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Tyree Bastidas keeps No. 1 Ranking: Final Update!





F. Collins(Ireland) blasts the ball at the USHA 3-wall junior nationals during the championship match in 2009.

Photo above by S. Chen.


Photo above: King Tyree defends his crown at the USHA 1-wall junior nationals in NY during 2010.

Photo courtesy of Scott Schilder

S. Cooney (Ireland) wearing a shirt and playing at the USHA juniors 1-wall championships in N.Y. " the game against Cooney was the hardest", said Tyree.

Picture courtesy of Scott Schilder


Tyree Bastidas, who beat S. Cooney in the 2010 USHA Nationals junior three-wall final in two games, will begin his 155th week as No.1 and further distanced himself, from other top juniors players, for total number of weeks as world No. 1.

Bastidas is the first player to establish a career list with 155 weeks at No. 1 in all three handball versions in USHA history.

Bastidas did it again on July 25, 2010. He beat S. Cooney to win the 3-wall USHA crown. That makes 10 consecutive singles titles, adding to the record Bastidas already holds. He has been in 10 of the past 11 junior singles finals in 1-, 3-, and 4-wall championships since the summer of 2007.

As it was expected, he faced one of the largest fields in his division when he played his last three-wall juniors nationals in 2010. He knew everyone was looking to knock him off. It’ was the last opportunity for junior players around the world to beat him and make history. Stephen Cooney and Decal Smith ventured from Ireland to challenge Tyree for the first time. Cooney pushed the king to the limit during the second game. Make no mistakes. Cooney was playing his best during his last year of junior eligibility.

Congratulations to all Irish players who have attended Tyree’s last two 3-wall handball tournaments.

Special thanks to Irish players, Fergal Collins, Decal Smith and Stephen Cooney for coming to New York and/or California and play at the USHA 1-, and 3-wall championships. Their participation added excitement among the handball community, while their level of play brought up the quality of the games by surprising their opponents and reaching the finals.

Impressions from Venice Beach Junior National 3-wall- by Fred Lewis.





Tyree(green shirt) posing and having fun with his friends at the 3-wall junior nationals.

Players from around the U.S. and four other countries enjoy the 3-wall junior nationals at Venice Beach.

Pictures courtesy of  www.VenicePaparazzi.com. Please visit its web-site.


Tyree was the class of the field once again.  He has so much natural talent, significantly more than anyone his age. Steven Cooney gave it a good run in the second game. Brandt Bidegain reminds me of a junior David Chapman. He has a very good overhand game and plays very smart. Good win for Brandt over Daniel Cordova.

James Coronado’s kids from Santa Barbara dominated the younger divisions. Jacob Rodriguez looked terrific in winning the 15 and under. Alex Guadarrama had a very good win over Ivan Chapa who looked to be the dominant player in the division until the finals. Luis Mendes held on to win the 11 and under division against Brian Ramirez. It was amazing to see many of these younger players blasting the ball from deep court. They have had exceptional schooling.

There was a great turnout from Northern California. Once again Roberto Chavez brought his kids in from San Jose. These youngsters competed very well with their leader Julio Garcia displaying much improved talent. Nacho brought ten young men from Fresno.

Sandy Ng dominated the girls division. She too was the class of her field displaying exceptional 3-wall skill. She can blast the ball from deep court with both hands and uses a variety of serves to get setups. Sandy could be a threat to stop Meghan’s run in Toledo. Amy Li started well in the final but couldn’t maintain the necessary drive to overcome Sandy’s power game. Brittyn Bidegain continued her steady improvement and played very well against her older opponents.

Thumbs up to Gary Cruz and Matt Krueger for keeping the matches on pace. There was no let up from mid afternoon Thursday until early evening Sunday. Great turnout, great weather, great playing and best of all great sportsmanship on the part of these young players, the future of handball.

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Tyree Reigns - 1-wall Kingpin, Tyree Bastidas – most dominant junior player in American Handball History – sets new record.





Above: Tyree playing at the one-wall nationals at the Coney Island courts.


Tyree became a one-wall junior world champion with the big ball when he was 15 years old and later on he closed out his junior career with a 19-and-under world championship title with the small ball.

At 15-years old, he had captured eight junior national titles. When he was 16, he had already captured a record of 15 national titles, which included one, three and four-wall national championships, making him the youngest junior player to achieve this milestone.

