Handball player for life.

Last Top Ranking for handball Kinpin Tyree as a teenager at the USHA One-Wall Handball Ran-Kings effective 08/08/2010





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The Simple Green - Naty Alvarado Classic – Top Irish players T. Healy and P. Brady fail to show up – A. Garner puts and end to D. Chapman’s horror show  – Bastidas to bring another great show to NY - reaches tentative agreement with V.  Munoz to team up for the 2011 USHA 1-wall nationals 







Above: T. Bastidas gets a ball off the wall as C. Shanks waits and watches.

Above: Tyree retrieving a ball during his match against Charly Shanks.

Above: Vince Munoz is getting ready to pound the ball during the championship match.

Pictures above courtesy of Keith Thode


The tournament drew close to 300 players, including players from as far as Canada and Ireland.

Tyree Bastidas made his second appearance at this famous tournament and advanced to the second round for the second time. He lost to top Irish player Charly Shanks, who is currently seeded No. 3 in Ireland.

Previously T. Bastidas was bounced off this prestigious tournament in 2008, when he was a 17-year old kid, and had to play against Irish national champion T. Healy. Healy went on to capture the tournament.

The last time Bastidas and shanks met on American soil was in the Northeast at the 2008 Boston Open, where Shank edged Bastidas by one point, when Bastidas doubled-faulted at match point.

“I wish the Irish and American 4-wall players come to the 1-wall nationals” said Tyree. “It’s not fair that I come to their favorite tournaments while they refuse to come to mine” added Tyree.

The word “horror” in this article is only used  in reference to the tournament original name.

Originally, the tournament was named; The Naty Alvarado Halloween Handball tournament, held during the Halloween day. Later on, The Simple Green name was added to it, and it was moved back a week earlier. Recently, the US Open of handball name was also added to it. It still remains the most prestigious 4-wall tournament on the West Coast.

One-wall Open national champion  and USHA record holder Tyree Bastidas worked out a deal with ex- national 3-wall champion and USHA record holder Vince Munoz. They plan to team up for the upcoming 1-wall nationals in 2011, and if the deal materializes next year, Bastidas would be on track to have teamed up with players of high caliber such as 1-wall player J. Durso, 4-wall player D. Chapman and soon 3-wall player V. Munoz. “I like to treat my fans with the best show on earth, they deserve it” said Tyree.

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Ken Ginty 1-Wall Memorial tournament – Tyree captures Open title, again – number of players in Men’s Open division sets a new record entry – makes him the youngest player to capture the largest indoor and outdoor 1-wall tournament in the same year – another NY drama unfolds on the court – Bastidas victory heralds new dawn for NY – Tyree surges into control - survives tough fight vs Gonzalez







Above from from left: J. Wright , S. Gonzalez (finalist), T. Bastidas (champion) and M. Schneider.

Above: J. Wright took such a beating that he found himself down during most of the game.

Above: Tyree Bastidas  is diving in the same position as last year's when he dived to score in a similar way the last point to capture the tournament.

All Pictures above courtesy of Scott Schilder.


The tournament results and the final championship match were indeed what everybody had expected. National champion Tyree Bastidas met again what many handball fans consider his archival, Saul Gonzalez. Bastidas and Gonzalez had met at the semifinals of the outdoor 1-wall nationals during the past summer. This time they met at the finals of the largest indoor Men’s Open 1-wall tourney "these two players are going to be facing each other a lot in the future” said Tournament Director Albert Apuzzi.

The top bracket had the quarterfinals game played by World 1-wall (small ball) champion Joe Kaplan against the World 1-wall (big ball) champion John Wright “rookie” They both wanted to play 1-wall Open national champion Tyree Bastidas. At one point, Joe Kaplan said to Bastidas “I want to play you to set the record straight” (Kaplan was referring to the beating he took against Bastidas at the 2009 Ken Ginty Open  tournament, a month after he won the World title) ...Bastidas responded; "first you have to beat “rookie”  to earn your right to play me” In the end, rookie beat Kaplan by a wide margin.

J. Wright was so pumped up after crushing J. Kaplan 21-1, he loudly demanded to play the semifinal game as soon as possible. “I’m hot, and I'm on a roll right now, I need to play the next game right now” Rookie loudly demanded.

Bastidas accepted Wright’s request and immediately the semifinals game was arranged by the tournament director.

To the surprise of Wright, who almost beat Bastidas at the 1-wall nationals, never had a chance against the USHA current national champion. Bastidas made sure the outcome didn’t give his handball fans any doubts about his national championship. He defeated J. Wright 21-8.

On the other side of the bracket, another storm was brewing among the rising stars of the past decade. The top seeds B. O’Donnell and C. Sala went down in ferocious games against Gonzalez and Schneider respectively. Te results set up the semifinal game of Gonzalez and Schneider, where Gonzalez won and kept his march to the finals.

In the championship match, Bastidas and Gonzalez had the crowd roaring after every point and rally. They displayed the handball skills that helped them to the finals and played their best in the last 1-wall Open tournament of the year. Bastidas played against a worthy opponent, and in the end beat Gonzalez in a very close game. Gonzalez was the only player to score double digits on Bastidas.

