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Bastidas’ “historic” No.1 spot – will play as a teenager in the USHA Nationals one-wall Championships for the last time. Can T. Bastidas be summer’s answer to M. Phelps’ summer of 2008?





Above: Tyree Bastidas running to hit the ball in front of his followers during an Open match against Milton Jones at the Coney Island courts in Brooklyn.    Photo courtesy of Keith Thode


Almost a year after Tyree Bastidas won his second 1-wall World handball championship, he is looking to concentrate his efforts on 1-wall Open tournaments as he prepares for the next USHA 1-wall Open nationals.

Four years ago, Bastidas handball story was that of a talented young handball player who hurt his hand playing at the USHA Nationals in 2006, destroying his chances at a World handball championship title. In the four years since, he has collected some of the most prestigious titles in handball. But more than anything, he built up the most extraordinary handball record ever by winning the most championships in all three handball versions.

“To win all handball versions consistently, you have to push yourself to the limit” says Bastidas.” That is very difficult to do, psychologically, especially if you’ve gotten hurt. That is what makes Tyree Bastidas so amazing. He knows the pain. He knows what it’s like to get hurt, and he’s able to accomplish his dreams.”

The USHA National One-Wall Championships will take place during the summer of 2010 and Bastidas says he would be happy to win one event, but of course he is a potential winner in the second event. But he can never be summer’s answer to Michael Phelps, the swimming machine of the 2008 summer Games in Beijing.

There are just too many variables for that to happen, says Bastidas.

“Michael Phelps, he deals with constants” Bastidas said. “The pool is the same length, the waves are the same height, the water is the same temperature and the body movements are all synchronized.

In handball(one-wall version) competition there aren’t constants, not even the size of the handball court is a constant, where players can run, play and shoot the ball from anywhere outside the court. Everything is a variable, the pace of the game, the different shots, and the endless variety of angle shots from in and outside the court.

With his all-around abilities, Tyree will try to win his first one-wall Open National title. He’ll try to leverage his brief window of opportunity for fame before he turns 20.

Toyota presents USHA/Detroit Athletic Club Handball Classic – Tyree’s first appearance at USHA Pro Stop – determined to make an extra effort to compete in more four-wall Pro Stops to get a better ranking – blames busy handball conflict schedules – keeps No. 3 ranking in USHA One-Wall Pro Stop, two years in a row - http://www.ushandball.org/content/view/760/395/






Above: Pro players with Toyota's John McCandless and DAC Sponsors.

Front row, second from right, New York Tyree Bastidas and B. O'Donnell with D. Chapman behind them.                                                                Photo courtesy of USHA


SATURDAY SCORE UPDATES - Billy O'Donnell d. Sean Lenning, 21-14, 21-14.
Tyree Bastidas d. Nelson Quintero, 13, (8), 7. http://www.ushandball.org/images/stories/2010files/toyota.pdf

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DETROIT - Tyree Bastidas turned heads with his foot speed and all-out effort, pushing No. 1 seed Sean Lenning in the first game before Lenning closed out a 21-14 win.  In the second game, an amped up Lenning emphatically closed the door on Bastidas' upset hopes winning 21-2.

Allan Garner faced Danny Bell for the first time since their epic 2005 National 4-Wall semifinal.  In that match Bell edged Garner 11-10 to reach the final.  "He's probably wanted this rematch for a long time." Bell said.  Garner made certain this rematch wouldn't be nearly as climatic with a two-game 21-7, 21-2 win.

David Chapman held off a determined Andy Nett to advance in two games, 21-9, 21-13.

In the final match of the evening, Jonathan Iglesias and Carlos Chavez battled for three games in the day's only tiebreaker.  Chavez executed two perfect kills to earn the tiebreaker but couldn't answer Iglesias in the final set losing, 21-18, (20-21), 11-7. 

Read More for Friday's Results.  Quarterfinal matches begin tomorrow at 10am Eastern.



Tyree Bastidas gets ready to kill the ball as S. Lenning watches and hopes to re-kill the ball.                                                                                     Photo courtesy of Keith Thode. 

Blending the Past and the Present.





For The Record:


Tyree's worst mistakes:

Playing at the 2009 USHA National Three-Wall Championships with one hand due to a shoulder injury caused during a tourney two weeks prior to it. He lost in a tiebreaker in the round of sixteen.

Playing at the 2008 Albany Open final with a swollen bloody finger incurred at the semifinals. He lost the match.

Fifteen years old defending champion T. Bastidas played up at the 2007 USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships 19-and-under singles and doubles division and lost in the tiebreaker in both, the semi-finals and finals respectively.

Playing at the 2006 USHA National Four-Wall Championships and punching the wall. He lost the match.

Playing at the 2009 World Handball Championships. He wasn't fully recuperated from his injuries.