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2009 USHA National Four-Wall Juniors Championships - Bastidas’ Epic run sets new records - Leads biggest New York four-wall surge and stays unbeaten - A month of December to remember.





Top: New York players celebrating and  posing with coach M. Watson and  Tyree Bastidas

Top :U.S. and Irish players posing together for Bastidas ' last 4-wall junior tournament. 


T. Bastidas, the top-notch junior player from New York won his final match against local power-house, Marco Lemus. Bastidas defeated Lemus in the third game and stayed unbeaten heading into next year’s USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships showdown, extending the nation’s longest winning streak in all handball versions to 27 matches.

The New York one-wall player turned heads at the four-wall junior championships by obliterating his own records and setting new ones.

He made history by winning and leading the largest contingent of New York four-wall players in recent memory. “This is the biggest group of New York players coming to the four-wall junior nationals at the Lattof Y.M.C.A.” said Don Quinlan, the tournament director.

New York was the second state in the nation to register the most four-wall players after Illinois, the host State.

He finished his last USHA National Four –Wall Juniors Championships by capturing twenty six USHA National Titles.

Over five year Tyree Bastidas dominated the USHA sport landscape. In that span his name was mentioned the most on articles of the USHA magazine alone.

Bastidas’ epic run is as impressive as some of the most famous heroes of American Sports.

“You are looking at Michael Phelps, you are looking at Tiger Woods,” says Jason Yip, a long time friend of Bastidas.

Phelps, of course, won eight gold medals at last year’s Olympics, and Woods will end this year as the world’s No. 1 golfer for the fifth straight time.

In tennis, Roger Federer was No. 1 at the end of the year from 2004-07, while Jimmy Connors(1974-78), and Peter Sampras (1993-98) each have had streaks of four or more years finishing on top.

Other individual sports also have proven ripe for dynasties, whether it’s Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France seven straight times or Carl Lewis capturing four consecutive Olympic gold medals in the long jump.

“It’s cool.” Bastidas says. ”To read my name mentioned with sports greats, not only our sport, but all of sports. It’s hard to believe and I’m enjoying it, and very proud of what I’ve done.

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Tyree Bastidas - Most dominant player of the decade – the Pride of New York




Above:Tyree Bastidas(holding a big ball) is surrounded by his friends as he plays and practices with them during his last tournament.

Above: Junior players posing for the 4-wall juniors nationals.


Today marks a very important milestone in USHA history – and future. Bastidas continues to dominate all handball versions across the continent by showing consistency throughout all USHA National Juniors Championships. He has been the master of consistency by staying unbeaten for the last 27 matches. He has just won an unprecedented eight* consecutive final at the USHA National One-, Three-, and Four-Wall Juniors Championships, the latest capped on December 30, 2009 at the Lattof Y.M.C.A. in Chicago. He couldn’t have ended his last four-wall junior nationals with a more outstanding performance.

Tyree Bastidas’ final home victory went about like everyone expected. There were picture sessions, speeches, hugs, goodbyes, etc, etc.

If you want to talk about dominance in a sport, look no further than T. Bastidas.

Bastidas’ complete dominance of the handball sport has been taking place during a period of time when Irish players have dominated the Open and junior divisions at a worldwide level, and while the Irish players have taken over the USHA Open division, Tyree Bastidas has stood his ground by winning all singles titles in his division at the USHA National one-, three-, and four-wall Juniors Championships.

Recently, D. Fink, a top ranked player in the US issued the following statement.  "Congratulations to Tyree Bastidas and Marco Lemus for making the 19-and-under Junior National Final in Chicago, an All-American affair. Americans have not been successful in recent years capturing any of our own national championships, and this is certainly a positive step".

In fact, Tyree Bastidas is the only junior player in the US, who has made his last two consecutive USHA Four-Wall Championship Finals, an All-American affair in recent memory.

Despite the Irish domination in all juniors divisions, T. Bastidas is the last American player to keep the 19-and under division  crown at home. The 19-and under division is the top and hardest division to win at the USHA National Juniors four-wall championships. It has been kept at home for four years in a row. Who would take the mantel from Bastidas?

Six times in the decade Bastidas posted the most handball records playing in the juniors and Open championships in all three handball versions.

No player was a bigger focal point in all handball versions combined this decade.

He has captured the last three USHA National Four-Wall Juniors Championships in spite the fact that there were four Irish players with World Championships Titles in the draws.

He was named the greatest “All around” junior player because of his complete dominance of the sport in all three handball versions.

He was the centerpiece of two World championships with the small and the big ball along with thirty one national titles on a global scale this decade.

He is the most complete junior handball player ever seen and he has the best all-around skills.

As a junior, he totaled the most three-, and four-wall championships (combined) in the Open and Junior divisions. Not bad for a one-wall player.

As a teenager, Tyree Bastidas pulled the greatest upset in the one-wall Open division by defeating back-to-back three national champions this decade.

Teenager Tyree Bastidas' triumphant rise to the top of the handball sport at the open and junior divisions in all three handball versions during almost a decade of Irish domination, secured his place in history as the most dominant player in the world.

