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Open run over - Bastidas loses semis at the 2009 USHA National One-Wall Championships.





Above: Tyree Bastidas gets ready to score while he keeps S. Jagnandan out of position.


Tyree Bastidas got off to a good start at the USHA Nationals One-Wall Championships. He was the youngest player in the Men’ s Open division and came into the tournament  as one of the favorites to win the title.

Things have changed quickly and dramatically for Bastidas, who entered the tournament ranked 5th in the U.S.

The 18-year old knocked off Mike Schneider in the quarter final on Friday, extending his remarkable run to the semifinals. He’s kept his winnings on track moving into the semifinals on Saturday, where he became the youngest American and the only player to move into the semifinals at both, the singles and doubles divisions in recent memory.

He arrived looking small and uncertain as he faced a growing crowd at the courts early in the morning. For most people waiting at the courts, the match was an anticipated final game ahead of schedule.

Bastidas put up a great fight during the first game. He played with a perfect blend of poise and aggression that kept the pressure on S. Jagnandan. He was driving the ball at the right pace. He did all the things he need it to do at the right time, but his opponent was there to return and score.

Fans dropped their jaws as they watched Bastidas lose the first game when he gave up the lead after he scored 19 first and consequently lost the first game 21-19.

The second game was less intensive; Bastidas was unable to rely on his ample reserves of courage. “I returned poorly. He served well and that was really the difference.” Bastidas said. He lost 21-15.

No.1 Satish Jagnandan  defeated 18-year-old Tyree Bastidas to advance to the finals.

As it was expected, both players didn’t disappoint the crowd as their game turned out to be the best match of the tournament.

Open Singles:

First Round: Cesar Sala, bye; David Chapman (St. Louis) d. Jonathan Iglesias (Aventura, FL), (20), 13, 7; Alvaro Rebaza d. Michael Wu, 11, 3; Rookie Wright d. Jonathan Milman, 10, 9; Joe Kaplan, bye; Kendell Lewis (Charlotte, NC) d. Jonathan Lee, 15, 4; Robert Sostre d. Jurell Bastidas, 18, 17; William O’Donnell, bye; William Polanco, bye; Michael Schneider d. Albert Apuzzi, (19), 20, 5; Milton Jones d. Ronald Florez, (15), 12, 6; Tyree Bastidas d. Zeav Robbins, 13, 5; PeeWee Castro d. Saul Gonzalez, 13, 3; Emmett Peixoto (Berkeley, CA) d. Eliel Torres, 20, (17), 8; Luis Moreno (Tucson) d. Raul Retian, 9, 19; Satish Jagnandan, bye.

Round of 16: Sala d. Chapman, 11, (15), 0; Wright d. Rebaza, 11, 11; Kaplan d. Lewis, 14 ,12; O’Donnell d. Sostre, 20, 2; Schneider d. Polanco, (11), 13, 8; T. Bastidas d. Jones, 14, 16; Castro d. Peixoto, 8, 2; Jagnandan d. Moreno, 7, 16.  

Quarterfinals: Sala d. Wright, 15, 5; O’Donnell d. Kaplan, (20), 8, 10; Bastidas d. Schneider, 8, 14; Jagnandan d. Castro, 18, 20.

Semifinals: Sala d. O’Donnell, 17, 9; Jagnandan d. Bastidas, 19, 15.  

Final: Jagnandan d. Sala, 7, 9.

2009 USHA National One-Wall Championships – Dream team Bastidas/Durso reach finals.




Above: E. Peixoto and partner D. Chapman seem powerless as teenager sensation Tyree Bastidas powers his way to championship match.

Photo courtesy of Keith Thode.


Tyree Bastidas was the only teenager to play in the Open  Singles and Doubles division this year and as many teenagers’ dreams he wanted to win or at least reach the finals.

T. Bastidas - the only 18-year old in the tournament had teamed up with the legendary Joe Durso, who at 54 has been in the Open Doubles finals only once since 1990. Together they played some of the most thrilling games on the courts and did their best as the only team with the youngest and the oldest player in the Open division in recent memory.

Four-Wall Open Doubles national champions Emmett Peixoto and Dave Chapman traveled east to fulfill their own dreams. They also wanted to win the one-, and the three-wall Open Doubles divisions. They had come to New York to win the title that has been eluding them for some time.

Team Bastidas/Durso met Team Peixoto/Chapman in the semifinals, but only one team could advance to the finals. Both teams played their best all the way to the third game, but in the end Team Bastidas/Durso prevailed after a thrilling tiebreaker that derailed Team Peixoto/Chapman’s dream in front of a packed gallery.

Team Peixoto/Chapman's great efforts culminated with their hearts broken and their dreams shattered. Dream team Bastidas/Durso, 11-2 winners of the USHA semifinal match were going to the championship game. Team Peixoto/Chapman were going home.


2009 USHA National One-Wall Championships - Team Bastidas/Durso loses finals.




Above: T. Bastidas shooting the ball as defending national champions W. Polanco and P. Castro can't stop him from scoring.


History was made at the USHA National One-wall championships, just not the kind team Bastidas/Durso were hoping for.

Team Bastidas/Durso advanced to the finals but lost to defending national champions. P. Castro and W. Polanco . And while Durso managed to get to the finals for the second time in almost two decades, Bastidas became the youngest player in the U.S. to have reached the finals of two National Championships in two different handball versions in two countries in two consecutive years.

