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2011 USHA National One-Wall Big Ball Championships – J. Wright (rookie) plays his best at the best big ball tournament in the U.S.





From left: Castro (finalist), Vasquez (sponsor) and Wright(champion).


John Wright was crowned the USHA champion when he defeated Pewee Castro at the big ball nationals in front of a packed-gallery at Coney Island.

J. Wright captured the national title for the third time, dethroning the current King of the Courts winner and defending national big ball champion Pewee Castro.

Wright, who has been fighting a  downward spiral since last year, captured a national title that was long overdue since losing to Tyree Bastidas four consecutive times; at the 2009 HES Handball Pro Stop,  the 2010 1-wall nationals, the 2010 HES Handball Pro Stop and at the 2011 1-wall nationals. Recently, he was also defeated at the King of the courts by Timothy Gonzalez during the semifinals in July.

Handball fans were happy to see him come back as a winner despite his recent losses.

Congratulations to J. Wright for a superb performance at the 1-wall nationals.

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2011 USHA National One-Wall Big Ball Championships – Tee Tee Simmons crowned the new big ball champion among the best women handball players.





From left: Santiago (finalist), Vasquez (sponsor) and Simmons (champion).

The 1-wall nationals included interviews after the games.


Handball players were treated to a great championship match played by Jessica Santiago and T. Simmons. Both players went through great lengths to reach the championship match, where other national champions vied for the title as well.

The women’s division was perhaps the strongest division in recent years. In the end, it was all about Simmons and her first national title.

Congratulations to our new champion.



USHA National One-Wall Big Ball Championships – Paul Williams and Christian Vazquez team up to deliver the best big ball nationals ever – record entry for the 2011 1-wall national – Skybounce supports handball.






From left: Christian Vasquez and Paul Williams pose for the cameras at the nationals.

Above: Anna Calderon manages the desk for most of the day.


Paul Williams, President and Founder of I.C.H.A. teamed up with Christian Vazques of Skybounce to deliver the best and biggest 1-wall big ball national to date. The tournament attracted close to 200 players.

When it comes to fund raising and promoting the game, P. Williams is the only person to deliver in term of numbers…. And he delivered alright! He promoted the game to the tune of thousands of dollars in prize money, where the best big ball players came out to play for it.

Players as far as Florida and Canada came to play to be part of this great event that seems to be getting better than ever as the years go by.

Christian Vazquez from Skybounce sponsored the tournament, added money to the pot, delivered the Skybounce tournament tent and the oversize posters to promote the game.

Paul Williams and Christian Vasquez have delivered and supported the 1-wall community more than any other persons in recent memory.

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John Wright (Rookie) – the best big ball player ever!




Above: John Wright, open national big ball champion.

Above: Junior national champion and runner-up.


J. Wright has always been considered the best big ball player ever. He’s been playing with the big ball for more than twenty years and has been the poster face for the 1-wall big ball game. For many years he’s been winning and crushing the competition with no mercy. This year was not different, as he demolished his opponents on his way to his third national championship title.

At age 38, he shows no weak signs in his game with the exceptions of his recent injuries. But when not injured, he plays at his best.

J. Wright has been at the finals of both; the USHA nationals 1-wall small ball championships and at the USHA national 1-wall big ball championships.

Congratulations to this great champion.

Yuber Castro (Pewee) falls short of great record.





Castro poses for the cameras with a handball poster behind him.


From left: Masters +40 Singles division champion Chris Irons and runner-up Abe Mantell.


Pewee Castro as everyone knows him in the handball community had a great run during the 2011 1-wall season.

He won the King of the Courts handball tourney during July, the USHA 1-wall nationals, and reached the finals of the USHA 1-wall big ball nationals in August. He felt short of winning all three handball tournaments. No one has come as close as Castro did.

Congratulations to Pewee for his spectacular performance with the small and the big ball.

Blending the Past and the Present.



For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only teenager from New York to have reached the championship match of the USHA national 3-wall championships (men's open singles).