Handball player for life.

2010 USHA National outdoor Championships – Tyree Bastidas becomes King of the USHA National outdoor championships – becomes the only teenager to reach the championship matches of the USHA 1- and 3-wall Open Men’s Singles division - Bastidas’ USHA junior handball career comes to and end - marches to history – simply the best – Tyree does it again







Above: No 6th seeded Tyree Bastidas, raises his hands after defeating former World No 1 ranked L. Moreno at handball court No. 6.

Above: USHA player D. Fink and referee for the semifinals match of Bastidas and Moreno, congratulates Tyree for his extraordinary run at the USHA 1- and 3-wall Open Men's Singles division.

Tyree's girlfriend,Amy, and his brother Jurell congratulates Tyree for establishing a new USHA record with the most undefeated consecutive matches at the USHA National outdoor Championships.

The crowd cheers to the new King of the USHA National outdoor championships as coach M. Watson looks on.


Tyree Bastidas became the only teenager in the U.S. to reach the finals of the 2010 USHA National 1-, & 3-wall Open championships. No other junior player has come close enough in the last 50 years, and reached the finals of both events as Tyree did, during his phenomenal run at the 2010 USHA outdoor season. He won a record of eight national titles (USHA Open & Junior titles) in 3 months.

Ruby Obert, a 19-year-old from New York also accomplished this milestone more than 50 years ago, when he won the 1-wall Open nationals(AAU), but was bounced off the 3-wall Open nationals earlier.

During both USHA Open outdoor events, Tyree played a total of 8 matches (17 games). He won 7 consecutive matches, setting a new record as a teenager for the longest stretch going undefeated at the USHA 1-, and 3-wall Open championships in the Men’s Singles division in the same year.

His reputation as the junior handball kingpin in America followed him to the Men’s division of the USHA 1-, and 3-wall Open championships, where he established himself as the undisputed King of the USHA outdoor events.

New York junior player Tyree Bastidas had previously stated in his previous interviews that his goal in handball was to bring back the handball glorious days to the New York handball community. So far, he has delivered as a junior player by becoming the greatest junior handball player, and during the summer of 2010, he delivered again, as he became the King overall of all outdoor USHA events (combined).  He has captured 8 USHA National titles (junior and Open) since May 2010, and was aiming to capture his 9th outdoor national title in 4 months.

Tyree’s record is unparalleled. For three consecutive years, there was only one: 1-, 3-, and 4-wall juniors national Singles champion in his division. He never loss a match and totally dominated all comers. This feat is even more amazing when you consider the fact that he became so skilled in a short period of time. His total dominance of the sport was further highlighted as he traveled overseas to capture more national titles.

His speed, great reflexes, and great sense of anticipation, along with his natural talent and skills made him “the best junior player there ever was,”

Far more significant than his titles is his fearsome arsenal of shots that he had developed for being ambidextrous, and by playing all three handball versions.

As a crowning achievement to his handball junior career, Bastidas punctuated his greatness and versatility by winning the USHA 1-wall national Open Singles title and by reaching the championship match of the USHA 3-wall Open Singles division in the same year.

Bastidas is also considered by most handball experts as the greatest all-around junior player for his record-shattering performance in all three handball versions. He will exit the junior ranks on Sep 27, 2010.

“It’s one of those years, you will always remember” said Tyree

USHA Nationals 1-, 3-, and 4-wall Championships - great runs by great players – Tyree makes the list – Naty Alvarado makes the 3-,and 4-wall list 







Above: Tyree was done for the tournament on Sunday September 5. It seems as he doesn't want to wake up from his dream. Two youngsters who were watching his Epic battle against L. Moreno fallowed Tyree after his match as they too wondered if they could dream to be Open champions as teenagers.


The following lists of players are considered among the best players in the USHA. These players made the list because they won at least four national championships in a row. Most of these players are unquestionably USHA record holders. Some have already been inducted in the Hall Of Fame, and have left behind records that are almost impossible to match. Teenager Tyree Bastidas, the new King of the USHA outdoor events, made the list because of his impressive handball record in all handball versions.

At the bottom of each list of each player is the name of the player who ended their reign as USHA Singles titleholders.


