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Part 1: Tyree Bastidas and David Chapman – the youngest teenagers to win the USHA Nationals 1-, and 4-wall respectively – both teenagers chasing their dreams – the facts – clearing up the confusion - The road to their first USHA Open Singles Title. 






As it was expected, the handball community gathered at the Coney Island handball courts early on Sunday morning to eyewitness the rise, triumph and coronation of the greatest junior handball player in America, and perhaps the greatest junior handball player in the world.

Picture courtesy of Keith Thode.


Teenager Tyree Bastidas gets ready to roll the ball during the 2010 USHA National One-Wall Open championship match, as the cameras keep rolling and capturing every move he makes.

Picture courtesy of Keith Thode  


It’s a given fact that most handball players in the U.S. play at the USHA 4-wall tournaments more than any other handball version. At the same time 4-wall has been given the most media attention and recognition, including high prize money tourneys and television coverage. Therefore, it has become the jewel crown of the USHA.

When one reads a USHA handball magazine, one might think that it’s a 4-wall oriented magazine, but is not. There are just more 4-wall tournament results to report.

Because of the well organized 4-wall handball community, 4-wall players have had the luxury of having 4-wall Pro tours around the U.S. all year round, with their players gaining the maximum experience and the most exposure to the game. They even have a U.S. Open tournament every year, which attracts the very same best players who compete at the USHA 4-wall nationals.

In the one-wall community, there is the H.E.S One-Wall Open Tournament which is the equivalent of the U.S. Open as it also attracts the same best players from the USHA 1-wall nationals.

The one-wall handball community doesn’t have a well organized 1-wall pro tour, and if they were to have one, the annual Mayor’s Cup tournament would be the equivalent of it, as it also attracts the same best players from the USHA 1-wall nationals. National champions D. Chapman, E. Peixoto and D. Fink have played in this tourney.

When a 4-wall star rises to the top, he or she gets more media exposure to motivate other players and to inspire other young handball players.

Sadly, this doesn’t work for the 1-wall game, where it has been in exiled for many years with insignificant exposure and no tv coverage.

Taking these points into consideration, It‘s obvious that the 4-wall players are going to be the most remembered and recognizable faces throughout the history of the game. Such is the case of D. Chapman, who as a teenager captured his first USHA National 4-wall Open Championship Title and had been regarded as the best junior player until 1-wall teen player Tyree Bastidas came into the big picture also winning his first USHA National 1-wall Open Championship Title.

It is not difficult to compare these two handball stars born in two separate decades and winning in two different centuries, but it has been easy for some 4-wall handball fans to down play Tyree’s accomplishments in forums and message boards. Many of these 4-wall fans have constantly criticized him without ever seen him play.

In these message boards and forums, some members usually share their opinion based on rumors, and on what they heard from other people, and some times on what they barely remember from the past. Seldom, they also air out their anger and frustration whenever a non 4-wall player is compared to the best 4-wall players of their choice.

The misinformation originated by some of these handball fans along with their vague opinions have led to a big confusion about this topic. Here at Tyree’s website, we are committed to clear up this issue and we are going to use the facts to set the record straight, which is the right way to do it.

We’re going to give you the facts and you are going to decide who really is the greatest junior player, the most daring player, and the most complete handball player by the time they were crowned USHA Open Singles champions. You are also going to decide who took the most-traveled road to ascend to the throne, and who accomplished the most to reach to his first USHA National Singles Crown.

Here at Tyree’s camp, we believe Tyree and David accomplished a lot on their way to their first USHA Open Singles title, but after looking at their impressive records leading up to their coronation, we believe that Tyree undoubtedly stands out as the greatest junior player over all….but don’t take our word for it, read it by yourself, the facts do not lie, you decide.

Thanks to the people who supplied us with most of these facts for this article. We’ll update this article as more information comes in.

Once again, thanks for making Tyree’s website a success.

2010 USHA National Open One-Wall Championships - Killer court champ.





Published by Flatbushlife on August 26-Sept. 1,2010

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Annual 3-Wall Open Championship – Tyree sweeps through field of 15 – USHA record holder, Albert Apuzzi, was on site to record the games.






From left: Victor LoPierre(finalist) and Tyree Bastidas.

Tyree blasting the ball in the semi-final game against his brother Jurell, as ref Alvaro Rebaza watches.

 Some of the handball players and fans watching and enjoying the  games


Tyree Bastidas did it again. After winning his 1-wall national title in Brooklyn, he crossed the Hudson River to play at the Jersey City 3-wall handball courts on August 29, and played at the largest 3-wall tournament since 2004, when the tournament was inaugurated.

T. Bastidas took advantage of his adopted 3-wall home courts and blasted through the finals in a long 90+ temperature day. The scorching day took its toll, as it took away the less fortunate players and left the stronger and better players in the semi-final matches. The best four players in the semi-final matches were Tyree playing against his brother Jurell, and V. Lopierre playing against B. O’Donnell.

The final game had Victor facing Tyree, with Tyree walking away with the title and the money. At first, Tyree and Victor were locked up in a close match up to 10 points, and then Tyree started to break away little by little.

V. Lopierre had looked impressive during the tournament and was looking forward to repeat by capturing the title again.

The Annual 3-Wall Open Championship is always captured by a new player, no player has ever been able to repeat.

The tournament proved to be a good tune-up for the 3-wall nationals coming up soon in Toledo, Ohio. “The tournament keeps growing bigger and better as the years pass” says Tyree. “Next year, we should be able to have a doubles division”. He added “we got a big division this year, and we did it in the last minute”

These are the winners and runner-ups from the previous tournaments:

2004 Victor Lopierre def Mike Schneider

2005 Raul Retian def Alvaro Rebaza

2006 not held

2007 not held

2008 not held

2009 Emmett Peixoto def William O’Donnell

2010 Tyree Bastidas def Victor LoPierre

Handball Wizard.





Flatbush resident Tyree Bastidas is a champion handball player


Brooklyn is home to everyone from everywhere; maybe that accounts for the popularity of handball here, which draws players from nearly every ethnicity.                                                                                                The United States Handball Association (USHA) held the National One-Wall Handball Men’s Open here, and the winner—the youngest man ever to win the title—was born in Brooklyn. Flatbush’s Tyree Bastidas took the title, summoning his usual athleticism and brio at Asser Levy Courts in Coney Island, where nearly 150 men and women competed in the five-day tournament.

Nineteen-year-old Bastidas has played handball since the age of eight but it wasn’t until 2004—inspired by his brother’s win in a PSAL championship—that he began playing seriously, switching to the small, hard, high-bouncing ball preferred by tournament players.

Bastidas trained to improve his strength and stamina, and coupled with his natural speed and great hand/eye coordination, he captured 37 titles to become a national junior champion, even bringing home Canadian and Irish National titles from abroad. His prowess didn’t go unnoticed; Bastidas has been featured in the press and he even appears in the yet-to-be-released documentary, Handballers.

Maybe there’s something in the Brooklyn water that makes Bastidas a champion. “They say that Brooklynites have got ‘the Brooklyn attitude’ and there might be something to that,” said Bastidas. “Along with hard work, it’s attitude that makes a champ and that’s what probably got me where I am today.”

Bastidas is booked to play the USHA National Three-Wall tournament this month, and in Albany and Milwaukee in the months to come.

Learn more about Tyree Bastidas and find out where he’s playing by visitinghttp://tyreebastidas.webs.com

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Blending the Past and the Present.




For The Record:


Tyree has won twenty seven consecutive matches in one-, three-, and four-wall USHA National junior events as of 12/31/09, the longest stretch in handball history