New York one-wall player Tyree Bastidas closed out his last year of junior eligibility with a grand total of 37 National titles playing with the small and the big ball in all three handball versions in three different countries.

2009: One-Wall World Championships, Portland, Oregon, one-wall 19-and-under Singles division (small ball)

2004 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, 13-and-under Singles division

2005 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, 15-and-under Singles division

2005 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, 15-and-under Doubles division

2006 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, 15-and-under Singles division

2008 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, 17-and-under Singles division

2008 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, 17-and-under Doubles division

2009 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, 19-and-under Singles division

2010 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, 19-and-under Singles division

2010 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, 19-and-under Doubles division

2006: One-Wall World Championships, Edmonton,Canada,one-wall           15-and-under Singles division (big ball)

2007 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, big ball 17-and-under Singles division

2007 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, big ball 19-and-under Doubles division

2010 One-wall Junior Nationals, NY, big ball 19-and-under Singles division

Tyree’s best and worst moments during his junior handball career - facing roadblocks abroad - he may now seek to end his junior handball career at home.





 "Sinking feeling"  on the eve of the 4th of July weekend, when the Irish National One-Wall championships where taking place on the other side of the pond.

Enjoying the weekend with Amy Li and Amalie Bastidas by the the Atlantic Ocean, as close as he could get to Ireland.

Photo above: Down but not out! says Tyree

Photo courtesy of Scott Schilder


Tyree has been blessed with a lot of friends thanks to the sport of handball. Tyree’s best moments were spent on the handball courts, and most of his circles of friends are handball players. With that said. Tyree has spent most of his teenager years playing with his friends. His best moments were when he was attending handball tournaments, any handball tournament. He always enjoyed people’s friendship, in and outside the courts.

On the other hand, Tyree’s worse moment was recorded after he won the Irish Nationals in the 17-and-under division in 2008. He learned he wasn’t going to be allowed to come back to Ireland in 2009 to defend his title.

Unfortunately, the Irish Council, the handball governing body in Ireland inexplicably enforced an obscured handball rule in 2009, where the Irish Council bans players from outside Ireland to compete at the Irish Nationals if the World Handball Championships takes place in the same year.

Asked how he felt about the Irish Council decision not to let him play in Ireland, “I don’t understand what the big deal is. It’s not that the Irish Nationals get many players from other countries. As far as I remember, I was the only player outside Ireland who played in the 2008 Irish Nationals"                                                                                                             "There have been only two junior players from the U.S, including myself, who has attended the Irish Nationals in the last 13 years”. said Tyree

D. Chapman was allowed to play at the 1994 Irish Nationals during a year where the 1994 World Handball Championships took place.

J. Bike Jr.  also was allowed to play at the 1997 Irish Nationals during a year where the 1997 World Handball Championships took place in Canada.

The reasons as to why the Irish Council enforced this rule only on Tyree will always remain a mystery.

Asked why he believes he was a target of this obscure rule, “I’m not sure, all I remember is telling my friends in Ireland that I was going to come back to defend my title and to win both, the Irish Nationals and the USHA 4-wall junior championships in my last year of junior eligibility” said Tyree.

 “It was very frustrating not to be able to travel and compete in Ireland, when Irish players come and play in the US all year round” added Tyree.

The following year, Tyree patiently waited and practiced to comeback and compete at the 2010 Irish Nationals. Everybody knew it was his last opportunity to play and win the Irish Nationals in the 19-and-under division, before he turns 20. Suddenly, more bad news came out from Ireland. “I was told that the Irish Council decided to move only the junior events of the Irish Nationals to late November. This decision automatically disqualified me from competing and playing at the Irish Nationals in my last junior year” said Tyree

During the summer of 2010, Tyree saw another great opportunity to travel to Ireland. He noticed that the Irish One-Wall Nationals would take place during the weekend of the 4th of July. He didn’t have tournaments listed on his schedule during this weekend, and he thought that playing in the Men’s Open division was a great way to finish his oversea competition as a junior player. Later on, he changed his mind. “After careful consideration, I decided not to attend the Irish One-Wall Nationals. I just didn’t want to be surprised and disappointed with another roadblock from the Irish Council again, I wish there weren’t so many roadblocks to play in Ireland” commented Tyree.

Blending the Past and the Present.





For The Record:

Tyree will not play at the USHA 1- or 4-wall Collegiate championships. He wants to give a chance to other good players who never had a chance when they ran into him in the junior draws.