USHA 1-wall Singles titleholders


1958 Oscar Obert

1959 Oscar Obert

1960 Oscar Obert

1961 Oscar Obert

1962 Kenny Davidoff   


1966 Steve Sandler                       

1967 Steve Sandler                       

1968 Steve Sandler

1969 Steve Sandler

1970 Steve Sandler

1971 Steve Sandler

1972 Wally Ulbrich


1987 Joe Durso

1988 Joe Durso

1989 Joe Durso

1990 Joe Durso

1991 Joe Durso

1992 Joe Durso

1993 Albert Apuzzi


2004 Satish Jagnandan

2005 Satish Jagnandan

2006 Satish Jagnandan

2007 Satish Jagnandan

2008 Cesar Sala


USHA 3-wall Singles titleholders


1950 Vic Hershkowitz

1951 Vic Hershkowitz

1952 Vic Hershkowitz

1953 Vic Hershkowitz

1954 Vic Hershkowitz

1955 Vic Hershkowitz

1956 Vic Hershkowitz

1957 Vic Hershkowitz

1958 Vic Hershkowitz

1959 Jimmy Jacobs


1981 Naty Alvarado

1982 Naty Alvarado

1983 Naty Alvarado

1984 Naty Alvarado

1985 Vern Roberts


1996 Vince Munoz

1997 Vince Munoz

1998 Vince Munoz

1999 Vince Munoz

2000 Vince Munoz

2001 Vince Munoz

2002 Vince Munoz

2003 Vince Munoz

2004 Sean Leanning *

* Vince Munoz did not participate due to a hand injury.


USHA 4-wall Singles titleholders

1982 Naty Alvarado

1983 Naty Alvarado

1984 Naty Alvarado

1985 Naty Alvarado

1986 Naty Alvarado 

1987 Naty Alvarado

1988 Naty Alvarado

1989 Poncho Monreal                                                                            


2005 Paul Brady

2006 Paul Brady

2007 Paul Brady

2008 Paul Brady

2009 Paul Brady

2010 Paul Brady

2011 David Chapman*                                                                                                                     *Paul Brady did not participate due to a hand injury.


USHA juniors 1-, 3-, and 4-wall Singles titleholders


2007 3-wall - Tyree Bastidas

2007 4-wall – Tyree Bastidas

2008 1-wall – Tyree Bastidas

2008 3-wall – Tyree Bastidas

2008 4-wall – Tyree Bastidas

2009 1-wall – Tyree Bastidas

2009 3-wall – Tyree Bastidas

2009 4-wall – Tyree Bastidas

2010 1-wall – Tyree Bastidas

2010 3-wall – Tyree Bastidas

2010 Tyree finished the juniors divisions undefeated.

Antler’s Corner




Tyree Bastidas, the No 1 seeded player at the 3-wall juniors nationals pauses for a minute as he gets ready to plays at court No 1 for the last time at Venice Beach, California.

Written by Matthew Chu

Antler Treasurer

On the morning of Tuesday, July 20, Elk Secretary Michael Watson and Antler Treasurer Matthew Chu flew to Los Angeles, California for the USHA 3-Wall Juniors Nationals.

This tournament took place in the world famous Venice Beach where the weather was absolutely breathtaking. This year’s 3-Wall Junior Nationals saw a record breaking number of participants with a total of 80 entrants. Antler Tyree Bastidas slammed the 19 and under singles and doubles divisions for a satisfying ending to his junior career. Matthew Chu was the runner up in the 17 and under “A” division. While staying in Los Angeles, California, Watson and Chu were able to pay a visit to the Culver City Elks Lodge 1917. A tour of the Culver City Elks featured a spectacular pool room, stunning bar and amazing kitchen. Dinner consisted of access to the salad bar and steaks. A dessert of ice cream and cake was also included with the dinner. This visit to the Culver City Elks Lodge 1917 in California was very enjoyable.



Blending the Past and the Present.




For The Record:

During 2010, Tyree Bastidas played in almost every USHA outdoor event (1- and 3-wall), with the small ball and the big ball, in the juniors and in the Open divisions. He started his last run as a teenager playing in the junior divisions and closed it out by playing in the 1- and 3-wall Open divisions. He went undefeated for 20 matches playing for a total of 21 matches. This is the longest consecutive undefeated stretch mark for a teenager playing at the USHA outdoor events in the same year.