Handball player for life.

New York players do it again - capture and dominate USHA national open championships in singles and doubles divisions.






Howie Eisenberg, a USHA Hall of Famer, referees Tyree's 3-wall match in California. Eisenberg is the only USHA HOF who has followed and refereed Tyree's games from the East Coast to the West Coast. Here in this photo, Tyree plays in the 15-and-under singles division in Venice Beach.


The shock waves that swept through handball in all three handball versions were felt again in 1975 as New York players repeated a milestone established by them in 1969. But this time it didn’t go into the records books as no USHA 1-wall nationals was held in 1975. Nevertheless, it’s a very well known and documented fact that the 1-wall national titles are only captured by New York players, a tradition kept for more than half a century.

Congratulations to the following players for their fabulous performance by dominating and capturing, again, all USHA 3-, and 4-wall (singles and doubles) open national titles.


1975 USHA National Four-Wall Championships

Fred Lewis – open singles

Steve Lott and Marty Decatur - open doubles


1975 USHA National Three-Wall Championships

Lou Russo – open singles

Joel Wisotsky and Wally Ulbrich - open doubles


1975 USHA National One-Wall Championships

No event was held.

2011 Annual Mayor’s Cup – The Best of the best of Brooklyn and Bronx battle for supremacy – major upsets in doubles division – Bastidas brothers’ teams take down national doubles champions to earn pass to championship matches – youth prevails over former national champions.






Above: Action in the Men's singles division captivates everyone's attention.

Above: Action in the semifinals, has team J. Bastidas/M. Schneider hit the ball against team C. Sala/J. Kaplan.

Above:Team J. Bastidas/M. Schenider in the front . Jurell Bastidas serves the ball in the championship match against team T. Bastidas/V. Lopierre.

Above (l to r): Jurell Bastidas and partner Mike Schneider pose next to referee W. O' Donnell. Team Victor Lopierre and Tyree Bastidas (champions) pose on the right side.


There was more evidence that in Sunday’s epic victory in two close games by Brooklyn’s best over the Bronx’s best in the men’s open final that both players were really the most dominant 1-wall players in the U.S.

Mere statistics – a 21-17 and 21-17 edge – are too dry and clinical to describe how spellbinding, disputed and emotionally roiling the match was from beginning to end.

The young team T. Bastidas/V. Lopierre had to endure a grueling semifinals match that went the three game route against former national doubles champions P. Castro/D. Rojas. In the end, Bastidas/Lopierre won the decisive match and had to wait for the winner of the ongoing match of the young team of J. Bastidas/M. Schneider against former national doubles champions C. Sala/J. Kaplan. Surprisingly, Jurell Bastidas and Mike Schneider pulled the impossible when they also had to go the three game route to defeat the more experienced team C. Sala/J. Kaplan.

The championship match of the men’s open doubles division had to be disputed among Tyree's and Jurell’s teams. It was the first time in the history of the game that two brothers had to face each other in the championship match of this prestigious event.

Under clear skies and with the temperature reaching well over 90 degrees, the match went the three game route. In the end, only the best and the strongest won the match.

All players were extremely exhausted during the match and both teams wanted to prevail and win.

Tyree Bastidas played an eye-popping ten games on Sunday to capture the singles and doubles divisions, cementing his position as the world’s top-ranked player.

2011 USHA National One-Wall Juniors championships - Why is Tyree Bastidas the best junior Handball player ever? – Reigns undefeated from July 2007 to July 2011 for a total of 208 weeks – his reign will end on July 17, 2011, when a new champion will emerge. 






Bastidas attempts to retrieve a very difficult shot at the handball courts.


There is no doubt; Tyree Bastidas is quite possibly the greatest junior player to ever grace the handball courts.  He is currently ranked number one in the Men’s Open Singles division on the USHA Ranking system and has been ranked No. 1 in the USHA juniors 1-, 3- and 4-wall national competition for several years. He has been undefeated since July of 2007 and he is currently the 1-and 3-wall champion until July of 2011 for a total of 208 weeks.

The 208 weeks reigning period has earned Tyree the longest winning streak in (1-, 3- & 4-wall combined) at the number one ranking in USHA history.
You may be wondering how one comes to such levels of greatness. The answer is simple, Tyree Bastidas has it all.  Everything you could possibly want in a handball player is exemplified by the New York born superstar.  Let's take a closer look at what Tyree Bastidas is known for doing so well.

Tyree Bastidas is about as consistent as they come.  He is capable of producing high quality handball on a very regular basis.  Unlike most players, Tyree stays within his means and works for every point, setting up shot after shot, and waiting for the right time to hit the right shot, and hit a winner. 

