastidas concluded his junior handball career just as he started it - as a champion. Bastidas downed doubles partner Marcos Lemus in a tiebreaker to win the 19-and-under singles before the two won the doubles title.

similar to his first three singles matches. Bastidas came out strong in Game 1 of his rematch with Lemus in the singles final.

Before the crowd had even settled in, Bastidas was up 8-0 and then 10-2. However some solid play from Lemus and several missed shots and setups from Bastidas allowed Lemus back into the game at 10-7.

Frustrated, Bastidas began to overplay. and an ill-advised dive into the left wall resulted in an injury to his knee. He lay motionless for a short time, then recovered enough to stand. But he needed four minutes of injury time to recover.

When play resumed, the obviously hobbled Bastidas was still able to hit with enough power to rally and score enough to keep the game close. But the effort requiered for his power serves to the left and z shots from Lemus that moved Bastidas to the deep right corner took their toll, allowing Lemus to take the lead 19-16.

A very determined Bastidas grabbed control of the balance of the game, closing it out in the next two innings to win 21-19.

Upon returning to the court for Game 2, Bastidas needed to use two more minutes of injury time out, at which point the referee asked for the tournament directors to observe Bastidas' condition. Knowing fully that he couldn't forgeit just one game and that defaulting the singles would result in also forfeiting the doubles, Bastidas wanted to continue. So he returned to the court.

Again Bastidas jumped to an early lead in his first serving inning, going up 4-0. However, the same power serves and Z shots again began to take their toll. Valiantly, Bastidas scored nine more points and never gave up, even though Lemus was in control most of the game and finished it off with a 21-13 victory.

Upon returning to the court for the tiebreaker, Bastidas needed to use five more minutes of injury time  before play could begin. and then it was Lemus jumping to a 4-1 lead.

Lemus had endured two grueling tiebreakers and was now locked in another, and fatigue was beginning to affect his play. As Bastidas began to surge, Lemus called one timeout, and he took another when Bastidas forged ahead ahead 5-4.

When play was about to start back up, Bastidas called a timeout. an then when the tiebreaker finally resumed, Bastidas went on a tear.

With the score 9-4, Lemus wanted a timeout to slow tings down, but he was out of timeouts, and soon the game was over with an 11-4 Bastidas victory.

When quizzed about the timeout he called right after Lemus's final timeout, Bastidas said, "I wanted to get into his head a little bit."

Both players have victories against each other and have teamed to win junior doubles titles in the three-wall and four-wall junior nationals. They hope to add a one-wall national if Lemus can make the trip to New York city for this year's event.

Bastidas permitted double figures in only one game before the final, turning back Peter Hughes of Ireland 21-10, 21-4 in the semifinals. Lemus endured tough tiebreakers in the quarterfinals over Dustin Van Brunt of Texas and in the semifinals over Shane Hedigan of Ireland.

In the 19-and-under a division, Van Brunt bounced back from his loss to Lemus to outlast  Jason Murphy 18-21, 21-3, 11-4.

Casey Janus dropped a tiebreaker to Murphy in the first round, then moved into the B division and came out on top. He won three straight matches, including a 21-7, 21-8 victory over Jimmy Myers in the final.

Boy's Singles 19 and Under - Single Elimination
Round of 16:Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn, N.Y.)  d. Nicholas Fisette (Elmhurst, Ill.)  0,3
Shane Hedigan (Cork, CO. CORK)  d. Jimmy Myers (Modesto, Calif.)  1,6
Marc Lemus (Chicago, Ill.)  d. Babalola Ajisafe (Far Rockaway, N.Y.)  5,4
Peter Hughes (Wexford, CO. WEXFORD)  d. Derrick Contreras (Lake Forest, Ill.)  1,4
Ryan Sutherland (Mound City, Kan.)  d. Jose Garcia (Queens, N.Y.)  WBF - Injury
Dustin Van Brunt (Austin, Texas)  d. Isaac Acosta (Lake Forest, Ill.)  13,8
Derek Alcantar (Hayward, Calif.)  d. Dan Sterrett (Oak Park, Ill.)  (10),18,1
Jason Murphy (CO. WEXFORD)  d. Casey Janus (Chicago, Ill.)  (12),9,5

Quarters: Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn, N.Y.)  d. Jason Murphy (CO. WEXFORD)  3,9
Shane Hedigan (Cork, CO. CORK)  d. Derek Alcantar (Hayward, Calif.)  3,2
Marc Lemus (Chicago, Ill.)  d. Dustin Van Brunt (Austin, Texas)  (14),14,4
Peter Hughes (Wexford, CO. WEXFORD)  d. Ryan Sutherland (Mound City, Kan.)  7,10

Semis: Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn, N.Y.)  d. Peter Hughes (Wexford, CO. WEXFORD)  10,4
Marc Lemus (Chicago, Ill.)  d. Shane Hedigan (Cork, CO. CORK)  (17),11,8

Final: Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn, N.Y.)  d. Marc Lemus (Chicago, Ill.)  19,(13),4

Lord Of The Courts - Chapter 31

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2009 USHA National Juniors Four-Wall Championships


From left: Dennis O'Neill and Shane Hedigan(Ireland) and Marco Lemus with Tyree Bastidas(USA).


Bastidas/Lemus go the distance to beat Irishmen.

By Gary Cruz

The opponents in the 19-and-under singles final joined forces to win that age group's doubles championships.

Tyree Bastidas/Marco Lemus teamed for another U.S.-vs.- Ireland showdown against Shane Hedigan/ Dennis O'Neill.

Bastidas had been hobbled by a kneee injury in the singles final, but he and a fatigued Lemus still managed 18 points in Game 1 of the doubles final.

The knee seemed to loosen up a bit in Game 2, Bastidas moved better but still was more effective maintaining the front court with fly kills.

"I hit a lot off-balance shots because I had to!" Bastidas later said, explaining his situation.

After the Americans had won Game 2 by a comfortable score of 21-10, it meant that Lemus would be heading into his fourth tiebreaker in three days.

But the motivation of a championship sparked him to find the energy, and Bastidas found enough flexibility in the tiebreaker that they won 11-5.

Boys Doubles 19 and Under - Single Elimination

Quarters: Tyree Bastidas / Marco Lemus (Brooklyn, NY/Chicago, IL)  d. Jimmy Myers / Nicholas Fisette (Modesto, CA/Elmhurst, IL)  3,6.

Shane Hedigan / Dennis O' Neill (Cork, Co. Cork/Co. Cork)  d. Isaac Acosta / Derrick Contreras (Lake Forest, IL/Lake Forest, IL)  14,8. Dustin Van Brunt / Derek Alcantar (Austin, TX/Hayward, CA)  d. Dan Sterrett / Ryan Sutherland (Oak Park, IL/Mound City, KS)  17,11. Peter Hughes / Jason Murphy (Wexford, Co./Wexford, Co)  d. Babalola Ajisafe / Casey Janus (Far Rockaway, NY/Chicago, IL)  9,13

Semis: Tyree Bastidas / Marco Lemus (Brooklyn, NY/Chicago, IL)  d. Peter Hughes / Jason Murphy (Wexford, Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford)  16,13
Shane Hedigan / Dennis O' Neill (Cork, Co. Cork/Co. Cork)  d. Dustin Van Brunt / Derek Alcantar (Austin, TX/Hayward, CA)  8,6

Final: Tyree Bastidas / Marco Lemus (Brooklyn, NY/Chicago, IL)  d. Shane Hedigan / Dennis O' Neill (Cork, Co. Cork/Co. Cork)  (18),10,5