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2010 USHA National Juniors Four-Wall Championships - Give them the best Christmas gift – let them play at the junior nationals – Support the juniors, the future of handball – three ways to help junior players 





Above from left: Tyree Bastidas, John Loubriel, Raphael Santerre, Alex Gares, Gabriel Gosselin, and  Jerome Santerre.                                         They pose in an undated photo of junior players in North America.

Most of the players mentioned above have already benefited from the “Joe Ardito Travel Fund” and no longer qualify to play at the junior nationals. Jerome Santerre is the only player who remains eligible to play at the junior level, and he’ll be competing at the 2010 USHA National junior 4-wall championships.

Picture courtesy of Jean Santerre from Quebec, Canada.


Do you remember the last time you helped a junior player to the junior nationals?

Every year we have junior players who want to attend the 4-wall junior nationals but can’t because of lack of funds. This year in not different, some players might be able to travel, but they might not have a place to stay while playing at the tournament.

Bob Kendler, the founder and first president of the USHA was known to help young and adult players right across the board.  

Mr Kendler, a Chicago builder, felt on hard times during the acute recession of the late 70’s, along with his deteriorating health. He gave it all for the sake of the sport, but you don’t have to give it all to help the youngsters.

How can you help them?

There are different ways to support our youngsters:

1.- You can make an online contribution to the USHA by designating your donation to go to “The Ardito Travel Fund” which has been helping youngsters to minimize their traveling expenses.

2.- You can directly sponsor a junior player in your area by helping him/her travel to the USHA junior nationals or…

3.- If you live in the city where the tournament takes place, open up your house and welcome some youngsters into your house.

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Court shorts: Bastidas' accomplishments nominated for best of 2010 - handball moments




Handball news from your Handball Experts

December 23, 2010

Issue 380




The Best of 2010 - Handball Moments!


As 2010 winds down, we look back on a year filled with great handball moments.


We want your help in determing the top handball moments of the year.


Was it Paul Brady winning his sixth consecutive US National title? Was it Garner outlasting Chapman at the US Open of Handball? Was it Tyree's impressive year? Or was it one of the many more great moments that took place in 2010? You decide!

The poll is located on the right-hand side of the USHA homepage. CLICK HERE to cast your vote!


Court Shorts Trivia


Last week's Trivia:  Who has won the most USHA junior championships (1-wall, 3-wall and 4-wall)?

Answer: Tyree Bastidas! Congrats to the four people who got the correct answer this week: David Chapman, Beth Rowley, Ken Davidoff and Cyril Pumphrey.

Submit your answers to


First 1-Wall Player of the Year Awards – Bastidas nominated for 2010 Male Junior 1-Wall Player of the Year Award – will play in exhibition game



Above: Bastidas gets ready to hit the fast-approaching ball at the USHA 1-wall nationals as handball legend K. Davidoff (white shirt) pictured in background on right side, watches the action.

Picture courtesy of Bill Fand

Above: Bastidas applying his deadly spinning  on the ball during the championship match as referee Anthony Grimm follows the ball.

Picture courtesy of Bill Fand


First 1-Wall Player of the Year Awards

By Howard Eisenberg


Tyree:  Male Junior 1-Wall Player of the Year

Sandy: Female Junior 1-Wall Player of the Year

Peewee: Male 1-Wall Player of the Year

Danielle: Female 1-Wall Player of the Year


Your awards will be presented at the First 1-Wall Player of the Year Awards Dinner at the Elks Club on Saturday evening Feb 19'th, starting at 6:00 PM.


Sandy, we understand that it will not be feasible to accept your award in person but 1 family member is invited to the dinner to accept the award on your behalf. There will be no charge for the dinner for that person. Whoever else would like to attend is welcome at the $30 dinner fee.


Tyree, Peewee, Danielle: We are looking forward to the presentation of the awards and to your playing in the accompanying exhibition. Dinner is free for each of you and of course you may invite as many guests as you wish at $30 per person.


At this point the following players/matches are tentatively scheduled:


Small Ball: Tyree, Josh Garcia, Vs Willie, Pewee

Small Ball: Danielle, Theresa Vs Dori Ten, Barbara Canton-Jackson

Big Ball: Stephanie Vega, TBD Vs Karen, Adrian

Big Ball: Herman Mendez, Wally Amaro, VS Gio, Rookie?





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2010 USHA National Junior 4-wall Championships – Irish player captures the only U.S.A. crown kept at home for the past 4 years –4-wall junior national results signal end of  Bastidas’ era.




Above: New York teen sensation, Tyree Bastidas, playing in the Men's Open division in front of his followers at the Coney Island courts.

Picture courtesy of Bill Fand  


The complete Irish domination of handball in the U.S. took place in San Diego, California as the 19-and under crown was captured by C. Daly from Ireland.

T. Bastidas, the last U.S. player to keep the crown at home, was not surprised to find out that Americans are no longer kings in their own country.

Final results and reports coming out of San Diego, CA, indicate that the USHA has done another great job running the 4-wall junior nationals, but some of the U.S. players couldn’t live up to their expectations.

Let’s not forget that the Irish captured the 19-and under Singles division twice during the 90’s and twice during the first decade of this century, and although this is the first time the 19-and under Singles division fell in Irish hands in the second decade of the century, it’s premature to say that the Irish could capture it more than twice during the current decade.

Bastidas has a lot of optimism and confidence in the U.S. junior players " The big junior turn out for this tournament shows Americans are eager to compete and win, it’s just a matter of time” says Tyree.

Bastidas, a 1-wall player, reigned supreme in the U.S. with the juniors 1-, 3-, and 4-wall nationals as the center of his kingdom.

He has skills of the highest order. He has been an innovator, showing a new generation of upcoming junior players how to play and win with the small ball, the preferred ball by the serious players.

Bastidas has been the No. 1 draw in the U.S. since 2007. He captured the USHA 1-, 3-, and 4-wall championships, ten times in a row, and retired undefeated from junior competition in July of 2010.

He’s still the current reigning champion in 1-& 3-wall until July of 2011, when new champions will emerge in the East Coast (New York) and the West Coast (California). When his reigning period ends an era will pass.

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Court shorts


Handball news from your Handball Experts

December 30, 2010

Issue 381


Dear Handball Fan,

The USHA would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy New Year's Holiday and may 2011 bring you lots of joy!

One-Wall Awards Dinner Invitation

The First One-Wall Awards Dinner is set for February 19, 2011, at the Elks Lodge in Elmhurst, NY.

The festivities include small ball and big ball handball exhibitions with cocktails, a dinner and of course an awards presentation.

Don't miss out on this great event!



Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Consistency pays off for Bastidas – USHA Open tiebreakers go to Tyree Bastidas.

T. Bastidas finished the outdoor USHA handball season with the most outstanding record ever achieved by a teenager playing in the Open division. He didn’t just reach the championship match at both; the Open 1-& 3-wall Men's Singles division, he had to play and survive two tiebreakers in each Open Championship:

2010 USHA National One-Wall Open Men’s Singles division: He won his third games by outplaying Joshua Garcia and Saul Gonzalez.

2010 USHA National Three-Wall Open Men’s Singles division: He won his third games by outplaying David Fink and Luis Moreno.

Bastidas, who has been playing in the USHA National One-Wall Championships since he was a 17-year old player hasn’t lost a tiebreaker at the USHA 1-wall Open Men’s Singles division. “I plan to keep it that way” says Tyree.