Handball player for life.

Lord Of The Courts - Part 3

What makes Bastidas so different from the rest of the juniors?

Bastidas’ love and passion for the game is the core of his success.  He’s showed off the athleticism that carried him to thirty one national championships around the world.

Bastidas has great speed, but he doesn’t have a great serve, and while his serve may be returnable he sets himself up so well for his own second shot. Most of his points are scored during the game. His overhand is excellent and his left hand is awesome, perhaps one of the best left hands in junior handball history. His rallies are very good and getting better. His shot selection is fantastic and has a good imagination - he works hard on improving traditional shots and is capable of carrying them out.

Nowadays Tyree’s more than a great handball player. He is an icon.

Lord Of The Courts - Chapter 9

USHA News Headlines 

2006 USHA National Juniors Four-Wall Championships


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By Bob Kass

Bastidas/Cordova live up to top seed in 17 doubles

Kansas City, Kansas - The annual USHA National Juniors Four-Wall championships brought out all that is good with the game of handball

The enthusiasm  shown by the youngsters was invigorating, and The Athletic Club Of Overland Park did everything it could to foster that attitude.Players were welcome to enjoy the facility, which ranks with any of the best clubs in the country.

Jake Plummer' s foundation again helped out with funding for the juniors to attend the event.

Ten teams competed in the 17-and-under doubles division, with three of the four seeds advancing to the semifinals.

In the semis, the top-seeded team of Tyree Bastidas/Luis Cordova dispatched Jonathan Hingey/Ryan Sutherland 21-7, 21-10.

In the lower half  of the draw, the Irish team of Diarmaid Nash/Gary McConnell advanced to the final with a 21-8, 14-21,11-5 tiebreaker win over Evan Brown/Sam Kass.

In the final, Bastidas/Cordova came back from a tough first game against the Irish duo to win the second game 21-14 and force a tiebreaker.

In the third game, Bastidas' power and hops combined with Cordova's reach and relentless gets were too much for Nash/McConnell, as the U.S. team claimed an 11-5 victory.

With McConnell only 15 and the other three finalists only 16, perhaps we will see a rematch in 2007

First round: Andris Jurevics/Riley Kloss ( Ill ) d. Raul Hernandez/David Munoz( Ariz ) 16,8: Jose Estrella/Luis Ramirez ( Ariz ) d. Albert Branford/Kendrick West ( Mo ) 12, 10: Dan Sterrett/Luis Parra ( Ill/Ariz.), def.

Quarters: Tyree Bastidas/Luis Cordova ( NY/Texas ) d. Jurevics?Kloss 1,6: Jonathan Hingey/Ryan Sutherland ( Okla./Kan.) d. Matt Rakochey/Aaron Rakochey ( Canada ) 13, 8: Evan Brown/Sam Kass ( Ore./Calif. ) d. Estrella/Ramirez 12,10: Diarmaid Nash/Gary Mc Connell ( Ireland ) d. Sterret/Parra 2,4.

Semis: Bastidas/Cordova d. Hingey/Sutherland 7, 10: Nash/Mcconnell d. Brown/Kass 8, (14 ), 5.

Final: Bastidas/Cordova d. Nash/McConnell (16 ), 14, 5.

Lord Of The Courts - Chapter 10


Welcome to the 2007 Canadian National 4-Wall Handball Championships!



New York players from left: Jurell Bastidas, Na Liu, Jonathan Iglesias and Tyree Bastidas, enjoying the banquet in Montreal.


The Quebec Handball Association would like to thank all of the sponsors, participants, and spectators of this year's Canadian National Championships, which were held in Montreal on May 17-19, 2007. We had some great competition this year...and a lot of fun.


Lord Of The Courts - Chapter 11


USHA News Headlines                                                                                                                                                                 2007 USHA National Four-Wall Championships, April 30-May 6


From left: New York Tyree Bastidas(champion) and California Larry Aguiar(finalist), posing for the camera.

Photo courtesy of USHA


By Matt Krueger

Minneapolis, Minn. - Tyree Bastidas has proved his mettle in the junior ranks in all forms of handball for the last four years.

Playing as the No 1 seed in his division, Bastidas defeated Larry Aguiar 21-18, 21-7 and joined his brother Jurell as a national B singles champion.

Jurell won the 2006 national three-wall B singles title.With a vast arsenal of shots and the ability to mix speed with soft hands, Bastidas made quick work of all three of his opponents. Aguiar, a college player from Northern California, has a tougher road to the final.

