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Handball, Hope and Dreams - Handball is the answer to keep kids safe and healthy – parents should have kids avoid sports and hobbies that carry deadly consequences.





Above: Tyree(red trunks) playing up in the 19-and-under boys division as all eyes are on him. He reached the semifinals when he was 16 year-old.

Photo courtesy of Albert Apuzzi.


Why some parents support their kids' dreams in spite the fact that they know their kids could face fatal consequences?

Abby Sunderland, a 16-year-old girl supported by her parents to become the youngest girl to sail solo around the world was found stranded with her mast collapsed and her treacherous solo round-the-world sail scuttled. Her parents reasoning for supporting her 100% was: "Let's face it, life is dangerous. How many teenagers die in car accident?" Abby Sunderland's father, Laurence Sunderland, told “Good Morning America”. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2010/06/abby-sunderlands-parents-defend-letting-her-sail-solo-rescue-could-come-saturday.html?cid=6a00d8341c630a53ef013483fd550f970c

Romero, a 13-year-old kid climbed Mount Everest to set a record as the youngest teenager to climb the highest mountains in all 7 continents in the same year. Kids his ages usually are curling into balls and roll down the slopes. Without Romero’s parent support, his dreams could have easily melted down.

Romero’s father said his goal has always been to help his son attain his dream, even as their quest raised questions about how young is too young to scale Everest, a mountain where harsh conditions have claimed the lives of dozens of climbers. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/05/24/youngest-boy-climb-mt-everest-encourages-kids-big-setting-dreams/

Recently a 7-year-old became British’s youngest skydiver after a 9,000ft jump. “As far as I know Tom is now the youngest ever skydiver in the UK,” his proud father said.


A 14-year-old kid wanted to be the youngest skydiver, his father was recording his jump. http://www.guzer.com/videos/skydiving_accident.php

A 7-year-old California girl on a quest to become the youngest cross-country pilot was killed. http://www.nytimes.com/1996/04/12/us/girl-7-seeking-us-flight-record-dies-in-crash.html?pagewanted=all

Solo 16-year-old pilot dies in plane crash. He was avoiding a faster plane, managed to avoid killing people on the ground. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-467945/Solo-teenage-pilot-died-tried-avoid-faster-plane.html

With all these dangerous entertainments, you might think there is no time for sports. But you would be wrong. There are plenty of sports out there for young kids to have fun and to establish early records. For most kids there is still plenty of time to play the best sport in the world, Handball. “There’s a beauty in seeing people change their lifestyle for the better” said Tyree.

“I'm an ordinary teenager who believed in my dream," added Tyree. "You don't have to be someone special to do anything special to achieve something amazing."

Handball is usually considered one of the safest and healthiest sports around. Kids play handball for fun, to keep busy, and for cardiovascular workouts. Kids could play indoor or outdoor, the choice is theirs.

Don’t let your parents set the goals for you. Set your own goals by joining the http://www.ushandball.org, and find out more about these fun tournaments in your area. Young players under 23 pay a low membership due of $15.00 per year, which entitles you to play at most tournaments. You also get a handball magazine (by-monthly) full of tips on how to play the game, along with a ton of news around the world. It also entitles you to get discounts on items bought online or by mail. There is no expensive equipment to buy.

USHA National One-Wall Juniors Championships - All Eyes on reigning champion Tyree Bastidas






 Handball News from your Handball Experts

July 10, 2010

Issue 334

Dear Handball Fan,

We hope you're able to hit the handball courts whether you're playing inside or outdoors.  Here is your weekend edition of Court Shorts. 


Enjoy and have a safe weekend!

Junior 1-Wall Nats. & KCAC 3-Wall Event!

QUEENS, N.Y. - The draws and start times for the USHA National One-Wall Junior Championships are now available.  Play begins today at Victory Field in Forest Park Tyree Bastidas has a chance to close out his junior one-wall career with another national title. Rising star and PSAL Champion Joshua Garcia guns for his title chance in the Boy's 17-Under Singles.

The USHA National One-Wall Juniors are sponsored by Assemblywoman Marge Markey, Maspeth Federal Savings, Kiwanis, Brooklyn Queens Borough Lodge #878 BPO Elks, and First ACE.  

CLICK HERE for the USHA Junior 1-Wall  Draws

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Emmett Peixoto, David Chapman, Allan Garner and Luis Moreno are just a few of the top guns competing this weekend at the famous Kansas City Athletic Club's three-wall courts.  See the draws and start times for all divisions by clicking on the link below.  

