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H.E.S. One-Wall Pro Stop – Weather dominates – tournament played indoors and outdoors – Kaplan and Bastidas in big Battle of Brooklyn.





Above: Tyree serves the ball to J. Kaplan, during final game at the HES.


Tyree Bastidas of Brooklyn was the champion last night after completing his fourth round at the last USHA-sanctioned event of the year.

Initially, the tournament took place at the Coney Island handball courts on November 13 to take advantage of the beautiful weather, but the final game was suspended because of darkness and a chilly wind.

The championship game (small ball), took place during the men’s doubles (big ball) international tournament at the H.E.S.

Joe Kaplan and Tyree Bastidas, both Brooklyn natives had dominated the outdoors competition and both wanted to dominate the indoors competition too. But only one player was up to the task, T. Bastidas. He won the final game 25-20, clinching an important victory to close out the year.

H.E.S. One-Wall Pro Stop – Three in a row for Bastidas at the H.E.S. – ties Satish Jagnandan’s record




Above: Tyree hits the ball with left hand to force Kaplan to run to the right.


Tyree Bastidas won the tournament for the third straight year. He became the second player to win the tournament three straight times during this new millennium.

He tied S. Jagnandan ‘s record, the previous record holder, cementing his position as the USHA top-ranked player.

The tournament started in the '90s and has been an icon tournament for almost 20 years. Interesting enough is the fact that only players who come from places that start with a “B”, have been able to capture the title.

H.E.S. “Hebrew Educational Society”.

2000 Cesar Sala (Brooklyn)

2001 not held

2002 Joe Kaplan (Brooklyn)

2003 Cesar Sala (Brooklyn)

2004 Satish Jagnandan (Bailey Park)

2005 Satish Jagnandan (Bailey Park)

2006 Satish Jagnandan (Bailey Park)

2007 Cesar Sala (Brooklyn)

2008 Cesar Sala (Brooklyn)

2009 Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn)

2010 Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn)

2011 Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn)

Bastidas turns page – starts new chapter – enjoys run that Cesar Sala had in 2003.





Above: Cesar Sala and his family pose for the cameras during Albert Apuzzi's induction into the USHA Hall Of Fame.


Tyree Bastidas had an impressive run during the 1-wall handball season. His run took a similar path that C. Sala had in 2003. Cesar Sala, a national champion also accomplished this run when he was around 25 years old.

Congratulations to both players for their outstanding run at the open level.


Cesar Sala:

2003 Mayor’s Cup – men’s open singles (champion).

2003 USHA National One-Wall Championships (runner-up).

2003 HES One-Wall Pro Stop – men’s open singles (champion)


Tyree Bastidas:

2011 Mayor’s Cup – men’s open singles (champion).

2011 USHA National One-Wall Championships (runner-up).

2011 HES One-Wall Pro Stop – men’s open singles (champion) 

H.E.S.  1-wall pro stop – T. Bastidas beats national champion Joe Kaplan – closes out the year as the only player to win the most 1-wall USHA-sanctioned events





Above from left: Joe Kaplan and Tyree Bastidas pose before the finals.


Tyree Bastidas can officially put his disappointing loss at the 1-wall national behind him.

“The USHA national is over,” Bastidas said before he captured another USHA-sanctioned event at the H.E.S. yesterday. Big and small ball players celebrated at the handball courts on Opening Day of the indoor season.

You can’t blame the best junior player of all-time for wanting to forget about his performance as a defending national champion. Yesterday, he defeated national and world champion Joe Kaplan 25-20 as he continues to amaze the crowd with his impressive overall run at USHA-sanctioned championships. He is the only player to have battled in all championship finals of the most important 1-wall events during the current year.

The HES One-Wall Pro Stop – Dori Ten captures title.




Above from left: Melissa(semifinalist), Dori (champion), Annie (runner-up), and Na (semifinalist).


The women’s draw attracted a lot of young talent this year, thanks to Paul Angel who is always training and pushing them to play at different handball events.                                                                                                D. Ten had to go through a field of young players hungry for the title that has been eluding her for quiet sometime. She survived a tough semifinal game against Melissa Sky Smoker, only to face a fierce Annie Huang, who made her first appearance at the finals of this prestigious tournament. A. Huang put up a good fight at the beginning, but Ten’s experience paid off at the end and walked away with the trophy and the title.

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Blending the Past and the Present



For The Record:

T. Bastidas is the youngest player to capture the H.E.S. 1- Wall Pro Stop three years in a row.