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2010 USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships -Tyree slams





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July 13, 2010 

Issue 335


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Bastidas Slams 1-Wall Juniors

QUEENS, N.Y. - Tyree Bastidas finished his junior 1-wall career by slamming the 19-Under divisions.  Bastidas defeated Isaac Acosta in two games, 21-9, 21-1. 

Joshua Garcia won the Boy's 17-Under singles by besting Andres Paz 21-16, 21-1.  Bastidas paired with Garcia to win the Boy's 19-Under Doubles beating Michael Zhou and Isaac Acosta, 21-9, 21-8.

Sandy Ng edged Raquel Garcia for the Girl's 17-Under Singles, 21-9, 21-10. 

Special thanks to 1-Wall Junior Nationals sponsors:  Assemblywoman Marge Makey, Maspeth Federal Savings, Kiwanis, Brooklyn Queens Borough Lodge #878 BPO Elks and First ACE.                                    

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2010 USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships - Bastidas captures “ninth” consecutive singles titles at the USHA National One-, Three-, and Four-Wall Juniors Championships – “Nine” is the lucky number. Update!






                                 Above: Tyree in action


                   Above: Tyree wearing his lucky green shirt with No. 9 on it.

Above from left: T. Bastidas and S. Cooney(IRE) during the tournament.

Most pictures courtesy of Gil Martinez.


He has won thirty three consecutive matches, which have led to “nine” consecutive single titles, which in turn have earned him twenty eight USHA junior national titles. He steps closer to ultimate goal of “ten”

He won “nine” USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships (singles and doubles) by the end of his one-wall junior career.

He won “nine” consecutive singles titles at the USHA National Juniors one-, three-, and four-wall championships.

Breakdown of the “nine consecutive championships he has won in 1-, 3- and 4-wall junior national events:


USHA National Juniors                                        Points  Opponent’s       

Championships                                                    scored      average    

                                                                          by Tyree   per match

1. - 2007 USHA National Juniors 3-Wall Championships  146      9.00                                                                                                                       2. - 2007 USHA National Juniors 4-wall Championships  173     12.50

3. - 2008 USHA National Juniors 1-Wall Championships   84       6.12

4. - 2008 USHA National Juniors 3-Wall Championships   84     11.25

5. - 2008 USHA National Juniors 4-Wall Championships  176    14.16

6. - 2009 USHA National Juniors 1-Wall Championships  126    12.50

7. - 2009 USHA National Juniors 3-Wall Championships  126      6.66

8. - 2009 USHA National Juniors 4-Wall Championships  171      8.10

9. - 2010 USHA National Juniors 1-Wall Championships  126      9.00

10.-2010 USHA National Juniors 3-Wall Championships  168      5.62


Total points scored to date   1,380


Opponents’ total points                                     

Average per tourney              9.49


Out of thirty three matches, six went to tiebreakers (five in 4-wall, and one in 3-wall).

During his undefeated thirty three matches, Bastidas played against twenty eight different players from across the country and abroad.

He also played eight different players during his “nine” different finals.

There were 58 games in his last “nine” consecutive singles titles, from which Bastidas won 37 games, where he left his opponents in single digits.

Tyree's opponents scored a perfect “nine” point average during his “ninth” consecutive singles title.

Tyree to attend Chapman’s handball clinic – aims to expand his reign to the west – looks to tie V. Munoz’s all-time record – guns for Hollywood ending - finds no time to practice for the one-wall nationals in New York – partners with Chapman at the 1-wall Nationals.





Above: Tyree Bastidas serves the ball at the juniors national in Chicago, Illinois.

Above: Tyree serving the ball at the NYHF Open Championships in Fishkill, New York.


Tyree will travel west on July 14 to attend the Chapman’s handball clinic to improve his four-wall game. He feels his 4-wall game can improve greatly by attending a handball clinic from one of the best handball players in the world. Chapman’s handball clinic promises to be a learning experience and a fun time at Los Cabs.

After the handball clinic, Tyree is planning on traveling north to Venice beach to participate at the USHA Nationals juniors three-wall championships. The 3-wall junior tournament will be Tyree’s last showing at the junior level.

He’ll be looking forward to win his last 3-wall juniors nationals in Los Angeles, California, as he tries to tie Vince Munoz’s all-time record of ten singles USHA 3-wall national championships with ten consecutive singles 1-, 3-, and 4-wall national championships.

I haven’t had the time to practice one-wall this year, last month I played in four-wall events, including the 4-wall nationals. Last week I traveled to New Jersey to practice 3-wall, and this week I’ll be traveling west to attend Chapman’s handball clinic in California. I’ll be back to New York the week before the one-wall nationals. I hope my fans understand that I haven’t had the time to practice for the one-wall tournament like the rest of my fellow New Yorkers, but I’ll do my best to win and deliver my first one-wall open championship for them.

Last year, Tyree partnered with 9-times 1-wall national champion, Joe Durso. They reached the finals of the one-wall nationals (doubles division). This year he’ll partner with 8-times 4-wall national champion David Chapman. It would be interesting to see how the No. 1 seeded junior player in the country performs partnering with the No. 1 seeded 4-wall player in the country at the one-wall nationals.

2010 USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships - Record Number of Junior players to play at Venice Beach.





Record Number of Juniors Set for Venice

Handball News from your Handball Experts


July 16,   2010
Issue 336

The entry deadline has passed and the USHA Three-Wall Junior Championships has the largest turnout in over eight years!

Play will begin early Thursday afternoon at the World Famous Venice Beach Recreation Center.

Draws and start times will be available early next week. Check Facebook and www.ushandball.org next week.

2010 USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships draw international participation – New York players  travel in record numbers to eyewitness Tyree’s last junior national - Tyree leads New York’s biggest junior contingent – will face biggest 19-and-under singles and doubles divisions in recent memory – chases No. 10 to tie V. Munoz’s all-time record of ten USHA 3-wall championships







Photo above from left: New york players, Jason Yip, Sandy Ng, Amy Li, Tyree Bastidas and Jonathan Velez, practice in New Jersey for the USHA 3-wall national event in California.

Photo above: Tyree practicing with Sandy and Amy at the NJ 3-wall handball courts.

Photo above: Tyree returning a ball as Sandy prepares to cut off the ball.


The 3-wall junior nationals will see players from at least five countries and a total of 80 players. New York State ranks in third place as the State with the most players at the national tournament.

Defending champion, Tyree, will lead New York‘s largest contingent of junior players for the last time. He’s coming off unbeaten after winning the 2010 USHA one-wall national championship in New York. He is heading into the 2010 USHA 3-wall juniors nationals with a record of 33 undefeated matches, the longest winning streak in all handball versions in handball history.

He’ll be facing a draw with more than 20 players in the 19-and-under singles division, while he’ll defend his title in the 19-and-under doubles division in a draw with more than 40 participants.

Blending the Past and the Present.



For The Record:

Tyree is the only junior player in the U.S. who has played against Irish players at the USHA National Juniors One-, Three-, and Four-Wall Championships. He kept all the titles at home.