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USHA All-time record holders – New York players sweep USHA singles divisions.







Tyree Bastidas, not only wins open tournaments outdoors. Here he is seen winning the open division (indoors) with referee Albert Apuzzi in the background.                                                                                          Photo by Scott Schilder


The handball players, who won and established these records, went well beyond their extraordinary athletic achievements.

These men, women, boys, and girls, served as role models in their personal lives as well as in their chosen handball version.

There is a total of 12 divisions (four for each handball version). New York State dubbed as the “Empire State” captured six divisions while Mexican and Irish players split three divisions.

Tyree Bastidas and Sean Lenning are the only players to hold USHA records in more than one handball version.

The following records are established and set in stone as of June, 30, 2011, and includes;                                                                                           Open: The 1-wall nationals (NY) in August, the 4-wall nationals in June and the 3-wall nationals in Ohio.                                                              Juniors: The 1-wall nationals (NY) in June, the 3-wall nationals in California and Ohio, and the 4-wall nationals in December.


USHA National One-Wall Championships

Men’s Open Singles division:

Joe Durso (NY) – (9) singles crowns


Women’s Open Singles division:

Tracy Davis (NY) – (7) singles crowns


Boys’ Singles division:

Tyree Bastidas (NY) – (6) singles crowns


Girls’ Singles division:

Sandy Ng (NY) – (3) singles crowns


USHA National Three-Wall Championships

Men’s Open Singles division:

Vince Munoz – (10) singles crowns


Women’s Open Singles division:

Rosemarie Bellini (NY) - (8) singles crowns


Boys’ Singles division:

Tyree Bastidas (NY) – (8) singles crowns


Girls’ Singles division:

Courtney Peixoto – (3) singles crowns


USHA National Four-Wall Championships

Men’s Open Singles division:

Naty Alvarado(MEX) – (11) singles crowns


Women’s Open Singles division:

Anna Engele – (11) singles crowns


Boys’ Singles division:

Sean Lenning - (5) singles crowns

Robert McCarthy(IRE) - (5) singles crowns


Girls’ Singles division:

Aisling Reilly(IRE) – (6) singles crowns


2011 PSAL city wide Handball Championships (singles and doubles) – Bayside and Midwood corner divisions.





Above: Midwood high school players in action in the championship match, while referee Paul Williams stands behind the long line.

Above: Midwood team players pose for the cameras after turning the championship match into a Midwood HS final.

Above: D. Pazanin returns a shot to T. Mileczkowski in the singles final, while Paul Angel referees the championship game.Tyree Bastidas (green shirt) watches the game standing right behind P. Angel.

Above(l to r): D. Pazanin and T. Mileczkowski after their final game. 


In one of those rare moments in PSAL handball history, Bayside HS from Queens and Midwood HS from Brooklyn cornered the singles and doubles divisions respectively.

In the singles division, Theodore Mileczkowski and Daniel Pazanin representing Bayside HS reached the finals with Mileczkowski prevailing at the end with a lopsided score of 21-9. It was the first time in more than 10 years that Bayside captured the championship crown.

In the doubles division, Robert Lee and Jimmy Zhou from Midwood HS defeated fellow teammates Nicholas Cheng and Jason Cen in the championship match 21-13.

With the final results posted by the PSAL, Midwood HS remains ahead of the competition since Jurell Bastidas captured the championship match for Midwood eight years ago. Midwood HS has won five championship singles titles in the last nine years.

The last time Midwood HS won in a convincing way, was in 2008, when Tyree Bastidas won the singles division, while his teammates captured the doubles division. It was the end of the Bastidas' era and the beginning of a new legacy.