Click HERE for the WPH/Ektelon KC 3 Wall Fireball Classic Draws

2010 USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships - Tyree tops Isaac Acosta to capture his ninth consecutive singles USHA National juniors 1-, 3-, and 4-wall championships –spectacular junior one-wall handball journey comes to and end in New York– Bastidas thanks coaches M. Watson and P. Williams. 






Above: Tyree serving the ball at the championship match.  

Above: Under cloudy skies Tyree closes out his last 1-wall singles match.


All the thousand of hours of anonymous toil, of relentless sacrifice, all in the pursuit of a sport that touches the heart and imagination of a young player have paid off.

Bastidas, the top-ranked junior player and defending-champion American overwhelmed runner-up I. Acosta 21-9, 21-1in a one-sided final that lasted just 35 minutes and showed why Bastidas is considered the greatest junior player of all time. He finished the tournament winning all his matches in two games. He beat I. Acosta, for a 32nd USHA National junior championship title.

 “I’m over the moon winning this again,” the 19-year-old said.                                              

It didn’t take long for Bastidas to start dominating handball across the continent. He got very good very, very fast. Since then, well, you could get lost in his accumulated accomplishments over the various tournaments in which he competes, but suffice is to say he has dominated almost every age division in every handball version, setting benchmark after benchmark along the way.

Irish Player Stephen Cooney traveled for the first time to New York to try to take away the one-wall crown from one-wall King, Tyree Bastidas. He met Tyree in the quarter-finals, where Stephen pushed Tyree to the limit. Stephen Cooney was the only player to score double digits on the King.

In the Championship match, Bastidas played his unique brand of relentless; perpetual-motion handball to handily beat Isaac Acosta, 21-9, 21-1.

 “I want to thank coaches Paul Williams and Mike Watson for believing and supporting me throughout my junior years” said Tyree

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2010 USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships - It’s show time in the big city - The most dominant young handball player in America slams again – summer crusher - The great Bastidas –king again - puts down revolt before he is crowned for the last time.





Above: Left: I. Acosta, J. Garcia, T. Bastidas and Zhou pose at the Elks. 

Above: Team Bastidas/Garcia in the back during outdoor action at Victory field.                                                                                                      Photo courtesy of Gil Martinez.


America’ most promising young handball player, Tyree Bastidas, wins the USHA National one-wall junior championship titles (singles and doubles). Without a question, this New York native is America’s best young handball player. He’s played all over the continent, Canada and Ireland, testing his mettle against the best junior players in the sport’s hotbed. 

Most players in the 19-and-under singles division looked for refuge in the 19-and –under B Singles division to avoid a collision course against one-wall kingpin, Tyree.

The 19-and-under doubles division drew the biggest draw of the tournament because it didn’t offer such a refuge. It even drew more players than the recent 2010 USHA National four-wall Men’s Open Doubles division, where Tyree was also a participant.

For nearly three days team Zhou/Acosta took over the 19-and-under doubles division with an uprising against team Bastidas/Garcia that captivated the players.

Saturday night, on July 10, with the national championship at stake, Tyree, the once and again king, put down that revolt.

2008 defending champions Team Bastidas/Garcia regained the 19-and-under division title after they were forced to withdraw from competition due to conflict schedules in 2009.

The tournament was a 24-game epic filled with last-second heroics. Before Tyree could ascend to the throne for the last time, he had to survive the last. That came when team Zhou/Acosta scored a few points in the last five minutes of the match. Team Bastidas/Garcia crushed the competition by leaving every team in singles digits.

King Tyree captured more than 30 Junior National titles at home and abroad. He established a goal that will be almost unreachable in handball history.



Tyree Bastidas ties Vic Hershkowitz’s all-time record – A memorable performance – handball fans at Victory Field in Queens, eyewitnesses Tyree’s last victory at the one-wall junior nationals – Tyree’s dream comes true.





Above: Tyree in action during the 2009 USHA 1-wall nationals at Coney Island.


                    Vic Hershkowitz's portrait, courtesy of USHA.


Tyree Bastidas worked his way to capture his ninth singles national title in 1-, 3-, and 4-wall to blow past the competition at the USHA National Junior one-wall championships. With this winning, Tyree ties Vic Hershkowitz’s all-time record of nine consecutive singles titles at the USHA National 3-wall Championships. He moved closer toward capturing a tenth title in the near future.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time” said Tyree. I couldn’t imagine what Vic went through when he accomplished this at the Open level, added Tyree.

“Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard. This one is very special.”

Once again, New Yorkers prove to be the only players in the country to establish such milestones. Congratulations to Tyree on another memorable victory.

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Blending the Past and the Present.





For The Record:


At the age of 18, Tyree had already reached the finals of two National Open Championships in two different handball versions.