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WPH 1 & 4-Wall Ektelon Fireball Classic – Opening Day 2010 - first pro stop of the year – walls come down for 4-wall players - One-wall teenager player T. Bastidas loses in semi final match – shocks top 4-wall players.





Above: Jonathan Iglesias (left) poses with Tyree Bastidas at the one-wall courts in Tucson Arizona.                                                                        Picture courtesy of the WPH


Above: E. Kennedy(blue shirt) ready to hit the ball as he plays T. Bastidas at the one-wall Ektelon Classic event.                                                       Picture courtesy of the WPH..

Above: L. Moreno serving to D. Chapman as T. Bastidas watches their game from the background.                                                                      Picture courtesy of the WPH.


Get ready to roll, get your gear out and put on your gloves – because spring brings an explosion of energy to the handball sport. It’s not just a moment, it’s a movement. The rumble of an unseen but seismic shift could be felt rattling the front seats at the WPH 1 & 4-Wall Ektelon Fireball Classic events. Emerging handball power-house WPH is at the driver’s seat pushing handball forward through innovative techniques, web-casting and pro stop events. The gates of the WPH thrown open to the whole world as the creative visionaries at their helm refocus on the future of handball. It’s a new day. Can you feel it?

When it comes to tournaments with various handball versions being played, Bastidas always excels. On March 30, 2010, Bastidas traveled west to participate in the first WPH 1&4-wall Ektelon Pro stop world ranking event of the year.

At 19, Tyree Bastidas has quickly vaulted from being unknown to being virtually the undisputed youngest all-around winner in all versions of handball. He possesses dramatic intensity that makes him the prototype of the twenty-first century handball star. Having already won most tournaments most teenagers can’t, he wanted to expand his range by playing at the WPH 1& 4-wall Ektelon Fireball Classic event. He became the first teenager to qualify to the Fireball Classic Top 16 of the inaugural WPH 4-Wall Ektelon Fireball Classic event.

He also became the first teenager to reach the semifinals of the WPH 1-Wall Ektelon Fireball Classic event. Here you got a revealing flash portrait of the best 1-Wall players in the world, where you also got to witness how the established 4-wall players perform without the help of the sidewalls and back-wall.

Bastidas had made it clear at the press conference # 3 “I’m happy to play at the one-wall event, as it’s the only chance I’ve to beat four-wall players”. In fact, Bastidas was looking forward to display and prove that not even the best four-wall players in the world can beat him at the one-wall event, the most aggressive and fastest game of all three versions of handball. It's the only handball version where the naked truth about a handball  player' skills is actually displayed on the court. It’s also the handball version with the smallest margin of error as accuracy matters. ” I love to play one-wall. It’s the only game where I can really use my fast reflexes and all my handball skills. It also brings out the best of me as I’m aware that is just me against the other player” says Bastidas

Four-wall USHA Open National champion D. Chapman and Four-wall Irish Open National champion E. Kennedy moved out of the 4-wall courts after their final match as the walls came down when they moved on to play on the 1-wall court handball event. The crashing down of the 4-wall courts was a rude awakening to the best 4-wall players who found themselves in the middle of the one-wall court with no back-wall or sidewalls to help them.

Bastidas started his first game by dismantling Irish Four-Wall National Champion E. Kennedy, while L. Moreno and D. Chapman were vying for an opportunity to play No. 1 seed Bastidas in the second round. In the end, L. Moreno, the former four-wall player ranked # 1 in the world defeated D. Chapman, the current four-wall player ranked # 1 in the world, and earned his right to play against New York teenager T. Bastidas.

The quarter final match of Bastidas and Moreno was one of the most exciting of the tournament as it pitted the best youngest handball players of the world in 1 & 4 wall respectively. While Bastidas took the first game, Moreno made a fierce come back to claim the second game. The tiebreaker was a different story. Moreno got to serve up to 3-0 but never came back to serve again, as Bastidas won 11-3 and advanced to the semi finals.

Bastidas’ semifinal match against fellow New York player W. Polanco was expected to be more difficult as both players had faced each other twice before. Each player has a victory on their side. Polanco defeated Bastidas in two close games 17, 15 where Polanco’s experience prevailed after he kept his composure throughout the entire match. Polanco advanced to the finals to win the tournament by defeating R. Sostre also in two games 3, 18.

It’s interesting to see 24 players participating at the one-wall tournament as opposed to 28 players who participated at the 4-wall classic event in spite the fact that the prize money for the 4-wall event was twice as much as the one-wall event.

One-wall has increased its popularity around the world in the last ten years, as most people are finding out that one-wall is the universal handball version to be mastered first, if one is to excel in all three handball versions. It is the most challenging game,  easy to play and the hardest to win.


