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July 30, 2010
Issue 340


Court Shorts Trivia


Last week's Trivia:  Tyree Bastidas, who slammed last year at Venice Beach, is in his last season of three-wall play.  How many Junior Three-Wall Titles has Tyree amassed to date?


Answer: When we wrote that question one week ago, Tyree had already won an astonishing 10 Junior Three-Wall Titles. Now, he has added two more to bring his total to 12! Tyree slammed at Venice Beach last weekend to add to his total.


This Week's Trivia: As the USHA reaches out to the White House to help the Let's Move campaign let's stick with the theme. Which President-to-be was said to have been playing handball as he awaited the results of the presidential nominating convention?

Submit your answers to mstamp@ushandball.org

2010 USHA National One-Wall Championships – Tyree Bastidas, the current 1-, 3-, and 4-wall junior champion takes over the USHA One-Wall Open – becomes “The Wizard of West 5th Street”,  America’s One-Wall Handball Mecca.





Photo above: Tyree Bastidas dives to return the ball, but gets hurt as he falls on the line.           

Photo by Keith Thode.         

Tyree himself said would never again feel any pressure in his career. “It might be the greatest victory of my career” Tyree said. “It takes away so much pressure”

The victory threw the handball world off its orbit. The Satish and Cesar’s show was over. Bastidas’s path to his first USHA Open was cleared.

The record speaks for itself. His versatility has marked Bastidas as the greatest junior player of all-time. The respect he has gained from friends and foes alike during his extraordinary career makes his achievements even more significant.

“The whole game was frustrating.” his brother Jurell said. ”It would have been heartbreaking if he didn’t win. You have to keep faith on him. He deserved to win this national title, it was long overdue”

It’s always good to have played a player before.” Bastidas said of Polanco.” I always knew that I could beat him. I showed it. But again, you know, every match is a new match, and every match is different.”

Last year, Tyree was saddled with sore knees, which forced him to see a doctor. He was advised to cut down on his handball schedule, but refused to comply since the advice came in the middle of the summer. To add insult to injury, he had to put up with bad calls during his open semi-finals match.

The victory over W. Polanco gave Tyree his first Open national title and erased the frustration over questionable calls by referees that have tormented him and his followers for the past two years.

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Court shorts




Handball News from your Handball Experts

August 06, 2010
Issue 342

Dear Handball Fan,

Here is your weekend edition of Court Shorts.  Enjoy and have a safe weekend!


UPSET CITY! Satish and Cesar Ousted in Brooklyn!


Photo courtesy of the USHA


BROOKLYN, N.Y. - The No. 1 and No. 2 seeds have been eliminated in the exciting Men's Open Singles Event at the USHA National One-Wall Championships!

On Thursday, Saul Gonzalez defeated No. 2 seed Cesar Sala, 15, (14), 0. Friday morning brought an even bigger upset as Willie Polanco stunned No. 1 seed and defending champ, Satish Jagnandan, 21-17, 21-18. Jagnandan had won five of the past six open singles titles (Sala won the other one, 2008)!

In other open singles action, Robert Sostre defeated David Chapman, 20, 13, Tyree Bastidas defeated John "Rookie" Wright, inj. def. and Saul Gonzalez defeated PeeWee Castro, 16, (11), 6.

The final is set for the Women's Open Singles division. Theresa McCourt will face Sandy Ng tomorrow at 11:30 am. Check Facebook for updates on the weekend matches!

CLICK HERE for the draws and more coverage!

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USHA National One-Wall Championships – fierce competition injures players – strong field of national champions fall to new generation of handball players – upsets clear the way to coronation of new one-wall handball King  – out with the old - in with the new – 1-, 3-, and 4-wall junior Kingpin, Tyree Bastidas -  is King again.






Photo above: From left: Tyree Bastidas(champion), V. Roberts(Tournament Director) and W. Polanco (finalist)

 Photo above: Tyree serves in the final game against Willie Polanco.

Photo above: Saul in pain after trying to dig a ball by the short line. Tyree walks toward him during the full packed semi-finals match.

The 50th annual USHA National One-Wall took place at the Coney Island handball courts from August 4 to August 8, and should be lauded as being the most exciting and most intense with the most upsets in recent memory.

Strong competition was the reason to have new faces in the championship matches in the men’s open division. Ten national champions showed up to fight for the USHA one-wall crown.

The open singles uncovered a new and sensational champion in “King Tyree” Bastidas, who has been knocking at the championship door for the past two years.

During the first round, David Chapman crushed V. LoPierre in two games. The next day Chapman defeated 4th seeded B. O’Donnell in three games to advance to the third round against one-wall National Champion R. Sostre. Chapman’s good preparation for the one-wall nationals almost took him to the semi-finals.

National one-wall champion, J. Kaplan battled another national champion, R. Sostre. The intensity of the game among these two champions forced Kaplan out of the competition when he got hurt.

On the bottom side of the draw, ever improving, Saul Gonzalez, upset 2nd seeded C. Sala in the tiebreaker and advanced to the quarter-finals. C. Sala has been practicing a lot for the 1-wall nationals during this year, he recently reached the finals of the Mayor’s cup and had plans to regain his title.

The next day, S. Gonzalez’s intense practice and efforts paid off when he bounced National Champion Y. Castro in a thrilling three game match.

In the quarter-finals, defending champion, S. Jagnandan couldn’t stop W. Polanco, who has been on a roll since winning the 1-wall pro-tour in Arizona early this year. He has openly stated that He’ll capture the national title this year. The scores of (21-17) and (21-18) reflect the tenacity of the games as either game could have gone either way. His dedication to the handball sport took him to the finals, only to face a determined Bastidas.

On the bottom bracket, Bastidas was almost upset by J. Wright, as Wright was trying as hard as he could to stop the crowning of the new king. Eventually he got hurt himself. “Wright was trying to hard and was overdoing it. I knew he couldn’t keep up the same pace to the end” said Tyree.

During their game, Bastidas hit the ball with his left hand to the far right side, sending J. Wright crashing down onto the adjacent court. Wright, in an extraordinary effort to return the ball ended up injured. He was trying so hard to reverse the losses he’s suffered against Tyree.

During the semi-finals game, S. Gonzalez put up his best game of the tournament against a formidable Bastidas. The nail-breaking match was pushed to the third game, where Gonzalez got hurt but continued to play to the end.

The championship match was not different than the previous matches. While W. Polanco was fighting to capture his first national 1-wall singles title, junior champ T. Bastidas was looking impressive trying to capture his first 1-wall national crown. Bastidas also got hurt during his great finale as a junior player. He dived spectacularly to return a ball, but fell on the short line that cost him an open wound and a couple of bruises. None of his injuries could stop Tyree from taking over the Open division. In the end a new King was crown. Tyree Bastidas captured the highest of the honors.

No one, but S. Jaganandan has a record against teenager One-Wall Open National Champion, Tyree Bastidas, at the USHA 1-wall Nationals.

King Tyree added another crown to his impressive collection around the world. His grand total of 1-, 3-, and 4-wall national crowns with the small and the big ball now totals 38, of which 30 are USHA junior national crowns.

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Video courtesy of Keith Thode

Blending the Past and the Present.




For The Record:

As of August 08, 2010, National Open Champion, Tyree Bastidas has 38 National Titles, including his latest Open Title.