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2008 USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships

T. Bastidas serving the ball during game at Bush Park in Queens.


Bastidas rolls untouched through 17's.

Queens, New York - With powerhouse Tyree Bastidas from team 878 trying to correct his mistake of playing up last year and adding the 17-and-under one-wall singles title to his impressive list, the only real question was who would come in second.

Mike Olarte, also of 878, answered that by outlasting all opponents on his side of the draw  to get to the championship match. Olarte, a big ball player, realized that his chances of winning were not good, but he still he said gamely, "I'm still going to try."

Despite his hands hurting, Olarte went down fighting. Bastidas won in two straight, with both games under 10. "Perhaps Olarte, a rising star in Big Ball, will start playing more small ball.

17-under Open/A Drop Down:

First Round: Tyree Bastidas, bye; Alex Lau d. Richmond Kam, 1, 3; Raymond Tao d. Philip Chan, 5, 5; Ricky Wu, default; Alvin Ng d. Phillip Yeung, 6, 4; Maxrage Savage d. Noel Cheung, (19), 6, 6; Arthur Dong de. Lawrence Ly, (16), 14, inj. def.; Talon Jones, bye; Tony Choi, bye; Alison Huang, def.; Erid Brandman, def.; Danny Wong d. Brian Kim, 19, 9; Matthew Law d. Nelson Tran, 9, 9; Joshua Cotto d. Guanquin Shi, 13, 17; Anil Jethanandani d. Jonathan Lian, 15, 12; Michael Olarte, bye. 

Round of 16: Bastidas d. A. Lau, 7, 12; Tao d. Wu, 1, 3; Ng d. Savage, 5, 10; Dong d. Talon Jones, def.; Choi d. Huang, 6, 0; Brandeman d. Wong, 19, 9; Cotto d. Law, 11, 9; Olarte d. Jethanandani, 13, 14. 

Quarterfinals: Bastidas d. Tao, 8, 0; Ng d. Dong, 20, 9; Brandeman d. Choi, (12), 10, 2; Olarte d. Cotto, (15), 19, 0. 

Semifinals: Bastidas d. Ng, 1, 13; Olarte d. Brandman, 19, 8. 

Final: Bastidas d. Olarte, 5, 3.

Tyree Bastidas allowed no tiebreakers, while allowing his opponents to score and average of six points per game.

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2008 USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships


Bastidas swarms to 17+ Doubles title with Garcia.


Queens, New York - The 17-and-under doubles was a similar story to the 17 singles, with Tyree Bastidas and Joshua Garcia playing Joshua Cotto and Michael Olarte.

The final was anticlimactic, as again it was two big ball players facing two small-ball players. Cotto/Olarte put up little fight and went down in two by a large margin.

Bastidas/Garcia had no real challenge all weekend. But Cotto/Olarte had to overcome the powerful James Liu/BrendanYuen of Midwood in a quarterfinal tiebreaker.

17-under Doubles:

First Round: Tyree Bastidas/Joshua Garcia bye; Michael Berardi/Jeremy Garcia d. Steven Melecio/Babalola Ajisafe, 8, 7; Arthur Dong/Timothy Liu bye; Joy Yu/Andrew Yim, bye; Jonathan Duong/David Leng bye; Jonathan Valdez/Jeffrey Matos d. Daniel Wong/Henry Jiang, 9, 13; George Xue/Andrew Lui d. Kenny Liang/Anthony Wong, (13), 12, 5; Jason Tam/Frank Mai bye; Eric Brandman/Ricky Guan bye; Maxrage Savage/Guan Shi d. Salvatore Laimo/Jason Zheng, 8, 8; William Le/Josh DelaCruz bye; Stephan Navarro/Brian Tam bye; Steven Zhu/Kevin Li bye; Noel Cheung/Alvin Ng bye; Thomas Cheung/Jack Jiang bye; Russell Yam/Jonathan Wei bye;Talon Jones/Ray Tao bye; Chris Chin/Chris Lai, bye; Matthew Law/Danny Wong bye; Eric Lam/Enda Wang bye; Richmon Kam/Nelson Tran, bye; William Lin/Lance Dornagon d. Philip Cho/Jonathan Yu, 13, 13; Kevin Low/Jacky Ng d. Steve Prokopenko/Andrew So, 3, 5; Philip Chan/Lawrence Ly, bye; Ricky Wu/Harry Tsang bye; Kenneth Jiang/Jian Jun Feng d. Kyu Jung/Gianlpaulo Parico, 5, 3; James Liu/Brendan Yuen d. Matthew Lum/Jose Donado, 19, 5; Keymoine Kearse/Yi Wei bye; Wilson Li/Philip Yeung bye; Jose Sese/Danny Torres bye; Alison Huang/Sze Tang def; Joshua Cotto/Michael Olarte bye. 

