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Hispanic Heritage Month - First USHA National Juniors 3-Wall Championships at Venice Beach.




Above from left: Luis Moreno, Braulio Ruiz, Tyree and Jurell Bastidas during a break.

Above: Jurell and Tyree Bastidas in the front, while Luis Moreno and Braulio Ruiz play in the back.

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th to October 15th. During this time we recognize and laude the contributions made by Hispanic American.

This year we’ll highlight some of the outstanding Hispanic young handball players who won the first USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships in 1998. It was almost a complete sweep of every division with the exception of the Boys 15-and-under singles division, which was captured by Emmett Peixoto.

Congratulations to the following champions:

9-and under: Ricardo Ruiz.

11-and-under: Braulio Ruiz

13-and-under: Frank Barrajas

17-and-under: Oscar Quesada

19-and-under: Jose Munoz

Girls’ 19-and-under: Gia Arias

2011 WPH/WOR 3Wallball World Outdoor Championships – Hispanic Heritage Month - Hispanic players shine among handball stars.





Above: Rober Sostre (white shirt) plays in the inaugural 3-wall world championships in 2010.

Above: Daniel Cordova plays at the preliminary match of the 2010 WPH/WOR 3-wall world championships.

Above: Pewee Castro changes gloves in his first game of the preliminary games. 

Above: Willie Polanco smiles for the cameras after winning the World men's doubles division with his partner Tyree Bastidas in 2010. 


For the second time around the WPH managed to attract a record number of players to its World 3-wall short walls championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to D. Vincent of the WPH, the tournament drew close to 250 players, including more than 150 players of Hispanic descendent.             Recently, Mr. Vincent has been successfully in his previous tournaments by offering 1-, and 3-wall small and big ball handball versions by itself or in conjunction with the WPH 4-wall tournaments. He has been promoting the 1-wall game along the three-wall handball version to the tune of thousands of dollars in prize money. The results have been beyond expectations as 1- and 3-wall players showed up to play.

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, the 1- and the 3-wall handball versions are alive and well throughout the U.S. and are overtaking other handball versions in popularity as both handball versions are currently being heavily promoted by the USHA and the WPH.

For the second consecutive year, the final of the 3-wall (big ball) men’s open singles division was a California affair as two Hispanic players vied for the title. G. Rosales defeated G. Velasquez. The doubles division was also an all-California final won by R. Calvillo/G. Rosales over G. Tellez/ J. Santos.

The final of the 3-wall (small ball) men’s open singles division was captured by a Hispanic handball star from California, Braulio Ruiz. The final doubles division was also played by California players. Braulio Ruiz and Eddie Chapa defeated J. Bike Jr and N. Alvarado Jr. 

Defending champions of Hispanic descendent Tyree Bastidas and Willie Polanco could not show up to defend their title due to injuries sustained during the past outdoor season.

The women’s open divisions were captured by New Yorkers Tracy Davis and Sandy Ng. T. Davis was the only woman to slam.

Thanks to the WPH for its constant support and faith in the 1-and 3-wall handball community.

Here at TyreeBastidas’ website, we stand by its logo " One-Wall, the Future of Handball”.

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Spartan Race – Jurell Bastidas competes in tough obstacle racing challenge – shows pride by wearing his ICHA handball shirt.





Above from left: Humberto Perea, Na Lui and Jurell Bastidas.


On September 24, while the 3WALLBALL World Championships were taken place on the West Coast (Las Vegas, NV), one of the toughest (obstacle) eight miles marathon was taken place on the East Coast (Staten Island, NY).

Jurell Bastidas, an ICHA loyal handball member competed in this event and wore his ICHA handball shirt in a display of pride and honor.

He finished the race about 1 ½ hour later, way ahead of his projected time.

Jurell and Tyree Bastidas always encourage handball players to wear their handball shirt of choice when competing in other sport events.

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Youngest Hispanic players who captured a USHA National Open Championship for the first time  - Hispanic Heritage Month.





               Above: Alvarado father posing with Naty Alvarado Jr.


       Above: T. Silveyra waits for V. Munoz to take the ball off the wall.

Above: Bastidas serves at the USHA nationals when he was still a teenager 

Congratulations to some of the best handball players, who have represented the Hispanic community throughout the U.S. They excelled at the USHA championships by winning an open national title when they were young players.

1981 USHA National One-Wall Championships – Anna Calderon (age 16)

1986 USHA National Three-Wall Championships - Vince Munoz (age 16)

1992 USHA National Four-Wall Championships - Octavio Silveyra (age 20)

1992 USHA National Four-Wall Championships - Naty Alvarado Jr(age 18)

2010 USHA National One-Wall Championships - Tyree Bastidas (age 19)

2011 WPH/WOR 3Wallball World Outdoor Championships - Court’s in session – an inside look at the end of the day.




All pictures above are from the inaugural tournament.


Upset of the tournament (small ball men’s open singles):

Braulio Ruiz of California shocked No 1 seed D. Chapman of Missouri. 

Upset of the tournament (small ball men’s open doubles):

Team Cordova from Mexico shocked No 1 seed team Chapman/Lenning.

Team Morales/Nett shocked No 2 seed Little/Moreno.

Upset of the tournament (big ball men’s open singles):

J. Tellez shocked No 1 seed S. Hernandez.

W. Amaro shocked No 2 seed R. Ruiz.

Upset of the tournament (big ball men’s open doubles):

Team Calvillo/Rosales shocked No 1 seed Ruiz/Hernandez.

Junior achievement:

Brittyn Bidegain. She won the Mix Doubles Pro title teaming up with Lenning.

Sandy Ng won the Women’s open doubles title for the second consecutive year.

Must improved team:

Daniel and Luis Cordova from Mexico.

Useless facts:

1- There were twenty players of Hispanic descendent, who captured twenty out of twenty nine titles.

2- There were at least 38 players of Hispanic descendent in the big ball men’s open singles.

3- Players of Hispanic descendent tend to dominate the big and small ball three-short wall game.

4- The men’s open, singles and doubles divisions (big and small ball) have been captured by players of Hispanic descendent.

5- New York was the second biggest State to send the most players to the tournament.

6- New York players traveled west to compete and support the WPH, which supports 1-wall (big and small ball), the future of handball.

Blending the Past and the Present



For The Record:


The WPH/WOR 3Wallball World Outdoor Championships have produced the first champions of Hispanic descendent.

Men's singles (big ball): Samson Hernandez.

Men's doubles (big ball): Samson Hernandez and Ricardo Ruiz.

Men's singles (small ball): Braulio Ruiz.

Men's doubles (small ball): Tyree Bastidas and Willie Polanco.