From 2007 to 2010 his W-L record is an impressive 31-0 at the junior nationals, while his W-L record at the Open level (1-wall) at the two most important USHA-sanctioned tournaments, including the open nationals is 14-0.

There aren’t any junior players on record, in any handball version, who have had such a consistency as Tyree Bastidas. He is the only junior player in the history of the game to hold both records of consistency at the same time (junior and open) while playing as a teenager:

Juniors: 31 undefeated matches in 1-, 3- & 4-wall national championships.

Open: Men’s Singles division (including the 1-wall nationals): 14 undefeated rounds

Versatility: Bastidas has everything a player needs to be an all-around champion. He has speed, endurance, an incredible game anticipation, and quick reflexes. Often hits sharper angles crosscourt to set up an easy winner.

He became so good in a short period of time because he played all three handball versions. He had a goal in mind since he first started playing handball. He wanted to be the best all around junior player and traveled a lot to play against the best in each handball version.

Experience: He gained a lot of experience early when he first started learning the game because he played in both, the juniors and the men’s open divisions. He also played and practiced with the small and the big ball in all three handball versions.

Bastidas will hand over his reign to the new champion at the 1-wall junior nationals this weekend at Victory Field in Queens, New York.

The Mayor’s Cup – Major facts about this prestigious tournament.





Above from (l to r): Tyree Bastidas and Satish Jagnandan pose after the championship match.

Above: Theresa McCourt poses at the NYS Handball Championships. She won the girl's 19 and-under singles division at the Mayor's Cup in 1999. 


The Mayor’s Cup handball event is considered to be the biggest and best outdoor event, second only to the USHA one-wall nationals.

Paul Williams, President and founder of the ICHA created the Mayor’s Cup handball tournament seventeen years ago. He has been the tournament Director since its inception.

When the Mayor’s Cup was first introduced, it was played only by junior players. Later on, P. Williams allowed men and women to play in the tournament and ever since then it has become a successful tournament.

Players from as far as California have participated in this tournament. Among some of the national champions who have played in it are: D. Chapman, E. Peixoto, D. Fink, etc.

Cesar Sala was the first teenager (male) to reach the men’s open championship match at the age of 19.

Cesar Sala and Satish Jagnandan met at the championship match more than any other players.

Danielle Daskalakis won the women’s open division at 19.

Danielle Daskalakis is the youngest person to win the women’s open singles division three years in a row.

Sandy Ng is the youngest teenager (16) to reach the championship match of the women's open singles division.

Sandy Ng is the only teenager to have reached the championship match twice(as of 2011).

Sandy Ng and Danielle Daskalakis are the only teenagers to have played against each other in the women's open championship match.

Satish Jagnandan is the only player to have won the tournament four times in a row.

Satish Jagnandan is the only player to have won the most tournaments.

Tyree Bastidas became the youngest player to win the men’s open singles division.

Tyree Bastidas is the only player to capture (slam) both; the men’s singles and doubles divisions.

Tyree Bastidas and Danielle Daskalakis are the youngest players to have captured the men’s and women’s open division respectively in the same year.

Tyree Bastidas became the youngest teenager (male) at 17 to reach the open championship match.

Champions of the Mayor’s Cup:

1995 R. Sostre



1998 K. Lewis

1999 J. Kaplan

2000 K. Lewis

2001 J. Wright

2002 S. Jagnandan

2003 C. Sala

2004 S. Jagnandan

2005 C. Sala

2006 C. Sala

2007 S. Jagnandan

2008 S. Jagnandan

2009 S. Jagnandan

2010 S. Jagnandan

2011 T. Bastidas

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Bastidas returns from foot injury to slam in New York.      




Above: T. Bastidas rests before he is called to play the championship match

Above (l to r): Jeannina, Tyree and Jurell Bastidas pose for the cameras on their way out of Central Park.


Tyree Bastidas has been out of the game for several months nursing a foot injury. He decided to test his foot and his conditioning out by playing in the Mayor's Cup this past weekend in New York. His "test" resulted in an impressive performance slamming the open singles and doubles divisions.

Bastidas defeated Satish Jagnandan in the singles final, 17, 17. He teamed up with Victor LoPierre to win the doubles title, defeating Mike Schneider and Jurell Bastidas in two straight games.  

In the women's open singles, Danielle Daskalakis needed a tiebreaker to defeat Sandy Ng in the final.

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Blending the Past and the Present.




Coach Mike Watson surrounded by young kids he brought to the nationals in 2000.                                                                                                 Photo by Streetplay.com.

For The Record:


Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to have captured the men's open singles titles of the three most important 1-wall championships in America in less than a year.