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2011 H.E.S. One-Wall Pro Stop - Milestones 2000 - 2011







The HES handball tournament is the largest indoor 1-wall pro stop in the U.S. It started in the '90s with Albert Apuzzi as its longest-running tournament director.

Milestones 2000-2011

T. Bastidas became the youngest player to win the tournament three years in a row.

S. Jagnandan is the first player to win the tournament three straight times.

T. Bastidas is the first teenager to reach the championship game.

S. Jagnandan is the only non Brooklyn player to capture the title.

T. Bastidas is the only teenager to have captured the title.

C. Sala is the only player to have won the most H.E.S. Pro stops men’s singles divisions since 2000.

USHA National Junior Four-Wall Championships – players fail to see light at the end of the tunnel (19-and-under div)



Above from left: T. Bastidas (NY) and M. Lemus (Ill) were the last two American players to walk through the tunnel to play the last All-American championship match on American soil.


The 4-wall junior championships are over and once again Americans failed to reach the finals (singles).

Irish players turned the Boy’s 19-and-under singles division into an international (Ire/Mex) championship match this year. Last year they turned it into an All-Irish final.

Tyree Bastidas and Marco Lemus were the last U.S players to step on the court to play an All-American championship match in 2009.

The way they closed out the match in style, and the way they battled to the end (tiebreaker), forged a special place in USHA history.

Tyree and Marco had to defeat Irish players to reach the finals. They were the last U.S. players to walk through the famous tunnel at the Lattof YMC in Chicago that leads to the handball courts for the final match. When they emerged from the tunnel, it marked the last time handball fans would watch an All-American final.

Can we get another All-American final?

Certainly, but it would take a few years, as our players need to play and practice more often and need to compete in higher grades to gain more experience.

Irish players defeated on the way to the championship match in 2009:

Marco Lemus defeated Shane Hedigan in the semifinal.

Tyree Bastidas defeated Jason Murphy in the quarterfinal, and

Peter Hughes in the semifinal.

We Got Next Production releases Trailer




We Got Next Production, the company that is to make the best 1-wall handball documentary to date has released a “One Wall” Documentary Trailer on December 1. The trailer gives a preview of pretty much was coming during the spring of 2012.

If you haven’t seen it yet, this will be your opportunity to see was coming your way before the 1-wall nationals.

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USHA National Junior Four-Wall Championships - U.S. players couldn’t survive ‘the green mean Irish machine’




Above: Photos of Irish players playing against U.S players at the USHA National 4-wall championships in 2009.


Handball players know the magnitude of the rivalry that has developed between U.S. and Irish players.

The matchup dates all the way back to the early ‘80s, when the first official Irish team arrived for the first time. Back then, the Irish delivered one of their best performances ever when the 19-and-under singles title was captured four consecutive years, signaling an Irish supremacy at the highest level of junior competition.

Congratulations to those great champions:

Boys’ 19-and-under (singles): John Duggan (1984), Dixie Walsh (1985), Walter O’Connor (1986-1987).

Nowadays, the current Irish team brings back memories of that first team by capturing the 15, 17 and 19 age divisions in the boys and girls for the past two years.

Congratulations to the 2011 Irish Handball Team:

Boy’s 19-and-under (singles): K. Carrol.

Boy’s 17-and-under (singles): C. Crehan.

Boy’s 15-and-under (singles): C. Corbett.

Girl’s 19-and-under (singles): C. Casey.

Girl’s 15-and-under Singles): C. Churraoin.

Long Island Open Handball Tournament - a fund raiser event.




From l-r: Tyree Bastidas and Paul Williams at the HES 1-wall pro stop.


The 31st Long Island Open will take place from January 27-29. It is the largest 4-wall tournament within driving distance from New York City that can also be accessed using the LIRR (Long Island Railroad).

Paul Williams, the Tournament Director for most of the prestigious 1-wall events in New York, will be once again managing the desk to ensure another successful event. This is an ICHA Fund raiser to take players to the World Handball Championships in Ireland from October 11-21.

Anyone wishing to contribute to this special ICHA Fund raiser event can do so by either playing in the tournament or contributing directly to ICHA Officials, who will be on site helping with the tournament. You can also help by becoming an ICHA member.

P. Williams’ previous fund raisers drives have helped many teenagers travel outside New York. The ICHA Fund has also assisted young players such as Tyree and Jurell Bastidas to travel to World Handball Championships.

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Blending the Past and the Present



For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest teenager to bring back to New York a doubles title at the USHA National Junior Four-Wall Championships.