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New York teenagers lead the nation - capture the most USHA National Open crowns for the first time – Are NY junior players the best? – NY girls lead the pack in the USHA records book.





Above: Joshua Garcia (red shirt) gets ready to serve the ball to Tyree Bastidas in the back.

Above: Sandy Ng (red shirt) serves to Teresa McCourt during the nationals.    


Nobody has doubts about New York teens being the best players in the game. Just like their predecessors at the AAU national championships, teens from the east have established themselves as the leading group in the nation by winning a USHA national crown for the first time in 1-wall or in another handball version.

Wally Ulbrich and Anna Calderon started this winning trend at the beginning of the 60's and 80's respectively and Tyree Bastidas and Sandy Ng closed it out as recently as 2010.                                                     

Anna Calderon remains as the first teenager and the youngest  player to capture a USHA open singles title, ever, while Wally Ulbrich remains as the first teenager to ever capture a USHA open doubles title.

The 2011 handball season will celebrate 30 years since the first teenager in the U.S. captured  a USHA open singles crown in any handball version. It will also mark 48 years since the first teenager in the U.S. captured a USHA open doubles crown in any handball version.

Can New York teens keep up with their winning trend? Yes they can. Their devotion and passion for the game not only have turned them into the leading group on the USHA records book, but have left an example-nary mark for future teenagers to follow.                                                                                                                                                               Congratulations to all teenagers for their extraordinary effort in winning their first USHA open title.


1963 USHA 1-wall – Wally Ulbrich (age 18) from New York

1981 USHA 1-wall – Anna Calderon (age 16) from New York

1986 USHA 3-wall - Vince Munoz (age 16) from California

1992 USHA 4-wall - David Chapman (age 17) from California

1992 USHA 4-wall – Naty Alvarado Jr (age 18) from California

2003 USHA 3-wall – Sean Lenning (age 18) from Washington

2008 USHA 3-wall - Sarah Au (age 18) from New York

2010 USHA 1-wall - Tyree Bastidas (age 19) from New York

2010 USHA 1-wall - Sandy Ng (age 17) from New York

The 20th Annual ICHA High School Spring Meet – April’s showers couldn’t stop tournament - final results






Above: Tyree Bastidas, the winner of the 17 & 19-and under singles divisions in both, the 2007 and 2008 High School Spring Meet.

Above: Group photo by the ICHA

Above: Photo by ICHA  


There where more than 130 players gathered to compete during April 16 and 17 of 2011, and in spite of heavy rain the games were finished on time.

Congratulations to all the players for being part of this fabulous tournament. It was one of the most competitive tournaments in recent years as everyone wanted to celebrate victory at the 20th ICHA High School Spring Meet anniversary.

Midwood HS was the team to beat this year as it holds the most winnings in the 19-and-under singles division for the past decade. It’s the hardest division to capture.

Midwood HS also holds the record with the most consecutive winnings during the Bastidas’ era and perhaps the best record ever for a high school team in recent memory.

Congratulations to all participants for being part of this very special event.

The following list details the winners for the past ten years:


Boys’19-and-under – singles

Year  Champions            Schools

2002 Dennis Machuca    Art & Design H.S

2003 Victor LoPierre      Forest Hills HS

2004 Jonathan Iglesias    Forest Hills HS

2005 Stan Zavoyskly      Midwood HS

2006 Stan Zavoyskly      Midwood HS

2007 Tyree Bastidas       Midwood HS

2008 Tyree Bastidas       Midwood HS

2009 Tony Choi             Bronx Science HS

2010 Joshua Garcia        HS Telecommunications

2011 Jason Gonzalez      Lehman HS

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Spring has sprung in Brooklyn – getting a leg up on Tyree’s condition.





                        Tyree is enjoying a warm day.


Cherry blossoms are blooming at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and all over Brooklyn, Tyree’s hometown.

Recently, T. Bastidas had his cast off his right foot after he had an accident during a 4-wall practice two months ago.

As we all know, Tyree probably has the busiest handball schedule than any other handball player as he plays all three handball versions with the small and the big ball. An accident waiting to happen was inevitable, and came during the worst time for the 4-wall handball season.

Bastidas is still waiting for further tests results during his therapy sessions and most likely he’ll miss the entire 4-wall season, including the 4-wall nationals.

The 2011 BOSTON OPEN – history and results - New Yorkers play at historic YMCA in America.





Above: Jurell Bastidas serves to Emmet Peixoto during semifinal match.

Above: E. Peixoto  in action during long rally against J. Bastidas.


The Boston Open took place at the oldest YMCA in America, where Emmett Peixoto and Bill O’Donnell reached the finals by defeating Jurell Bastidas and Mike Schneider respectively. In the final game, E. Peixoto defeated B. O’Donnell in an exciting third game.

The following results are posted courtesy of tournament Director Mike Rusinak, a former Brooklyn resident and one-wall handball player. He’s played one-wall for many years and presently he finds himself playing four-wall, helping run tournaments and promoting the handball game in the Northeast.


By Mike Rusinak


Handball friends....Here are the results from the 35th BOSTON OPEN held at the Boston YMCA...
40+ Div.---Ron Lescinskas def. Roland Langevin
50+Div.---Peter O'Connor def. Pat Reilly in a tie breaker
60+Div.---George DeGonzague def. Marc Seigle
OPEN Div.---Emmett Piexoto def. Billy O'Donnell in a tie breaker
The Boston Open Handball Committee thanks all participants and supporters.
We all hope to be back in the Boston YMCA next year for the 36th event.

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Cinco de Mayo – Mexican handball players corner USHA open division - celebrate big at 51th Annual USHA championship.





Above: Munoz gets ready to hit the ball as Hernandez, Chapa and Chavez keep an eye on the ball.  They cornered the 3-wall nationals in 2001.             Photo by USHA


Cinco de Mayo is a regional celebration of the Battle of Puebla, when Mexicans defeated the French on May 5, 1862. It is not Mexican Independence Day as many believe.

Cinco de Mayo has come to be a celebration of Mexican culture, pride and heritage among Mexicans living around the world.

In the sport of handball, Hispanic players of Mexican descent have always performed their best when playing at the nationals. They’ve reached and won the singles and doubles open finals at the USHA nationals 3-and 4-wall championships numerous times, but they captured everyone’s attention when they won the championship matches in 2001. They were crowned national champions during the 51th championship edition since the USHA was founded.

Congratulations are in order for some of the best players of the game:

2001USHA National Three-Wall Championships: Vince Munoz wins the singles title.

2001USHA National Three-Wall Championships: Vince Munoz and Eddy Chapa defeat Marcos Chavez and Jose Hernandez to win the doubles title.

2001USHA National Four-Wall Championships: Vince Munoz wins the singles title.

2001USHA National Four-Wall Championships: Naty Alvarado Jr teams up with his partner to win the doubles title.

Blending the Past and the Present.





For The Record:


Vince Munoz and Tyree Bastidas are the first male teenagers of Hispanic descent to have won an open national title at the USHA in the West and East Coast respectively.