Round of 32: Bastidas/J. Garcia d. Berardi/J. Garcia, 4, 4; Dong/Lin d. Yu/Yim, 10, 8; Duong/Lang d. Valdez/Matos, 14, (18), 10; Tam/Mai d. Xue/Lui, 15, 9; Brandman/Guan d. Savage/Shi, 11, 17; Le/DelaCruz d. Navarro/Tam, 10, 17; Cheung/Ng d. Zhu/Li, 6, 2; Yam/Wei d. Cheang/Jiang, 12, 13; Jones/Tao d. Chin/Lai, (9), 18, 7; Law/Wong d. Lam/Wang, 17, 16; Liu/Dornagon d. Kam/Tran, 8, 19; Low/Ng d. Chan/Ly, 15, 14; Jiang/Feng d. Wu/Tsang, 14, (20), 1; Liu/Yuen d. Kearse/Li, 13, 16; Sese/Torres d. Li/Yeang, 0, 2; Cotto/Olarte d. Huang/Tang, def. 

Round of 16: Bastidas/J. Garcia d. Dong/Lin, 4, 4; Tam/Mai d. Duong/leng, 18, 16; Brandman/Guan d. Le/DelaCruz, 17, 10; Cheung/Ng def.; Jones/Tao d. Law/Wong, 7, 5; Liu/Dornagon d. Low/Ng, 15, 15; Liu/Yuen d. Jiang/Feng, 8, 15; Cotta/Olarte d. Sese/Torres, 13, 17. 

Quarterfinals: Bastidas/J. Garcia d. Tam/Mai, 15, 17; Ng/Cheung d. Brandman/Guan, 8, 6; Jones/Tao d. Liu/Dornagon, 8, (14), 4; Cotto/Olarte d. Liu/Yuen, (11), 18, 2.

Semifinals: Bastidas/Garcia d. Ng/Cheung, 5, 12; Cotto/Olarte d. Jones/Tao, (11), 18, 2.  

Final:  Bastidas/ Garcia d. Olarte/ Cotto, 4, 7.

Team Bastidas/Garcia allowed no tiebreakers, while allowing their opponents to score an average of 8.5 points per game.

Lord Of The Courts - Part 23

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2008 USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships

Tyree Bastidas winding up before shooting against Marco Lemus

Photo courtesy of USHA


Bastidas runs at front of 17-under pack.

By Matt Krueger

Venice, California – Junior handball players from across the country enjoyed the four days of handball right on beautiful Venice  Beach as they finished the final day of competition with singles and doubles finals. 

In handball tournaments, an alpha dog tends to emerge, that one player who simply dominates the competition. That player wins his singles event and usually takes home the doubles title as well, weighed down with the newly acquired hardware.At this year's national junior three-wall tournament, the alpha dog was Tyree Bastidas. He didn't drop a game on his way to beating doubles partner Marco Lemus 21-20, 21-17 for the 17-and-under singles championship.

While Bastidas impressed the gallery with his play, he also provided great entertainment as he yelled positive"encouragement" to his hands throughout his matches.

" Come on, you have too much talent to do that! Be smart!" he would bark after a hand error, prompting laughter from fans. Those same fans would applaud moments later as Bastidas would follow his tirade with an amazing shot.

