Handball player for life.

Lord Of The Courts - Part 7

Tyree Bastidas wins tournaments that matter the most, he is all about amassing national championships and world titles, aiming for a final number that history can't ignore.

The road to the coronation has already been paved when he steps on the courts for the last time on December 26-30. Will he keep pushing or will he rest on his laurels? The answer will be evident on December 30, 2009.

Lord Of The Courts - Chapter 25


USHA News Headlines
2008 USHA National Juniors Four-Wall Championships


4 Walls?  Who is counting?

By Gay Cruz

Washington, Vancouver - 19-and under champion Bastidas adds indoor title to 1-and 3-wall.

After slamming in the national juniors one-wall and three-wall tournaments earlier in 2008. Tyree Bastidas was out to prove that his ability would translate on the four-wall courts as well. And he did just that, whipping Sam Kass in a pair of 21-9 games to capture the 19-and-under singles championship.

Amazingly, the final was the first time that Bastidas and Kass had face each other. And as far as the juniors go, it had to be the last, as this was Kass' last year of junior eligibility.

With the cancellation of No 1 seed Ricardo Ruiz's airplane flight from California coming after play in the division had begun, the top bracket was unable to be reseeded, meaning it was then wide open. In that bracket, Kass, a stand out player from San Jose, Calif., posted two come-from-behind tiebreaker victories to arrive in the finals

The lower bracket was equally difficult, with Bastidas needing to win two tiebreakers to reach the final. But after flying cross country from Brooklyn, NY., Bastidas wasn't going to let that stop him.

In the championship match, both players started slowly, but eventually Bastidas took control and mounted an 8-2 lead. At that point, though, Kass began to convert points from weak returns off his lob serves, narrowing his deficit to 8-6. However, at this point it became apparent that the lob serves and slow pace of Kass were in large part because of fatigue. Bastidas was passing and shooting with crisp shots, and he closed out the first game 21-9. In game 2, Bastidas jumped out to an 8-0 lead, extending that later to 16-2. Kass mounted a charge but was trailing 20-9 when he called his last timeout.When play resumed, Kass seemed to have renewed energy. He moved Bastidas around the courts with a series of hard drives and pass shots. Bastidas then hit what appeared to be a match-ending shot, only to have Kass make the retrieve. Then after a weak return by Bastidas, Kass was on offense with a drive down the left....only to have Bastidas jump to his feet and hit a match-ending kill shot.

Round of 32(Drop-Down to 19 C):

Jose Estrella (Tucson, Ariz.)  d. Erik Ifland (Bothell, Wash.)  3,5
Derek Alcantar (Hayward, Calif.)  d. Nicholas Flores (Portland, Ore.)  5,8
Round of 16 (Drop-Down to 19 C):

Derek Alcantar (Hayward, Calif.)  d. Ricardo Ruiz (Downey, Calif.)  WBF - No Show
Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn, N.Y.)  d. Jose Estrella (Tucson, Ariz.)  16,6
Nikolai Nahorniak (Des Plaines, Ill.)  d. Raymond Ortiz (Tucson, Ariz.)  3,0
Diarmaid Nash (Scarriff, CO. CLARE)  d. Dan Sterrett (Oak Park, Ill.)  3,4
Sam Kass (San Jose, Calif.)  d. Riley Kloss (Mt. Prospect, Ill.)  8,2
Chris Maldonado (Tucson, Ariz.)  d. Ryan Sutherland (Mound City, Kan.)  8,13
Victor Perez (Lake Forest, Ill.)  d. Fergal Collins (Ballina, Killaloe, CO. Tippperary)  12,17
Evan Brown (Eugene, Ore.)  d. Jonathan Hingey (Tulsa, Okla.)  16,17
Quarters (Drop-Down to 19 b Singles):

Evan Brown (Eugene, Ore.)  d. Derek Alcantar (Hayward, Calif.)  14,13
Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn, N.Y.)  d. Victor Perez (Lake Forest, Ill.)  5,(14),4
Nikolai Nahorniak (Des Plaines, Ill.)  d. Chris Maldonado (Tucson, Ariz.)  2,14
Sam Kass (San Jose, Calif.)  d. Diarmaid Nash (Scarriff, Co. Clare)  (10),19,3

Semis:Kass d. Brown, (12), 10, 6; Bastidas d. Nahorniak, (14), 9, 4. 

Final:  Bastidas d. Kass, 9, 9.

Tyree Bastidas allowed his opponents to score and average of 10.4 points per game.

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Lord Of The Courts - Chapter 26

USHA News Headlines
2009 USHA National Challengers One-Wall Championships


From left: Vlad Klym(finalist) and Tyree Bastidas(champion), photo courtesy of V.P. Pavarati

1 Bastidas  captures 21-and-under.....................

Brooklyn, New York - Under very cold and windy but dry conditions play concluded in the Master/Challenger tournament at Coney Island. 

Future superstar Tyree Bastidas added another first-place award to his rapidly growing collection by winning the 21-and under division. Bastidas defeated Jose Garcia 21-6, 21-5 and then Vlad Klym in a more difficult final 21-12,, 21-14.

Klym had looked impressive in his showing against Tony Choi, who pressured him in his 21-15, 21-17 victory. Klym seem even stronger in the ousting of Jonathan Milman 21-4, 21-10.

Bastidas simply has too many skills for his division. He'll provide a worthy challenge to anyone in the August nationals.

