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USHA Junior record holder, Tyree Bastidas, ties Vince Munoz’s all-time record – A memorable performance – handball fans treated to Tyree’s last victory at the three-wall junior nationals – USHA record holder V. Munoz pays surprise visit at Venice Beach – congratulates Tyree for remarkable run in all three handball versions – Tyree dedicates winning to V. Munoz and Naty Alvarado







Above: V. Munoz talks to Tyree Bastidas and congratulates him after the championship match.


Tyree Bastidas captured his tenth consecutives singles title at the USHA National Juniors 1-, 3-, and 4-Wall Championships in Venice Beach, California. With this winning, Tyree ties Vince Munoz’s all-time record of ten singles titles at the USHA National 3-wall Championships. He closed out his last junior handball chapter by establishing a record that will be almost impossible to reach.

Tyree Bastidas held up the USHA 3-wall championship plate for the fourth time in four years.

Off to one side, Vince Munoz applauded and then, without much fanfare, headed toward the exit.      

V. Munoz had watched Tyree’s first 3-wall winning in Toledo, Ohio in 2005, before he retired from 3-wall national championships. He also wanted to eyewitness Tyree’s last 3-wall tournament victory at Venice Beach.

Rarely has the emergence of a sport’s newest superstar coincided so neatly with the departure of the last one.

“I went through a lot and suffered to get these results” said Bastidas, before hoisting the victor’s plate, the cloudy skies looming spectacularly in the background. “I don’t have words to express what I feel.”

The 19-year-old from New York is the most successful junior handball player ever, with his wins from 2004-2010.

“I’ve been in this handball journey for a long time” said Tyree. “At this point, I can relate and appreciate how difficult was to accomplish what V. Munoz and N. Alvarado did. I want to dedicate my last junior 3-wall tournament to the best of the best, Naty Alvarado and Vince Munoz. I wish I had the time to play another junior tournament and dedicate it to Naty Alvarado, another great 3-wall player, but my time is also running out as a junior player” added Tyree.

Once again, Hispanic players prove to be the only players in the country to establish such amazing milestones. Congratulations, Tyree, on another memorable victory.

Congratulations to the all-time USHA record holders:

Tyree Bastidas, ten (10) consecutives Singles titles (juniors) at the USHA National 1-, 3-, and 4-Wall Championships.                                       Vince Munoz, ten (10) Singles titles (Open) at the USHA National 3-Wall Championships.                                                                               Naty Alvarado, eleven (11) Singles titles (Open) at the USHA National 4-Wall Championships

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2010 USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships - Bastidas captures “tenth” consecutive singles titles at the USHA National One-, Three-, and Four-Wall Juniors Championships – “ten” is the lucky number. Final Update!





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He has won thirty seven consecutive matches, which have led to “ten” consecutive single titles, which it has helped him earn thirty USHA national titles.

He won “ten” consecutive singles titles at the USHA National Juniors one-, three-, and four-wall championships.

He traveled to Venice Beach with “10” 3-wall national titles under his belt.


Breakdown of the “ten consecutive championships he has won in 1-, 3- and 4-wall junior national events:

                                                                                  Points      players'

                                                                                  scored      point

USHA National Juniors                                                                Championships                                                             by           average                                                             

                                                                                                     Tyree   per match


1. - 2007 USHA National Juniors 3-Wall Championships   146            9.00                          

2. - 2007 USHA National Juniors 4-wall Championships    173          12.50

3. - 2008 USHA National Juniors 1-Wall Championships     84            6.12

4. - 2008 USHA National Juniors 3-Wall Championships     84          11.25

5. - 2008 USHA National Juniors 4-Wall Championships    176         14.16

6. - 2009 USHA National Juniors 1-Wall Championships    126         12.50

7. - 2009 USHA National Juniors 3-Wall Championships    126           6.66

8. - 2009 USHA National Juniors 4-Wall Championships     171          8.10

9. - 2010 USHA National Juniors 1-Wall Championships     126          9.00

10.-2010 USHA National Juniors 3-Wall Championships     168        11.25

                                                                                     ____       _____



Total points scored to date                                               1,380


Opponents’ total points                                    

Average per tourney                                                                       10.58


Out of thirty seven matches, six went to tiebreakers (five in 4-wall, and one in 3-wall).

During his undefeated thirty seven matches, Bastidas played against thirty one different players across the country.

He also played nine different players during his “ten” different finals.

There were 66 games in his last “ten” consecutive singles titles, from which Bastidas won 44 games, where he left his opponents in single digits.

Tyree’s opponents scored an 11.25 tournament point average during his “tenth” consecutive singles title.

Since the 2007 USHA National Junior Three-Wall Championships, there have been “ninth” different Irish players competing at Tyree’s last “ten” USHA National Juniors Championships.        


2010 USHA National juniors three-wall championships – five countries send players to Tyree’s last junior tournament – Tyree slams in  California -wins again, and again, and again  –  sets new record –  crusade complete - caps fantastic handball journey in the west 





Above from left: Cooney with Cordova (finalists) and Bastidas with Ortiz (champions).


Tyree Bastidas swooped into the hearts of handball players yesterday with a spectacular performance that captured the national title and his fans into frenzy

The victory was a sweet victory for Tyree. “Six years ago I came here to Venice Beach to win my first national title outside New York. It turned out to be my first loss at a national level. Yesterday, I was here to win my last junior national title outside New York, and retire from all USHA junior championships” said Tyree. 

Tyree and his partner Ricky Ortiz did it again. Both players captured the 19-and-under doubles division, two years in a row. He is also the only player to have slammed three years in a row at Venice Beach. He faced Irish players in the championship games and managed to keep the USHA titles at home.

Players from England, Ireland, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. participated in Tyree’s last junior tournament, marked with a record number of players, and one of the most successful 3-wall handball championships in recent memory.

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Tyree Reigns - 3-wall Kingpin, Tyree Bastidas – most dominant junior player in America Handball History – set new records





Above: Tyree returning a ball in the championship match.

above: Tyree keeping S. Cooney away from the front wall.

Above S. Cooney returning the ball as Tyree follows it.


Tyree became the only junior player in American handball history to slam the USHA national junior three-wall championships three years in a row.

He also became the only player to have won four years in a row the singles 3-wall Crown up to his last year of junior eligibility.

Breakdown of the King’s 3-wall handball Journey:

2005 Three-wall Junior Nationals, OH, 15-and-under Singles division

2006 Three-wall Junior Nationals, CA, 15- and- under Doubles division

2006 Three-wall Junior Nationals, OH, 15- and- under Singles division

2007 Three-wall Junior Nationals, CA, 17-and-under Singles division

2007 Three-wall Junior Nationals, OH, 17-and-under Singles division

2007 Three-wall Junior Nationals, OH, 19-and-under Singles division

2008 Three-wall Junior Nationals, CA, 17-and-under Singles division

2008 Three-wall Junior Nationals, CA, 19-and-under Doubles division

2009 Three-wall Junior Nationals, CA, 19-and-under Singles division

2009 Three-wall Junior Nationals, CA, 19-and-under Doubles division

2010 Three-wall Junior Nationals, CA, 19-and-under Singles division

2010 Three-wall Junior Nationals, CA, 19-and-under Doubles division

Blending th Past and the Present.

For The Record:


Tyree has won the USHA 1-, 3-, and 4-wall national singles titles in the same year, two years in a row.