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The U.S.H.A. 1-wall nationals produced the youngest players to ever reach the open championship match in three different Open divisions.





Tyree Bastidas positions himself to strike the ball.

Photo by Mike Grabowski


Tyree Bastidas (age19), Sandy Ng (age 17) and Joshua Garcia (age 17) became the youngest players to have reached the championship match at the 2010 USHA National One-Wall Championships. Their combined average age per player was 17.6

Previous youngest players, who had reached the championship matches, were Tati Silveyra (age 20), Naty Alvarado Jr (age 18), and David Chapman (age 17). They accomplished this at the 1992 USHA National Four-Wall Championships. Their combined average age per player was 18.3

Tyree Bastidas, Sandy Ng and Joshua Garcia also became the only teenagers to achieve this feat. Their combined  average age sets them as the youngest players to ever reach the open championship matches in any handball version in USHA history, and it can only be matched and/or brought down by younger players.

2011 U.S.H.A. National One-Wall Championships – Sandy Ng repeats – wins second open title in the women’s singles division.





Above: D. Daskalakis (white shirt) watches her opponent T. Haley in action

 Above: Sandy Ng hits the ball as Theresa Haley waits for her turn.

Above: Sandy Ng pounds the ball on her way to the championship title.

Above: Sandy Ng gets ready to hit the ball to seal her championship match                                                                                                   Photos by Bill Fand.


For the second consecutive year, Sandy Ng won the national title as a teenager. She had to defeat Dori Ten on her way to the finals where she had to face Theresa McCourt in two tough games. Sandy Ng never allowed a tiebreaker during the tournament. She won all her matches in two games and became the second youngest woman (after A. Calderon) to win the women’s open singles two years in a row.

She also won the women’s doubles division for the second consecutive year and is looking forward next year to win the nationals for a third time in a row.

Congratulations to the new champion.

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2011 U.S.H.A. National One-Wall Championships – Team Castro/Polanco falls to team Sala/Kaplan.





Above: Jurell Bastidas and Cesar Sala in the back take up positions as Tyree Bastidas run to the front and Joe Kaplan returns the ball.

Above: Joe Kaplan in the back and Tyree Bastidas get ready to move in as Jurell Bastidas looks to blast the ball to the wall.                                       Photos by Bill Fand.


In an exciting tiebreaker in the finals of the men’s open doubles, team Sala/Kaplan scored a surprised victory over defending national champions Castro/Polanco.

Team Sala/Kaplan had previously escaped with a surprised victory over team Bastidas/Bastidas the previous day. They had squeaked through team Bastidas/Bastidas by winning 11-10.

Team Castro/Polanco also had a rough road to get to the finals. They had to defeat team Gonzalez/Milman in another tiebreaker of the semifinals.

No player in the men’s open division slammed this year as the competition proved to be too tough.

Congratulations to the new champions.

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2011 U.S.H.A. National One-Wall Championships – Team Ng/Daskalakis repeats – youngest team to win two years in a row.






Above: Daskalakis and Ng run to cover their side court as Haley stands still

Above: Sandy Ng pounds the ball as Danielle Daskalakis and Maggie Crespo stand by. 

Above from left: T. Haley, S. Ng and M. Crespo watch D. Daskalakis kill the ball.                                                                                                 Photos by Bill Fand.

Team Ng/Daskalakis became the youngest team to capture the women’s open doubles title in two consecutive years. The young team also won the tiebreaker with the same score of last year (11-2).

Sandy Ng and Danielle Daskalakis seem to be the most solid team to beat in recent memory. Daskalakis captured her second open title while her partner captured her fourth. Sandy Ng is the only player to slam in the women’s division during the competition.

Congratulations to the new champions.

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Tyree Bastidas and Paul Brady retain No 1 seed at the U.S.H.A. National One- and Four-Wall Championships.


Tyree Bastidas re-kills a ball during the semifinal match, where hundreds of handball fans converged to watch his games.

Photo by Bill Fand


It’s rare to see a defending champion lose a match and still remain on top of the world as the No 1 seed. It happens in other sports, including tennis.

Bastidas’ complete dominance of the 1-wall men’s open singles division since 2009 has helped him keep his No 1 seed at the official U.S.H.A. One-Wall Pro Handball Ranking System. Bastidas’ only defeat at the nationals was not enough to topple him as the No 1 player in the world.

Brady’s complete dominance of the 4-wall men’s open singles division since 2005 also helped him keep his No 1 seed at the U.S.H.A. Four-Wall Pro Handball Ranking System. Brady didn’t defend his title due to a hand injury.

Both players have been considered the best handball players for their consistent winning streaks in the men’s open divisions for the past several years.




Blending the Past and the Present.




For The Record:


Tyree Bastidas is the only teenager in the U.S. to have been crowned a USHA national champion who earned the No 1 seed at his coronation. Bastidas' phenomenal performance at the men's open division before the nationals, and at the USHA National One-Wall Championships helped him capture the title and the No. 1 seed in the USHA One-Wall Pro Ranking System.