Not a bad decade for the greatest junior player in USHA history. He remains the Pride of New Yorkers.


* This number does not include the Irish National Title he won during his period of dominance.

Tyree Bastidas has defeated at least one national Open champion in every version of handball.





USHA one-wall record holder Joe Durso and Amy Li helping Tyree during a break at the USHA National One-Wall Men' s Open semifinal match.


Teenager sensation Tyree Bastidas from New York has celebrated victory against the following national Open champions in either National Championships or USHA sanctioned/sponsored events.

(Number in parentheses is player’s handball version won)

(Letters in brackets represent player’s national title won)

(Underlined letters represent player’s nationality)

D. Armijo      (4-wall)     [CAN]     USA

J. Kaplan       (1-wall)     [USA]      USA

D. Bell           (4-wall)     [CAN]     CAN

W. Polanco    (1-wall)     [USA]      USA

D. Fink          (4-wall)     [CAN]      USA

C. Sala           (1-wall)     [USA]      USA

E. Peixoto      (3-wall)     [USA]      USA

J. Wright       (1-wall)      [USA]      USA

M. Deckert    (4-wall)      [CAN]      CAN

S. Jagnandan (1-wall)       [USA]      USA

J. Hagen        (4-wall)      [CAN]      USA

D. Chapman  (4-wall)      [USA]       USA

E. Kennedy*  (4-wall)      [IRE]        IRE

Y. Castro       (1-wall)      [USA]       USA

L. Moreno      (4-wall)      [USA]       USA

J. Durso         (1-wall)      [USA]       USA


*WPH sponsored event.

He defeated six national champions when he was 17-years-old.

He defeated  five national champions when he was 18-years-old.

He defeated five national champions when he was 19-years-old.

There are only a few national champions who have managed to escape Bastidas' radar.

2009 USHA National Juniors Four-Wall Championships - Wexford handballers excel in Chicago.




Above: Bastidas(USA) in action as Jason Murphy(IRE) gets ready to play                                                                                  

Above: Bastidas hits an angle shot as Peter Hughes(IRE) runs to the front  

Above: T. Bastidas and P. Hughes enjoy the tournament after their match. 


Thursday, January 14, 2010 

JASON MURPHY, Castlebridge and Peter Hughes from Ballyhogue were a credit to their clubs and to their county when they took part in the United States 40x20 Open U19 junior championships.

The venue for the prestigious event was the Y.M.C.A. complex in Des Plaines, Chicago. First on the court was Jason against Casey Janus who he beat after a great performance on a 21-21, 21-11, 11-5 score line.

In the second round Jason came up against tournament favorite and No.1 seed Tyree Bastidas, U.S.A., and lost out 3-21, 8-21.

Jason then entered the A plate competition and was drawn against Ryan Sutherland, U.S.A. who he beat 21-15, 21-4, but then lost out to Dustin Van Brunt, U.S.A. 21-18, 3-21, 5-11 in the final. Next on court was Peter Hughes who had put in outstanding performances in the 40x20 World Championships in Portland.

In his first match he beat off the challenge of Derrick Contreras, 21-4, 21-6, and in the second round Peter easily overcame the challenge of Ryan Sutherland 21-5, 21-10.

But in the quarter final he came up against tournament favorite Bastidas and lost out 10-21, 4-21. In the doubles event, Jason and Peter produced some wonderful handball.

The first round doubles saw the Wexford duo in great form as they easily put away the U.S.A. challenge of Casey Janus and Babalola Ajisafe on a 21-7, 21-9 score line.

In the semi-final the Model County boys came up against American favorites Tyree Bastidas and Marco Lemus who are ranked no. 1 and no. 3 respectively.

It was the American boys who took a commanding lead of 11 aces to 2, but the Wexford duo were in no mood to throw in the towel and gradually hauled themselves back with commendable spirit to lead the top seeds 16-15.

It began to look as if there would be a real shock against the classy U.S.A. pairing, but at this stage the top seeds produced a number of key shots to close out the first game at 21-16.

The Purple and Gold boys kept pace with some top-class ball play for most of the second game, but it was the overall greater experience of the United States pairing which saw them run out winners on a 13-21 score line.

But Peter and Jason can certainly hold their heads high after a memorable seven days of handball in December.

Sincere thanks goes to Don Quinlan of Y.M.C.A. for all his help and to the Kloss family for their hospitality.

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2009 "graduating juniors" Awards night - Future Prospects




This year's"graduating juniors" show off their commemorative handball bags:

Above: From left: Dustin Van Brunt(TX), Dan Sterrett(Ill), Tyree Bastidas(NY), Ryan Sutherland(KS) and Derek Alcantar(CA).

2009 Double bounce division champions:

Above: M. Steele (President), T. Bastidas(19-and-under), C. J. Laffey(17-and-under), S. Matiasek(15-and-under),   _?_(13-and-under) , and Don Quilan (tournament Director).                                                                

Photo courtesy of USHA

Blending the Past and the Present.





For The Record:


Tyree’s favorite handball facility:

Los Caballeros Sports Center, California.

Tyree’s favorite handball courts in the US:

Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club, Columbus - Ohio.