Handball player for life.

2010 World 3-Wall Ball Championships – One-wall national champions Tyree Bastidas and Willie Polanco team up to capture three-wall Open title - Tyree answers expectations -  adds another Open title – becomes the only player in 2010 to win two Open titles in two different handball versions and to reach the championship matches of all three main outdoor events (USHA 1-wall Open, USHA 3-Wall Open, and World 3-Wall Open) – closes out junior career with the mark of a champion – not an Open question – mission accomplished - Bastidas’ march to history a reality. 









Above: Tyree Bastidas appears to be holding in his hands the monumental Stratosphere structure as a trophy, as his sister Jeannina Bastidas gives the sign of victory after he captured his last Open title at the World 3-Wall Ball Championships.

Above: An emotionally over-whelmed Willie Polanco congratulates and hugs Tyree Bastidas after they captured the Men's Open Doubles division at the historic World 3-wall event. Luis Moreno also rushes to congratulates Tyree as Tommy Little(left) did after Tyree won his last Open title as a teen

Above from left: New York's pride, one-wall national champions Willie Polanco and Tyree Bastidas pose as the new World 3-wall reigning Doubles champions at Las Vegas, Nevada.


Tyree Bastidas ventured for the last time as a teenager to conquer the west at the monumental 2010 World 3-Wall Ball Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We know that teams are really coming here to try to win this tournament, and we’re here to do the same,” said Tyree.

Tyree Bastidas string of 9 national titles (juniors & Open) ended one day short of his twentieth birthday. “Absolutely, what a great thing,” Jeannina Bastidas said of his brother Tyree. “What Tyree did with a handball during the outdoor season was pretty special. He was looking forward to win a second Open title in a different handball version, and he did. It was great that he got to finish his junior handball journey in the West.”

Already a winner of a national Open title in 2010, Bastidas took advantage of the opportunity to do something never achieved by a teenager: win two outdoor Open titles in two different handball versions; a USHA 1-wall Open title & a World 3-wall Open title in the same season.

Six years after his USHA 1-wall juniors nationals debut, the 2nd seeded Tyree arrived with his partner W. Polanco with the highest seeding ever in Las Vegas. Though at 19, he was the youngest U.S. player left in the draw, in many eyes he was the player with the best prospects of clinching the crown.

"It's a great chance to keep going and winning matches and putting myself into position to win out there," Tyree says.

"You play the top seeded team, and if you play your best, you can take them out. You never know."

As predicted, the championship match pitted the No. 1 seeded West & Midwest Coast team of L. Moreno & T. Little against the East Coast team of T. Bastidas & W. Polanco. This match kicked off the web-casting for the day at 10:00AM on September 26, and turned out to be the best doubles match of the tournament. The previous day team Bastidas & Polanco disposed of the solid team of Morales and Nett in the semifinals. They had never faced each other before, but Bastidas felt the water was flowing his way.

Team Bastidas & Polanco had to go into the third game in order to get a pass to the finals.

Bastidas and Polanco won every match playing against West and Midwest Coast teams.

The following statements were quoted from the internet:

Fred Lewis:  “The Men's pro doubles final was the best match of the tournament. Tyree and Luis matched up shot for shot with both hands. William and Tommy were very steady.”

KennyS, a board member from the WPH message board said: The team of Bastidas & Polanco played very well to win the doubles over Moreno & Little. They play smart by serving and hitting as much as they could to Tommy Little who looked like he needed more side walls and a back wall to help him. For many years I have thought that 1-wall doubles was the most exciting form of Handball to watch, this new form of 3-wall is a very close second.

Dave Vincent: Willie Polanco and Tyree Bastidas dominated the small ball doubles bracket; both earning their jerseys and some big buck in the process.





