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2010 Canadian National Four -Wall Championships – Team Bastidas reaches end of the road – loses in semis – brothers play as a team for the last time - Keith Thode fulfills promise at Canadian Nationals – Team Bastidas performs at 1-wall clinic – Canada to send 1-wall team to Fronton International Tournament in Italy.






Above: Women' s Open Doubles division final match. 

Above: Men' s Open Doubles division final match.

Above: Tyree(red shirt) and his brother Jurell during the 1-wall exhibition.

Above: CHA President Brian Goto(red shirt) and Jr players in action during 1-wall clinic.


Team Bastidas, the youngest team in America and competing at the Open level in all three handball versions for the last three years made its last appearance at the Canadian Nationals. Its 2010 season 17-2 record was the best it ever achieved, losing only to Team Fink/ Pearse 11-7.

This is the last year brothers Bastidas will play as a team with at least one teenager player at the Open level. Yes, they will continue to play together, America can breathe easy again, at least for another five years.

Keith Thode, who has been eye witnessing and recording the history making of Team Bastidas was contacted and invited to attend the Canadian Nationals to eyewitness team Bastidas play abroad for the last time. K. Thode promised he’ll go the extra mile to attend his first Canadian Nationals.

While team Bastidas was playing its semi-finals match against team Fink/Pearse on May 21, K. Thode and his mother walked into the packed gallery around 7:00PM. They were immediately given front seats by the friendly Canadian spectators. As soon as the match was over, K. Thode and his mother briefly stayed during the tournament and exited the galley afterward, fulfilling his promise to attend his first Canadian Nationals.

As per a special request from Brian Goto, President of the Canadian Handball Association, team Bastidas performed a one-wall exhibition game to introduce juniors and adult players to the game that has not been much exposed in Canada. Before and after the exhibition match junior players happily jumped on the court to practice one-wall.

Once the one-wall clinic ended, handball players were asked to participate in a qualifier to select the official Canadian one-wall team that is expected to participate in Italy later this year.                                                         Read more...                                                                                                                                                       http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/drawsOut/drawOut.asp?divID=904&combinedID=0&TID=6552&chatRoomUserID=&link=../drawsOut/drawOut.asp


Amazing end for 1-wall New York Team Bastidas – hits slump on the way to Canadian championship match - closes out 4-wall season at Canadian Nationals -  becomes the youngest team in the U.S. to win more Open tournaments at home and abroad in the last three years.





Above: Tyree(black shirt) and Jurell (white shirt) during final match.

Above: Tyree up in the air while his brother Jurell (red shirt) position himself during the semi-final-match.

Above: Jurell Bastidas prepares to hit the ball during the USHA Northeast Four-Wall Championships


Three years ago, team Bastidas made headlines when both brothers (junior national champions) went on a handball road tour challenging Open players throughout the Northeast.

During the past three years Team Bastidas (Jurell and Tyree) captured more than twenty (20) Open Singles and Doubles divisions (combined), a new record in handball history for a young team.

Team Bastidas also registered Open titles winnings in the Singles and Doubles divisions in the U.S. and abroad, another milestone for the youngest team.

Team Fink/Pearse defeated Team Bastidas, ending team Bastidas’ recent winning streak, “I guess it was our turn to get shut out for once, “said Jurell Bastidas, whose team snapped a seventeen-game winning streak and allowed no tiebreakers. Team Bastidas fell in the third game for the first time since the beginning of the 2010 Open four-wall season, leaving them perplexed about their inability to win the third game. It was the first time during this season that Team Bastidas allowed a third game.

“This was a very important tournament on our schedule where obviously you can’t make mistakes,” Jurell said. “And in this situation D. Fink was able to capitalize fully off my mistakes.”

“It was one of those days where I tried to do everything I could and things didn’t work out the way I wanted.” Jurell said.

Team Bastidas blew their best opportunity at the beginning of the third game, when they cruised to a 3-0 lead, but couldn’t keep up with their lead. It was a repeat of the Canadian Nationals in Montreal, when Team Bastidas lost to the Irish team A. Kelly/F. Coughlan in the third game by the same score in the championship match of the Men’s B division. Team Bastidas got a chance to catch its breath and tried to erase the memory of its loss three years ago. The respite could not have arrived at a better time for Team Bastidas, which inevitable hit its first slump of the season.

Perhaps Team Bastidas have been blinded by the flash of their medals and trophies or perhaps it’s been the combination of injuries and a lengthily (1, 3, 4-wall) handball schedule.

No matter what the excuse, team Bastidas couldn’t get a pass to the finals at a national level in 2010. They did leave behind an outstanding record difficult to match.

Who would take the mantel after Team Bastidas? Who would be the next youngest team to challenge Open players in all handball versions?

New York one-wall Team Bastidas ( Jurell and Tyree):

Team Bastidas played 19 games, winning 17 and losing 2 during the 2010 Open four-wall season.

Team Bastidas reached the finals at least 20 times in the last three years.

Team Bastidas slammed in the Open division in the U.S. and abroad in less than a year.

Team Bastidas won most of its Open tournaments outside his home court (Brooklyn).

