Handball player for life.

Tyree Bastidas’ greatest moment - For years he reigned as monarch of the USHA juniors 1-, 3-, and 4-wall courts in America – but in 2010 he ascended to the throne of the highest court – makes history - becomes the first all-around junior handball player to win the Open. 






Above: Bastidas gets ready to tap the ball as he keeps Peixoto and Chapman out of position in front of the big crowd that always follows him during his games.

Picture courtesy of Bill Fand


Move over Tati Silveyra and D. Chapman, a new king has ascended to the throne and is expected to rule for a long time.

All of them share the level of competitiveness, and the expectation level that is above everyone else’s. But the rivalry between Tyree Bastidas and David Chapman will be recalled as one of the greatest debates in the history of sport. And 2010 marked a turning point in their long conflict, as T. Bastidas captured the most difficult crown to win at the USHA Open Championships.

We talked about his being compared to Silveyra and Chapman. What did he think about that comparison? “It’s flattering, but I don’t compare myself to anybody,” Tyree said.

“I play my game, and I play everyone to win. And I’m hoping that I can win the 1-wall nationals this year so that I can say to myself. I’m a pretty good player.”

On his way to his final coronation, Bastidas ascended to the throne, armed with the best handball resume a junior player has ever achieved. In June, Bastidas slammed the USHA Challengers 1-wall championships, and in July, he slammed the USHA juniors 1-, and 3-wall championships.

He established new records for the USHA as the only junior player to have won the most junior USHA national titles in all three handball versions, and as the only player who went undefeated for the longest period of time playing all three handball codes.

Bastidas’ rise to No.1, ended a period in which the handball community was used to view young 4-wall players from the West Coast as the best handball could offer.

Tati Silveyra was the youngest at 20 when he captured the 4-wall nationals in 1992, but he didn’t have a strong handball resume at his coronation, and his reign was short-lived by another 4-wall player, D. Chapman.

D. Chapman also didn’t carry a 1- and 3-wall handball resume when he arrived to his coronation in 1993, when he barely upset his opponent in three games. His reign was also short-lived the following year.

Bastidas, the most accomplished junior handball player in the history of the game made full use of his handball resume to ascend to his coronation by capturing the USHA 1-wall Nationals in two games. For handball fans, it was a great moment: the sport finally had an all-around junior champion as a new king.

New York New National Champion starts New Year with New USHA Ranking effective November 2010. 





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January 11, 2011

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Brady Defeated...in "Best Of" Online Poll


Paul Brady has suffered a loss...but not on the handball court.

Paul Brady's sixth consecutive US National singles title was voted second in the Best Handball Feats of 2010.

The top vote-getter with 29% of the votes was Tyree Bastidas. The youngster from New York had an impressive year winning the 1-wall and 3-wall juniors and then the 1-Wall Nationals. He also reached the open singles final at the 3-Wall Nationals.

Allan Garner's U.S. Open win against David Chapman was third in the poll.

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Blending the Past and the Present






For The Record:

T. Bastidas started to play small ball in 2004 when he was 13, and right away started to work to play in his first 1-wall Open Men's division two years later. He played in the 2006 ACE Open Tour Handball Tournament at the Coney Island handball courts.