Handball player for life.

New era begins for New York's new national champion Tyree Bastidas – remains undefeated at the open level since 2009 – shows consistency, again – proves he’s for real with victories at the open level – owns the longest streak as the youngest open player - aims to capture the two most important USHA 1-wall Open tournaments three years in a row.






T. Bastidas blasts the ball as short line referee Howie Eisenberg follows the action.                                                                                                   Photo courtesy of Bill Fand


Tyree Bastidas, who has enjoyed spectacular worldwide success as a junior player by showing consistency since 2007, is also the youngest and most consistent, Open player in the USHA.

He is currently the reigning National Open One-Wall Champion in the U.S. and has the most consistent winning record at the Open level

Winning streak records are nothing new for the USHA all-time junior record holder, Tyree Bastidas.

The following results are a testament to his recent, consistent record accomplishments as a teenager open player.

2009 - He captured the largest indoor USHA-sanctioned open 1-wall Pro- stop in the men’s singles division.

2010 – During the summer season, he captured the USHA National One-Wall Open Men’s Singles division.

2010 - During the fall handball season, again, he captured the largest indoor USHA-sanctioned Open 1-Wall Pro-stop tournament in the men’s singles division, making him the youngest Open player ever to capture the two most important open men’s singles divisions in 1-wall.

He made the jump straight from the juniors to the Open division as a teenager, and is in an unprecedented position to capture the USHA National One-Wall Open Men’s Singles division in 2011.

Bastidas is currently undefeated at the open level since 2009, and has won and played through 14 rounds at the Open Men’s Singles division of the two most important 1-wall tournaments of his game (1-wall).

No other junior, playing in the open men's singles division in any other handball version, has been as consistent as USHA National Open Champion Tyree Bastidas.

Those who had doubted him as the greatest junior handball player, have discovered, they couldn’t question him anymore as he also became the youngest open player to remain undefeated at the open level for such a long period of time.

Asked what he would recall from this incredible run “How difficult it is to play that many championship rounds in a row and win them all” says Bastidas.

The top-ranked Bastidas has entered an entirely new realm with his consistent shattering record. He hold the most consecutive victories as a junior player in all three handball versions(combined) and has the most consecutive victories as the youngest player in the Men’s Singles division at the two most important USHA-sanctioned 1-wall Open tournaments, including the USHA 1-wall nationals.

WPH 1/4Wall Wall Pro Handball Classic II – West Coast VS East Coast tournament attracts the best big ball players in the world – war of words ends as East Coast players dominate the West.





Photo by the WPH


The WPH put together this fantastic event in Arizona, where handball fans across the world watched the big ball games in real time for the first time.

The WPH once again brought the best 1-wall players to Tucson, Arizona. The event, which marked the beginning of the 1-wall season on the West Coast, drew the best big ball players of the game. Players from Mexico, Canada, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and as far as Ireland descended on the Khalsa Montesorri school 1-wall courts to play in the biggest money prize event ever.

After many years of debates on the Internet over questions such as; who are the best big ball players? East Coast players put these debates to rest by dominating and capturing seven out of the top eight honors.

What makes New York players so dominant? New York players are exposed to the 1-wall game all year-round and constantly participate at big ball tournaments, including the USHA 1-wall nationals.

Perhaps the West Coast players blamed their nerves for their faltering performance or maybe they haven’t had enough exposure to the game as Samson Hernandez did. Hernandez was the only player from the west to break into the top eight players.

Samson Hernandez is perhaps one of the best players in California, but has always been considered a local champion as he was never a regular at the USHA and WPH championships. He changed all that in 2010 when he played at the WPH World 3-Wall Championships in Las Vegas and traveled to Italy to play at the international one-wall event on November. Hernandez came to New York on March 20, 2011 to play against the best 1-wall local players and didn’t perform as expected, but he learned some valuable experience that helped him break through among the best players this past weekend.

Perhaps players from the west, need to follow Hernandez’s foot steps, and once they do that, the next WPH 1-wall event could be even more competitive and better than this year’s.

