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H.E.S. One-Wall Pro Stop – Bastidas reaches final again – establish himself as the leading junior in the men's draw.




Above from left: Chapman pose with T. Bastidas at the Canadian Nationals


Once again, Tyree Bastidas proved to the handball community why he has been the most dominant player of the men’s open draw. Bastidas has reached the finals of all USHA-sanctioned tournaments since the fall of 2009. He has won most of the tournaments by dominating in a way that no other junior player has.

David Chapman is the only junior player whose record comes close to match Bastidas’ dominance. Chapman’s dominance of the men’s draw is still the best in the 4-wall handball world, but overall, Bastidas remains the most dominant junior player.

Bastidas’ consistency in reaching and/or winning the finals covers at least three years, the longest period of dominance for a junior player in any handball version.

Bastidas’ dominance of the men’s draw by way of winning and/or reaching the finals.

2009 H.E.S. One-Wall Pro Stop

2010 USHA National One-Wall Championships

2010 H.E.S. One-Wall Pro Stop

2011 Mayor’s Cup

2011 USHA National One-Wall Championships

2011 H.E.S. One-Wall Pro Stop

2011 Albany Open - Court’s in session – an inside look at the end of the day.





Photos by Dan Gebben - www.dangebben.com


For almost forty years, the Albany handball committee has celebrated the success of the tournament with a Banquet on Saturday night. On the evening of November 19, friends, family and handball players kicked off that celebration, while officials kept their statements brief.

Useless facts:

This year the Albany Open attracted players from 14 States including Canada.

The new lower fee for the juniors attracted a lot of players, who flooded the C, B, and juniors’ divisions.

Missing in action; Handball personalities Bill Kennedy and Paul Williams couldn’t make it to the tournament.

Handball Coaches who attended the tournament: Byron Ortiz and Mike Watson.

Handball Clinic: D. Fink, on behalf of the WPH, performed a handball clinic.

HOF nominee: Jim Ginner is scheduled to be inducted into the NYS Hall of Fame Handball Tournament to be held at Fishkill on February 2012.

Upset Saturday: Mark Safronsky defeated Samantha England.

Must improved players: Shirley Chen, Mike Spier, Leo Cullen and Mike Zhou.

Most improved team: Kevin and Sean Cullen.

Team to watch in the future: Carly Stickles and Jenine Wilson.

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Midwood handball team tryouts come to an end – handball Coach J. Rogers to miss 2012 handball season.




Above: Midwood handball team tryouts took place in October. Tyree Bastidas trains some of the players as other players watch and learn.


The tryouts for the handball team are over and so is the hope for the team to be led by its winning handball Coach Jennifer Rogers.

During the tryouts, Coach, J. Rogers announced that she won’t be part of the team during the PSAL high school handball competition. She will be taking a leave of absence to take care a personal matter.

The unexpected news got the players by surprise and had them scrambled across the courts looking confused  and looking for answers as to who is suppose to lead them to the playoff during the 2012 handball season? Coach Rogers has led the team to the playoff in the last six years.

T. Bastidas, who usually attends the tryouts of his ex-team to select the best players for the team, promised to assist, help and train the team whenever he can. He remained on the courts playing and training with them.

Keith Thode – Official USHA photographer also does videos- Thode’s pictures the best at the nationals.




         Above from left: Tyree Bastidas and Keith Thode in New York.


Keith Thode, a handball player and a long time resident of Michigan has taken thousands of pictures in more than twenty years. His pictures have been used for different projects and have been published in the USHA magazine. His pictures can also be viewed in the internet and at the USHA website.

More important than anything else, his pictures have been edited and published in some websites, including Bastidas’s website.

K. Thode’s success with the popularity of his pictures at national tournaments has motivated him to get involved with video-recording at the handball courts. He has video-recorded handball games in local, national and international events, including the Worlds.

If you ever see or come across him, thank him for the pictures and videos.

2011 Albany Open – record holders and milestones




Photos by Dan Gebben - www.dangebben.com


For thirty nine years the Albany Open tournament has been a magnet to the best players of the game, including national champions of the highest caliber such as: Naty Alvarado, Vern Roberts, Danny Bell, Fred Lewis, Pancho Monreal etc, etc….It has establish itself as the main tournament to be captured in the Northeast. Who wouldn’t want to have an Albany Open title in their handball resume? Just ask David Fink, a two-times winner.

What makes this tournament so special is that some open champions have come out from the junior and lower divisions, who have gone on to win national open titles.

Men’s Open Division – singles and doubles.

1.- Kendler Lewis has won the men’s singles title, seven times.

2.- Kendler Lewis has won the men’s doubles title, seven times.

3.- Kendler Lewis, Ken Ayube and Tom Siccolella won the men’s singles title four years in a row.

4.- Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to win the men’s singles title three years in a row.

5.- Team Bastidas has reached the men’s doubles championship match with the same partner five consecutive times.

6.- Tyree Bastidas is the only player to win the juniors division three years in a row.

7.- Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to win the men’s singles title.

8.- Team Bastidas is the youngest team to win the men’s doubles title with the same partner three times.

9.- Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to slam.



Blending the Past and the Present



For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to hold the most records and milestones at the prestigious Albany Open.