T. Bastidas became the youngest player to capture the largest indoor 1-wall Open Men' s Singles division two years in a row:

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The Albany Open – the largest 4-wall local handball tournament in the country is also a recession proof tournament – one-wall National handball champion, Tyree Bastidas will defend his title for the second time – USHA Executive director, Vern Roberts to attend Awards ceremony - Bill Kennedy to be honored with the highest honor “The Kendler Award"








Above: Bill Kennedy holding a cup poses during the USHA Northeast 4-wall Regional Championships.

Above: Bastidas and O' Donnell in one of their championship matches at the Northeast 4-wall Regional Championships.


It’s that time of the year again. The Albany Open tournament will be host to almost 150 players from more than fifteen States, including Canada.

The enduring success of the Albany Open is due to the hospitality, the camaraderie, and the fun. Players as far as Canada come to compete and have fun every year.

Did you know that famous players such as Naty Alvarado  and Fred Lewis have played on the courts of the Albany Open tournament? That is right; Naty Alvarado and the top players from the past have graced the handball courts of this famous tourney.

With an average of 150 players per year for the past five years, the Albany Open is considered a recession full proof tournament.

To top the celebration of the success of the Albany Open, Vern Roberts, Executive Director of the USHA will be attending the banquet reception to present Bill Kennedy with the Kendler Award.

B. Kennedy has been reporting tournament news and results to the USHA headquarters since 1967. His work, mainly on 4-wall, has been published in the USHA handball magazines. His love and passion for the sport he’s played for about 50 years has been noticeable in his handball reports.

Fast and accurate reporting put Bill Kennedy on the handball map as his insightful analysis captured readers for many years.

Rising through the ranks at his New Jersey hometown newspaper, he always managed to find time to report to the USHA headquarters. Finding the regular beats at the West and Mid-west already covered, Kennedy claimed his own territory by covering the Northeast handball tournaments. His depth of experience remains unmatched.

For the hordes of devoted handball players who will attend the honoring banquet, this will be an excellent opportunity to celebrate and honor a true reporter for the USHA. By honoring his past work, B. Kennedy would be duly rewarded.

Tyree Bastidas, the only teenager to have won the Men’s Open division two years in a row, will defend his Open title again at the 38th edition of this acclaimed tournament. There are at least 16 players in the Men’s Open division, ready to take him down.

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Brothers Bastidas to represent NYAC – Jurell and Tyree Bastidas’ winning record as a young team weighs heavily to be accepted in N.Y.A.C. handball team.





Above: T. Bastidas and fellow friend J. Yip comeback from 3 minute break to keep practicing with Jurell Bastidas and his girlfriend Na Liu.

Above: Tyree Bastidas(yellow shirt) and his brother Jurell Bastidas practicing during a game at the CrossIsland handball courts in Queens.

Above: Jurell Bastidas wearing his New York Athletic Club shirt and taking a break with his brother Tyree.


Jurell and Tyree Bastidas were officially accepted into the N.Y.A.C. on November 17, 2010. They will be part of a new traveling N.Y.A.C. handball team. It was reported that N.Y.A.C. officials told Jurell and Tyree Bastidas in a face-to-face meeting that they were officially part of the N.Y.A.C. handball team.

Both brothers emerged as the first-choice team to represent this prestigious club during the 21st  century. The N.Y.A.C. is in the process of assembling its own team, and will try to send its first official team to the west in an effort to revive handball tournaments with its sister club, the Olympic Club from California.

The new initiative spearheaded by Mr John Moran is a welcoming sign for the handball community, who has been patiently waiting to watch high level of play among the best clubs in America.

The N.Y.A.C. is known in the handball circle for having sponsored the best handball players in the world. Among the elite players, it has sponsored are; The Obert Brothers, Mary Decatur, Angelo Trulio, Paul Brady, etc, etc.

Coach Paul Williams, president and founder of the I.C.H.A. in New York was instrumental in getting team Bastidas to be part of the number one team in the world.

It’s expected that B. O’Donnell and M. Schneider from Queens join the brothers Bastidas team in the near future.

“It’s great feeling to be part of the N.Y.A.C.” said Tyree. “I’m happy to be part of this team” said Jurell.

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Handball Experts Handball news from your

November 19, 2010

Issue 371

Bill Kennedy to receive R.W. Kendler Award


Bill Kennedy will receive the Robert W. Kendler Award this weekend at the Albany Open.  The Kendler Award is given to those who have demonstrated outstanding, unselfish service to the game of handball on a regional level.

Kennedy, who has served on the USHA Board, wrote numerous features in
Handball Magazineworthy recipients whose names are recorded at the Handball Hall of Fame.  as well as organized and directed multiple events in the Northeast,  joins other


Bastidas and McCourt win Ken Ginty Memorial at H.E.S.   


Tyree Bastidas and Theresa McCourt strengthened their hold on Pro One-Wall's top ranking by winning last weekend's Ken Ginty Memorial at the H.E.S.

Bastidas outlasted Saul Gonzalez while McCourt topped Dori Ten. 
CLICK HERE to watch matches from the event.


The tournament, in the second year in honor of handball great Ken Ginty, counts toward player rankings.

Blending the Past and the Present.





For The Record:


Tyree Bastidas is the only teenager in the history of the game to have reached the Men's Open championship match in all three handball versions at a National level.