On another note, national big ball champions Gio “little rookie” Vazquez and John “rookie” Wright reached their customary positions at the championship match and treated handball fans to an all New York final.

John Wright “rookie” was leading 16-8 when he got hurt and had to forfeit. As a result, Gio Vazquez “little rookie” received a handshake and a pat on the back from his mentor John Wright. Vazquez’s victory might be costly for J. Wright because he left with soreness in his knee. There was no immediate word on the extent of his injury, but Wright has twice been injured in the past year. The last time he was injured was when he played national champion Tyree Bastidas at Coney Island.

The event also included the Women’s Open division, where Tracy Davis, a New York native captured the crown by defeating the USHA 4-wall, 19-and-under champion Lorraine Havern from Ireland.

Thanks to the WPH for web-casting and hosting this important event.



The 20th Annual ICHA High School Spring Meet.





Above: Some of the players from the 2010 High School Spring Meet.          Photo by ICHA.

Above from left: Tyree Bastidas posing next to Aditta Kittikhoun and other high school friends at the 2005 ICHA High School Spring Meet.                Photo by Aditta Kittikhoun



This is another great tournament created by Paul Williams to benefit high school handball players. In this tournament, players have an opportunity to develop and display their handball skills. There is an age category for every player where they can even choose to play in two singles events.

There is a good reason to celebrate among high school students in New York, as this is a very special year for the 1-wall handball community.

Paul Williams, President and founder of ICHA, is running the 20th Annual High School Spring Meet in Central Park, Manhattan on April 16 and 17.

Tyree Bastidas represented Midwood H S for four years and was a product of this tournament. He played in this tournament for the first time at the age of 14.

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Open letter to the WPH, its sponsors and the handball community.






Tyree and Jurell playing handball in the basement.


It’s Spring - the handball outdoor season. All around us, there are signs of fresh growth transforming the landscape, and renewed energy in the air.

The WPH 1/4-Wall Handball Classic II, hosted and webcasted by the WPH crew this past weekend also transformed the way big ball handball can be watched now and in the future. For the second time around the WPH hosted the only tournament in the world where the best 1- and 4-wall players get together to kick off the outdoor handball season in the west.

New Growth – whether in Spring or in the fulfillment of our dreams – doesn’t happen without careful planning and investment. Tyree and Jurell Bastidas from the 1-wall handball community thank the WPH and its sponsors for their investment made in their effort to growth handball and for the faith both have in the 1-wall game, the future of handball. The WPH and its sponsors have shown it by their past support, which makes it possible for the game to growth.

This Spring, join in planting the seed of continued growth of handball “The Perfect Game” and support the WPH by visiting its website by purchasing an All-Access pass to watch other games. https://store.wphlive.tv/

Tough Mudder – T. Bastidas’ injury prevents him from joining his brother Jurell in tough competition – Jurell shows pride wearing a USHA shirt – leg up on Tyree's condition.







Above: Jurell Bastidas during the competition.                                           Photos by toughmudder.com


One of the toughest competitions on the country took place in Allentown, Pennsylvania on April 9 and 10 of 2011.

Tyree and Jurell Bastidas had signed up for this grueling event three months in advance and wanted to participate in this event wearing their USHA shirts to show support and pride for the sport they love the most “Handball The Perfect Game”. Tyree could not join his brother Jurell since he is still nursing his right foot injury. He expects to have his cast off by the end of April and immediately will follow up therapy sessions during May and possibly until June.



Blending the Past and the Present.





For The Record:



Tyree Bastidas and Sandy Ng - Best teenagers players ever at the USHA outdoor season!

T. Bastidas and S. Ng became the only teenagers to capture the most open titles (together) during the USHA outdoor handball season. Their stellar performance remains unmatched at the open level competition.

T. Bastidas – one-wall men’s singles champion and three-wall men’s singles finalist.

S. Ng – one-wall women’s singles and doubles champion and three-wall women’s doubles champion.