2010 World 3-Wall Ball Championships – Bastidas ’family accompany Tyree to his last outdoor tournament - travel west to eyewitness end of his junior handball journey – The road to the World 3-wall championships starts in Arizona - Tyree makes peregrine trip to the USHA Headquarter at Tucson, Arizona – visits Handball Hall of Fame – stops at Flagstaff on his way to one of a kind World 3-Wall Ball event at Las Vegas, Nevada - closes out junior career with a World title.








 Above: T. Bastidas(right) at the USHA Hall of Fame in Tucson, Arizona

Above: Bastidas and his girlfriend Amy  visiting the famous Flagstaff Club. 

Above: Tyree and Amy at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

 Above: Tyree and his family posing at the Hoover Dam.

Above: The Bastidas gang jumps after they check in at the Tropicana hotel.


There wouldn’t be a better way to finish the outdoor season than to play at the World 3-Wall Ball Championships, where small ball and big ball handball players converged for the first time in a historic event that brought handball and racquetball players together at Las Vegas Blvd in front of the famous Stratosphere Hotel.

T. Bastidas had already made his first peregrine trip to the Handball Hall of Fame in 2007, three years after he won his first national championship in 2004, when he was a 13-year-old kid. Three years later, on the eve of his last Open championship, and before he left the junior ranks, he made his second trip to the Handball Hall of Fame building, where he wanted to know more about the handball Legends who had made the sport immensely popular in the 20th century. The HOF is a place where all young handball players should visit during their junior handball journey. It inspires pride and motivates players to set their goals at a higher level. It is also an opportunity to catch up with reading material and to purchase handball gear.

Tyree’s camp second stop was at Phoenix, where Tyree had played at the 2005 USHA National Juniors Four-Wall Championships at the Arizona State University.

Tyree’s camp third stop was at Flagstaff. He visited the Flagstaff handball club, where many handball tournaments have taken place.

At Flagstaff, a trip to the Grand Canyon was scheduled, and for the first time, a visit to this famous Landmark was possible throughout the day. http://wphl.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=4676397 


On the way to Las Vegas, Tyree’s camp stopped to visit the Hoover Dam, the last stop in Arizona. http://www.usbr.gov/lc/hooverdam/

On Monday September 20 Tyree’s camp arrived at the Tropicana Hotel at Las Vegas. The 1975 USHA National Four-Wall Championships were held at the Tropicana Hotel in commemoration of the USHA 25th Anniversary. http://www.troplv.com/#/home

On Wednesday September 22, Tyree’s camp moved closer to the tournament site as it moved north to the Luxur Hotel. This hotel was chosen for his peculiar pyramid shape, where Tyree’s camp was impressed by his breathtaking window view. http://www.luxor.com/

On Friday morning, September 24, Tyree’s camp moved into the Stratosphere Hotel,  http://www.stratospherehotel.com/ the tournament host hotel and the sponsor of the World 3-wall ball championships. Tyree’s camp was very impressed with the quality service and amenities at the hotel. Here, Tyree’s camp mingled with the rest of the handball and racquetball community until the end of the tournament on Sunday afternoon, when Tyree won his last Open title as a teenager.

Congratulations to Tyree for accomplishing what he set out to do in life as a teenager. He made us and the handball community very proud of him in his six years as a junior handball player.

Also, Congratulations to Fred Lewis and Dave Vincent for putting together the best small ball/big ball handball tournament on the planet.

This trip to the West will always be remembered for many years to come. It closed the last chapter of Tyree’s junior handball journey, playing all three handball versions across America.

Tyree Bastidas poses for his fans in one of his last pictures playing as a teenager in the Open division.

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Blending the Past and the Present.




The Tropicana handball courts were used to commemorate the USHA 25th anniversary in 1975. There were 909 entries for this special event.

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas, a talented and versatile player, established a new record of 9 national and world titles in the junior and Open division in 1- and 3-wall handball versions with the small and the big ball during the 2010 handball outdoor season. It makes him the most successful teenager in American handball history and a strong candidate for the nomination for the "Top handball accomplishment of 2010".