..........................................And another takes 23-under

The Bastidas name appeared again in the winner's circle in the 23-and-under division. This time it was Tyree's big brother, Jurell, who earned the championship.

Bastidas met Saul Gonzalez in the finals. Gonzalez had done a bang-up job in defeating Jonathan Milman 21-10. 21-3. Milman is a good player and demonstrated it in his 21-10, 21-7 win over Tony Choi.

Bastidas got to the final by eliminating Joshua Garcia 21-6, 21-14. In the final Bastidas appeared in complete control of Game 1, with a 10-point margin of victory. But Gonzalez did not go away without some glory for himself. His efforts in an intense Game 2 earned him a tiebreaker with a 21-18 win.But Bastidas came out blasting in the deciding game and handed Gonzalez an 11-0 shutout.

With each Bastidas a champion, the question arises. Will there be a new, great brother doubles team in the near future? It would be terrific for them and for one-wall.

Lord Of The Courts - Chapter 27

USHA News Headlines
2009 USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships


Same old story: Bastidas dissolves 19-and under rivals.

Queens, New York - Young players gathered June 25-28 at Big Bush park in Queens N.Y., for the USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships. The tournament. sponsored by the Queens Borough Elks Lodge 778, drew more than 150 players.

With rain forcing the boys 19-and-under singles final indoors to the Elks Lodge. powerhouse Tyree Bastidas was given a run for his money by Michael Wu in game 1.

Wu played the best game of the tournament against Bastidas in his losing effort. Bastidas won in two games over an exhausted Wu 21-18, 21-16.

In the A singles, David Cao was crowned champion.

QUEENS, N.Y. - Under ideal weather and playing conditions the tournament was completed.

The 2009 One-Wall Junior Champions are:

  • Boys 19 and under : Tyree Bastidas
  • Boys 19 and under A: David Cao
  • Boys 19 and under B: Ricardo Rodriquez
  • Boys 19 and under doubles: David Cao/Jason Yip
  • Boys 17 and under : Joshua Garcia
  • Boys 17 and under A: Eric Brandman
  • Boys 17 and under B: Deshaun Turner
  • Boys 17 and under C: Andrew Liu
  • Boys 17 and under doubles: Eric Brandman/Andres Paz
  • Boys 15 and under : Andy Chen
  • Boys 15 and under A: Matthew Chu
  • Boys 15 and under B: Boris Yunatanov
  • Boys 15 and under C: Herman Wu
  • Boys 15 and under doubles: Wei Zeng/Andy Chen
  • Girls 17 and under: Sandy Ng
  • Girls 17 and under doubles: Sandy Ng/Amy Li
  • Girls 15 and under: Jane Chen
  • Girls 15 and under doubles: Jane Chen / Samantha Feng

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Lord Of The Courts - Chapter 28

USHA News Headlines
2009 USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships


Blond bomber Bastidas powers to top of heap again.


By Sal Galvan

Venice, California - With his bleached blond hair, Tyree Bastidas seems to fit right in with many of the locals in Venice Beach, Calif.,where he joined a good turnout for the USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships in July.

His handball game is what separated him from the field as he collected another title by dropping Fergal Collins in the 19-and-under final 21-8, 21,19.

Game 1 flowed for Bastidas like the whole tournament up to the final. He was comfortable shooting the ball and passing Collins on his attempts to cover the front court. The result was a comfortable win as Collins didn't threaten Bastidas with any scoring runs until the outcome was nearly decided.

The Irish player, competing in his first three-wall tournament, look comfortable on the courts and was enjoying a rewarding summer of handball. Collins won the men' s A singles and the 19-and-under singles four wall titles in June and had been working on his three-wall game in the Tucson heat.

On the fast-track  learning curve for three-wall, Collins displayed the heart of a champion when the ball dropped for the start of the second game. His perseverance showed when all others were expecting another Bastidas victory. Getting into a rhythm, Collins darted to a modest 4-0 lead, hitting methodical winners beyond Bastidas.

It was enough to get the Venice Beach crowd  into the match. Hoping to see more handball played, the gallery cheered every winner, which seemed to fuel Collins and discourage Bastidas.

Bastidas started taking more aggressive shots, but Collins maintained his level and forged a 9-0 edge.

"I thought it was definitely going to a tiebreaker, maybe even a shutout, with the way Fergal was playing," referee Ricardo Ruiz said.

Collins didn't get the shootout, but he maintained  a 10-point lead past the midway point of the second game.Down 14-6, Bastidas settled in and didn't let the crowd affect his shot selection. Going on a 12-4 run, Bastidas tied the score 18-18.

Collins still wouldn't go away quietly, but Bastidas was rolling and looking close out match point. After a side out and a double fault, Bastidas won the title 21-19.

Bastidas talked about his challenge in the second game " I've gotten to know Fergal from the junior tournaments, so I consider him a good friend," Bastidas said.

"I knew he'd push me, and he was really emphasizing his shots in the second game. That made it more competitive."

Bastidas defeated Ryan Sutherland in the semifinals, while Collins was given a default after Adrian Ortiz fell ill.

The victory extended Bastidas' juniors winning streaks to seven. He has won his age division in one-, three- and four-wall events since 2007." I want to slam in all three events" he said.

With one last hurdle at the national four-wall juniors at Lattof YMCA in December, Bastidas can further cement his already impressive junior legacy.