T. Bastidas attended the tournament to support the game and his ex-team. He enjoyed the beautiful day by watching the championship games

Congratulations to the following singles champions:


PSAL City wide Handball Championship (singles)

2003 Victor LoPierre – Forest Hills HS

2004 Jurell Bastidas – Midwood HS

2005 Stan Zavoyskly – Midwood HS

2006 Stan Zavoyskly – Midwood HS

2007 Alex Gavryushenko – Brooklyn Technical HS

2008 Tyree Bastidas – Midwood HS

2009 Frank Mai – Midwood HS

2010 Joshua Garcia - HS Telecommunications Arts & Technology

2011 Tom Mileczkowski – Bayside HS

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Injuries mount around national champions Bastidas and Brady – for the first time since 2005, both players might not show up to defend their titles.






             Bastidas gets ready to hit the showers after a 4-wall game. 


Tyree Bastidas and Paul Brady find themselves in an unusual position – a place they haven’t been in together for the last seven years. They are both injured and unable to defend their national titles.

As they watch their opportunity to play in the nationals fade away, they can’t help but be struck by the irony that they are healthy, productive, and ready to win another title.

“Injuries are just part of handball,” says Bastidas.

“We’ve had our fair share of injuries recently. I don’t think you’re going to find handball players who go through a handball season without any injuries.”

This could probably be the first time that two national singles champions, sponsored by the N.Y.A.C., won’t be able to defend their title in the same year.

USHA Collegiate One-Wall National Championships - Bastidas steps up – skips USHA collegiate championships for the sake of fair competition.






Above: T. Bastidas and D. Chapman playing together at the nationals.


Tyree Bastidas accomplished as much as any college player could during the college season.

The young player won the USHA 1-wall national and the World 3-wall titles when he was 19. Last year he stated that he won't play in the collegiate competition, and yesterday, he confirmed and declared his intentions not to play in the USHA collegiate 1-wall nationals.

“I think it is the right thing to do. When I captured the open national title last year, I didn’t think it was right to keep playing in divisions below my Open status” said Bastidas.

“It makes no sense trying to capture collegiate titles and wasting time and energy by pounding on college players who just come to play for fun and have never won an open title.”

Indeed, Bastidas urges any junior player who has won an open national title to steer clear from college competition and give an opportunity to other junior players (including teenagers) to play other players with the same handball skills and level of competition.

The tournament starts on April 18 in Queens and all handball fans are welcome to watch the matches free of charge.

This will be the first USHA national 1-wall championships of the summer and will kick off the outdoor season in 2011.

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2011 USHA National Four-Wall Championships – Men’s Open runs dry - defending national champions absent from competition – 4-wall nationals to go on without the best of 2010.





Above from (l to R): Former USHA President  Carl Porter, Michigan Open Champion Pete Hanover, USHA  photographer Keith Thode and 17-years-old junior national sensation Tyree Bastidas.                         Photo taken at the Michigan State Open in 2008.


Americans are supposed to love winning but clearly they have their limits. The USHA 4-wall nationals, traditionally the crown jewel game of this country, drew a paltry participation of 283 players this year.

“If you’re talking about recreating the magic moments of the past, when New Yorkers dominated the 4-wall handball circuit, no, that is not going to happen,” said Jurell Bastidas

Top New York and Irish players will not be attending the 4-wall nationals in Minnesota this year for various reasons.

It’s one of those strange years, where the best 2010 USHA (indoor & outdoor) players on the planet (Brady and Bastidas) won’t be participating in this great event. Both players are injured.

“I think is has to do with the global economic downturn” says T. Bastidas.

Asked why isn’t there top players representing NY at the 4-wall nationals? “I think most NY players know by now that I might not be ready to defend my title in August, and they just want to focus and practice 1-wall only to capitalize on it and capture the crown”.

Blending the Past and the Present.





For The Record:


Midwood HS is the only handball team in the US to have captured all high school championships on its way to achieve the best record among the best high school handball teams.

Midwood HS, led by Tyree Bastidas, won the following tournaments in 2008:

2008 ICHA High School Spring Meet 17 -and under singles division

2008 ICHA High School Spring Meet 19- and under singles division

2008 Boys Handball Team PSAL Champions

2008 PSAL City Wide Handball Championships (Individuals)

2008 PSAL City Wide Handball Championships (Doubles)