In the first game of the final, Aguiar had plenty left in his gas tank despite the two tiebreakers he survived before reaching his duel with Bastidas. Aguiar gave Bastidas all he could handle before succumbing by three points in Game 1.

In the second, Bastidas showed he had solved Aguiar's solid game as he jumped to a big lead and held his opponent to single digits in a 21-7 victory.

It might have been that the long matches in the semifinals and quarters had finally caught up to Aguiar, but it was clear that Batidas' game was head and shoulders above his competition throughout this division.

In their semifinals Bastidas defeated Scottie Moler 21-12, 21-13, and Aguiar outlasted Keith Bourke 20-21, 21-8,11-9.

As the favorite in last year's C division before suffering disappointment when he was forced to withdraw because of a hand injury, Bastidas was clearly on track to taking a title back home to New York this time around. And he produced with a no-doubt performance.

First Round:

Erik Seiberlich (St. Paul) d. Dave Jesse (West Allis, WI), 9, 16; Andy Steinke (Minneapolis) d. Jim London (St. Louis), 0, 0; Keith Bourke (Kilkenny, Ire.) default; Larry Aguiar (Hayward, CA), default.  

Quarterfinals: Tyree Bastidas (New York) d. Seiberlich, 6, 7; Scottie Moler (Burlington, IA) d. Steinke, 10, 3; Keith Bourke d. Steven Tamminga (Minneapolis), 10, 3; Aguiar d. Ryan McCabe (Minneapolis), 11, (5), 5.  

Semifinals:  Bastidas d. Moler, 12, 13; Aguiar d. Bourke, (20), 8, 9.     Final: Bastidas d. Aguiar, 18, 7

Lord Of The Courts - Chapter 12

USHA News Headlines
2007 USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships


Bastidas brings 1-wall talents to 3-wall courts


By Gary Cruz

Tyree Bastidas has won a lot of handball tournaments, but a title at the three-wall juniors was missing.

The No. 1 seed in the 17-and-under, Bastidas had an earlier scare when he lost game 1 to local Julio Martinez 21-10. But he rebounded by winning the second game 21-4 and held on in the tiebreaker 11-9.

A vastly improved Adrian Ortiz defeated Riley Kloss 21-4, 21-3 but had to go tiebreaker with No 2 seed Chris Maldonado in the semifinals 9-21, 21-3, 11-6

Focused and intense, Bastidas easily won the first game of the final, holding Ortiz to four points.

However, Ortiz was more intense as he jumped to an early lead in game 2. Bastidas regained his concentration and tied it 8-8, and they traded points to 11-11. But from there Ortiz began to pull away. Bastidas mounted a late rally, but Ortiz won 21-19.

Bastidas  said he was disappointed that he has lost his focus but: "Midway through the second game I knew what I had to do, but Adrian was just too far away and not letting me get into my groove. When I regain the momentum I thought I could still win, but Adrian was playing well".

In game 3, Bastidas carried the momentum he regain late in game 2 to win 11-2

Bastidas now has a three-wall junior singles title to go with his two one-wall junior crowns. This winter he will be aiming to add a four-wall junior title at the nationals in Tucson.

Venice Beach, California - USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships Final Results
Action got underway on Friday morning in the National Three-Wall Juniors at scenic Venice Beach. The tournament will feature the best junior Three-Wall competitors as they vie for the title of national champion. Admission to the tournament is free and all are encouraged to attend.
The new three-match minimum necessitated an earlier start and 15-point games to get all the matches in on Friday.  Players from Florida, New York and Arizona joined the local Southern California contingent for an exciting start to the action.

Tyree Bastidas rode a big reverse to the right side to win the 17s over Adrian Ortiz.
First Round: Julio Martinez (Venice) d. Luis Ramirez (Tucson), (10), 4, 9; Oscar Olivas (Tucson) d. Mario Bravo (Los Angeles), 2, 3; Riley Kloss (Des Plaines) d. Jose Estrella (Tucson), (11), 8, 9; Ryan Sutherland (Mound City) d. Raymond Ortiz (Tucson), 6, 4.
Quarterfinals: Tyree Bastidas (New York) d. J. Martinez, (10), 4, 9; Vince Gonzales (Santa Ana) d. Olivas, 9, 14; Adrian Ortiz (Norwalk) d. R. Kloss, 4, 3; Chris Maldonado (Tucson) d. R. Sutherland, 9, 4.
 Semifinals: Bastidas d. V. Gonzales, 2, 9; A. Ortiz d. Maldonado, (9), 3, 6.
Final: Bastidas d. A. Ortiz, 4, (19), 2.