“It’s definitely disappointing anytime you lose,” Bastidas said. “It’s tough to go out there and win every single game, It’s was a tough day, but we’ll be ready to bounce back next year.”
Things didn’t start out very well for Team Bastidas/Durso, who gave up to much of the lead during the first game.
"It’s disappointing because we really wanted to win this game" Bastidas said.
"The result is not what we were looking for, but still, we did a lot of good things"

Tyree Bastidas , the first 18-year old to reach the final of the Men' s Open Doubles division since 18-year old Wally Ulbrich and 22 year old Ken Holmes won the USHA National One-wall Open doubles crown in 1965 , looked a little bit nervous, while the more comfortable Joe Durso seemed more careful about his shot selection against Team Castro/Polanco.

Can team Bastidas/Durso repeat and win next year?

Open Doubles:

First Round: PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco bye; Mike Schneider/Bill O’Donnell d. Francisco Carbuccia/David Rodriguez, (14), 12, 3; Robert Sostre/Tony Roberts d. Pete Pellegrini/Paul Lonergan, (16), 6, 3; Rookie Wright/Dave Rojas d. Saul Gonzalez/Joshua Garcia, 17, 10; Alvaro Rebaza/Victor LoPierre bye; Tyree Bastidas/Joe Durso d. Luis Moreno/Jon Iglesias (AZ/FL), 10, (14), 1; Dave Chapman/Emmett Peixoto (MO/CA) d. Jonathan Lee/Jurell Bastidas, 11, 14; Joe Kaplan/Cesar Sala bye.

Quarterfinals: Castro/Polanco d. Schneider/O’Donnell, 10, 11; Rojas/Wright d. Roberts/Sostre, 20, (20), 6; Bastidas/Durso d. LoPierre/Rebaza, 13, 16; Chapman/Peixoto d. Kaplan/Sala, 7, 16.  

Semifinals: Castro/Polanco d. Wright/Rojas, 9, 20; Bastidas/Durso d. Chapman/Peixoto, (11), 9, 2.

Final: Castro/Polanco d. Bastidas/Durso, 8, 11.

Future Superstars - By David Fink






Bastidas finished 2nd overall at the 2009 USHA National One-Wall Championships.





Above: D. Chapman returns a ball as a big crowd follows Bastidas' games.


"It's so beautiful playing in front of this crowd" Bastidas said.

"I'm so happy is happening this way"

Teenager Tyree Bastidas did it again. This time Bastidas' great  performance met  and exceeded everybody's expectations at the one-wall nationals at Coney Island. He finished the tournament in second place because of his outstanding overall performance on the courts by achieving the second best net point differential among the top players.

These are the final results of the USHA National One-Wall Men's Open Championships.

                                          Satish      Tyree     Cesar    Billy  

Points scored by them           168          151      147      120

Points scored against them     111          112      120      103

Net point differential:             +57         +39      +27      +17


These are the final results of the USHA National One-Wall Men's Open Championships at the conclusion of all semi-final matches.

                                             Cesar    Tyree    Satish     Billy

Points scored by them              131      151      126       120

Points scored against them:         78      112        95       103

Net Point differential:                +53     +39      +31       +17

Once again Tyree Bastidas proved to be the most effective and the best player after national one-wall champion S. Jagnandan. After losing his semi-final match he still managed to get second place by virtue of the greatest differential between point scored and allowed after the semifinal and final matches.

It should be noted that even though S. Jaganandan defeated T. Bastidas in the semi final match, S. Jagnandan could not match Bastidas' overall performance and second best point differential. S. Jagnandan had no choice but to advance to the final match with a third place net point differential.

Furthermore, it's also noted at the conclusion of the semifinal matches, T. Bastidas ended up in second place as the best player who only allowed his opponents to score a 14 points average per game....again, S. Jagnandan had no choice but to advance to the finals with a distant fourth place after defeating Bastidas.

These are the results of the best players at the conclusion of the semi finals matches:

                                               Cesar   Tyree    Billy   Satish

Point average per game               11.1    14.0      14.7    15.8                          scored against them     

Tyree Bastidas’ day could be rapidly approaching.


2009 USHA National Three-Wall Championships–N.Y. O’Donnell & Bastidas finished 9th & 10th




Armando Ortiz chases down a shot from Tyree Bastidas (above) in the round of 16 Men' s Open match.  Ortiz was able to pull out the close win to advance to the quarterfinals. It was the most exciting game of the day as per USHA news. Photo by USHA


New York was the third State in the country with more handball players attending this event. New York was represented by twenty seven players, one of the largest contingents in recent memory.

Every year New York players look forward to attend the USHA National Three-Wall Championships in Toledo, Ohio.

The lack of three-wall handball courts in New York and the lack of a ceiling at the New Jersey handball courts did not stop New York players from making the trip to the national championships.

B. O’Donnell and T. Bastidas were the leading players among New Yorkers in the open division, where a total of ten players represented the state of New York.

Both; Billy O’Donnell and Tyree Bastidas lost close matches in the round of 16. O’Donnell to Luis Moreno 20-21, 21-3, 11-1 and Bastidas to Armando Ortiz 18-21, 21-9, 11-10.

When the round of 16 was completed, O’Donnell and Bastidas’ excellent performance produced the best scores point differential which placed them in the 9th and 10th place respectively.

                                          Billy O’Donnell              Tyree Bastidas

Points scored by them:       21, 21, 16, 21, 1 = 80    21, 21, 21, 9, 10= 82

Points scored against them:  4, 10, 21, 11, 8 = 54     1, 7, 18, 21, 11=  58

Net point differential:                                     +26                               +24


Blending the Past and the Present.





For The Record:

Tyree’s favorite National Championship:

The USHA National Three-Wall Championships.