Both players impressed the beach crowd with different styles of play. Lemus could blast the ball from anywhere on the court, while Bastidas dazzled with his speed and sure-handedness.

Stealing the first game from Lemus by only a point, Bastidas was in control in the second, holding match point. After getting a weak return from Lemus, who was still planted deep in the court, Bastidas looked to put away match point. As the ball floated near the front ball. Lemus began his pursuit to save match point. Hearing his opponent's footsteps, Bastidas laid down a soft dump shot on the opposite side of the court, just out of Lemus' reach.

The two sat and rehashed their match soon after, recalling the last shot."That last shot, I heard you coming,"Bastidas laughed." I knew I had to place it just right."

Lemus could only shake his head." I thought I did everything,"he said."I just made too many hand errors. I beat myself. I would have won.I should have served as hard as I could."

Lord Of The Courts - Part 24

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2008 USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships


From left: Defending 19-and under three-wall juniors champions, Armando Ortiz watching his partner Ricardo Ruiz hit the ball as one-wall junior champion Tyree Bastidas(red trunks) waits for his turn at the USHA National Juniors three-wall championships in Venice Beach.


Bastidas/Lemus crash age barrier in 19s.

By Matt Krueger

Venice, California - In a division where the older, experienced players rule, two 17-and-under youngsters showed they have enough game to hang with the big boys. Tyree Bastidas/Marco Lemus played with poise beyond their years as they beat defending champs Armando Ortiz/Ricardo Ruiz in the 19-and-under-doubles. All four players were single finalists, so each team hoped to have enough gas in the tank.

Bastidas/Lemus proved they made a 1-2 punch. Bastidas held his position in the front court, digging and re-killing shots. Lemus, whose steadiness was the equalizer in this match up, moved back near the long line, pounding passes and keeping the ball in play. As the sun baked the beach front courts and sapped the players' energy , the teams played tight through the first game. Tied at 20, it seemed the more experienced team would have the edge and pull out game 1. But the younger team answered shot for shot, stealing the win with a Lemus pass down the right.

In the second game, exhaustion started to take a toll on Ortiz/Ruiz. Perhaps spending themselves on their singles match, they never could find their game in the second.

" I don't know what happened," Ortiz said."We just didn't have it."

Ruiz, who mainly used his left to avoid elbow pain in his right arm, agreed. "We couldn't get anything rolling, and they capitalized." he said.

The pressure of playing in a final or the challenge of facing older players never appeared to bother Bastidas/Lemus. They relished the role of the hunter.They arguably had the most intense match of the tournament as they escaped the semifinals in an 11-10 tiebreaker against Victor Perez/Nikolai Nahorniak.

With a doubles title under their belts, they'll now be the hunted.

Boy’s 19-Doubles

Preliminary Round: Raymond Ortiz/ Victor Espinosa (AZ) d. Riley Kloss/ Kyle Kloss (IL), 10, 13; Jesus Figueroa/ Humberto Cardenas (AZ) d. Ricardo Estrella/ Gustavo Soto (AZ/ CA), 8, 2; Luis Ramirez/ Jose Estrella (AZ) d. Ryan Sutherland/ Cara Arsenault (KS/ FL), 5, 10.

First Round: Armando Ortiz/ Ricardo Ruiz (CA) d. Ortiz/ Espinosa, 0, 3; Nick Tovar/ Omar Felix (AZ) d. Sam Kass/ Evan Brown (CA/ OR), 13, 9; Victor Perez/ Nikolai Nahorniak (CA/ IL) d. Figueroa/ Cardenas (AZ), 1, 2; Tyree Bastidas/ Marco Lemus (NY/ IL) d. Ramirez/ Estrella, 1, 0.

Semifinals: Ortiz/ Ruiz d. Tovar/ Felix, 5, 10; Bastidas/ Lemus d.
Perez/ Nahorniak, 12, (15), 10.

Final: Bastidas/Lemus d. Ortiz/ Ruiz, 20, 10.

Note: Team Bastidas/Lemus allowed its opponents to score an average of 10.5 points per game.