Team Bastidas became the most accomplished youngest team  in the Open division in recent memory.

Why U.S. fans should catch handball fever – Tyree chooses handball over baseball and football – Tyree’s love equals handball – Tyree recommends handball to all American players.







Above: Tyree attending a baseball game in NY for the last time.

Tyree preparing himself for the 4-wall juniors nationals in Phoenix, Arizona


Tyree grew up playing baseball, and football, the most popular sports in America, and as most kids, he wanted to be in top shape and the best player.

Tyree, a chunky kid, never really got in top shape while playing all these sports. He blamed baseball and football for being team sports. ”that is why there are a lot of big belly and old players in these sports” commented Tyree.

“When, I played either baseball or football, I had to play when the coach told me to play, and I only played when the team needed me to play. When I discovered handball, I played when I wanted to play, and whenever I felt like playing” said Tyree.

“Baseball and football are rough sports and you are likely to get hurt sooner than later. Handball is a sport where body contact is not allowed and is a sport you can play for life”

“Within my first year as a USHA member, I loss a lot of weigh and found myself in top shape after playing at the USHA tournaments. I’ve never felt in better shape before, I would recommend handball to anybody willing to be in top shape for life” added Tyree.

To play handball for life, join the growing handball community at http://www.ushandball.org you get to choose the ball size for your game, you get to choose the tournaments where you want to play, and best of all, you get to travel to tournaments that only fits your schedule.

2010 Rodney Fink Classic II - brings talent to the courts – injury follows J. Bastidas to Pennsylvania – RFC tournament gets listed among Tyree’s favorite tournaments – L. Moreno slams – J. Bastidas out of handball competition for the rest of the summer – handball schedule conflicts plagues Bastidas’ 2010 handball season.






Most pictures above courtesy of the RFC tournament staff.  

Jurell Bastidas has been carrying a nasty injury on his foot, caused by a freak accident on his job three weeks before the 2010 Canadian Nationals. At that time, team Bastidas was re-considering playing in the Men’s Open Doubles division. The injury did not allow Jurell to practice anymore, and forced him to take time off from his job. Team Bastidas waited until the deadline to make a decision to attend the Canadian Nationals and built hopes that the injury gets better. It didn’t. To make things worst, Jurell pulled a muscle in the lower part of his back at the beginning of the semi-final game, but continued to play hoping to overcome this unfortunately situation. Team Bastidas lost its match in the third game.

Tyree, who had declined an invitation by D. Fink to play at the RFC due to his busy handball schedule and tournament conflicts, was invited again along with his brother. Team Bastidas accepted the invitation and hoped Jurell’s injuries get better as soon as possible. While at the RFC Tournament, Tyree made it to his semi-finals match, but his brother Jurell had to forfeit his game as he got injured again. This time Jurell’s new injury will keep him away from handball for the rest of the summer.

Top talents L. Moreno and C. Peixoto from Arizona traveled to Pennsylvania to participate in this interesting tournament. Moreno won the Open Singles and Doubles divisions.

In the meantime, Jurell and Tyree got to enjoy the RFC tournament surrounded by a friendly atmosphere. The hospitality during the day was great and the bleaches at the handball courts made the matches easy to watch, film and enjoy. Team Bastidas couldn’t attend the banquet at night as Jurell was in too much pain to leave him alone at the hotel.

Because of the great hospitality and top level of play at the RFC, this tournament was placed on the list of Tyree’s favorite handball tournaments in the Northeast. Both brothers will try to return next year, provided they don’t have a conflict in their handball schedule. Team Bastidas urges handball players to attend this tournament next year.

Team Bastidas couldn’t attend the Pennsylvania State Championship due to a conflict of schedule with the USHA four-wall Northeast Regional tournament. Team Bastidas also couldn’t attend the USHA one-wall (big ball) Northeast Regional tournament in Pennsylvania due to a conflict schedule with the Boston Open in Massachusetts. This year, brothers Bastidas will not be able to play at the Mayor’s Cup in New York due to the fact that Tyree will be attending the USHA National four-wall championships in Texas, while Jurell will be out because of his injuries.

Coincidentally, the Mayor’s Cup tournament was also in conflict with the USHA National juniors one-wall championships in 2009, where Tyree had to make the painful decision of playing only one event at the junior nationals and forfeit his second event to be able to play at the Mayor’s Cup. This awkward situation didn’t allowed Tyree to establish a new handball record across all age brackets in all handball versions in the same year. He wanted to slam in all three handball versions. He slammed the 3-and 4-wall championships. All he need it was to win his second event (one-wall doubles divisions) to accomplish in handball history what no other player in the junior or adult divisions have ever done, “The Mega Slam”. Although there was not doubt Tyree was about to accomplish it as the defending champion, it will never be officially recognized by the USHA, the sport governing body.

Brothers Bastidas keep urging tourny directors to avoid tournament conflicts, as it only hurts the tournaments and the players as described above.

Blending the Past and the Present.


For The Record:


T. Bastidas is the only teenager to have won the Men's Open Singles division in two consecutive years at the largest four-wall local tournament in the country.

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