WPH 1 & 4-Wall Ektelon Fireball Classic – One-Wall draw and start times:

                                                Tyree Bastidas
                                                DEF                          BASTIDAS 25-12
                                                Eoin Kennedy
                                                                                                            BASTIDAS 19, (11), 3
                                                Luis Moreno
                                                DEF                          MORENO 25-18
                                                David Chapman
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              POLANCO 17, 15                                                                                                                                                     SUNDAY 9:AM

M. Schneider 25                     Sean Lenning                                                                                                            DEF                                          DEF                           LENNING 25-18     
L. Estrella  15                           Mike Schneider
                                                                                                              POLANCO  16, (3), 10
D. Fink 25                                 Willie Polanco
DEF                                           DEF                          POLANCO 25-14
L. Cordova 9                            David Fink
                                                                                                                                                           W. POLANCO 3,18
                                                                                                                                                                      FINALS 11:30
S. Gonzalez                               Saul Gonzalez
DEF                                            DEF                          GONZALEZ 25-14
D. Perez                                     PeeWee Castro
                                                                                                               SOSTRE (18), 8, 4
Sostre DEF Torres 25-13        Robert Sostre
                                                   DEF                           SOSTRE 25-12
Medina DEF Retian  25-8        Edgar Medina
                                                                                                                                           SOSTRE (10),11-6
Peixoto DEF Cordova 25-7     Emmett Peixoto                                                             SUNDAY 9:AM
                                                    DEF                          PEIXOTO  25-8
Iglesias DEF Mehilos 25-21   Jonathan Iglesias
                                                                                                               PEIXOTO 6, 14
                                                    Billy O'Donnell
                                                    DEF                           O'DONNELL 25-18
Keegan DEF Pastor  25-4        Dessie Keegan 

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The 39th Annual NYAC/Burt Kossoff Invitational Handball Tournament – T. Bastidas falls to Texas Champion A. Garner – Team Bastidas captures the Men’s Open division – spring closing time for Team Bastidas –  looks for sponsors to play at the 4-wall Nationals.





Above: Prestigious New York Athletic Club building in Manhattan.

Above: N.Y.A.C. Awards for the Men 's Open Doubles Division Champions, Tyree and Jurell Bastidas.


A. Garner, the 2009 World handball Open finalist defeated New York's best T. Bastidas in two games, then proceeded to beat current USHA & WPH No 1, D. Chapman in the third game on Saturday, April 17. On Sunday, he captured the Men’s Open division by defeating E. Peixoto 12, 2.

“It hurts to lose, it doesn’t matter if you played well or not, the only thing that matters is you lost,” said T. Bastidas, who played his best during the weekend. Strangely, this was the first time Garner and Bastidas faced each other. “You don’t remember that you played well, you just remember you lost.” said Tyree.

Jurell and Tyree Bastidas rebounded in the open doubles division on Friday night. They advanced to the finals on Saturday to face the strong team of B. O’Donnell and R. Retian, two seasoned four-wall players in the Northeast.

On Sunday, Team Bastidas won the match in two games 21-13, 21-8. Coach Paul Williams  and handball sponsor Jonathan Lee were present to watch their game.

Tyree and Jurell Bastidas spoke with such finality at the conclusion of their championship match at the N.Y.A.C. ’s locker room, it was hard not to notice.

“We’re glad we won and I got to experience one last four-wall tournament victory,” in the Northeast, said T. Bastidas. I guess this tournament will close out our 2010 four-wall season unless we get more sponsorships.

New York Team Bastidas has won every single game during the 2010 four-wall season (14-0). They just close out a winning season in New York State, and with any luck will close out the four-wall season outside New York, if they get any sponsorships. “We’re still going to compete, but only on a local level. We would like to close out our four-wall season either at the USHA or Canadian four-wall Nationals” said Tyree.

The 2010 Boston Open – The 34th Boston Open Handball Tournament returns to America’s first YMCA - Bastidas reaches final of premier handball tournament in Northeast.





 Above: Tyree Bastidas and Amy Li enjoy the hospitality at the YMCA, founded in 1851

 Above::The oldest YMCA in the U.S. is on Huntington Ave, Boston, MA.

Above: Jurell Bastidas gets ready to roll the fast approaching ball.


Teenager Tyree Bastidas worked his way to the championship match after beating local Irish player McClean in the most exciting game of the day. The scores didn’t reflect the full action and excitement that took place during the semi-final game.

On the other side of the draw, Jurell Bastidas couldn’t overcome David Fink in the semi-final match. Jurell was attempting to corner the open division with his little brother Tyree.

One-wall player T. Bastidas and four-wall player D. Fink  made their first appearance at the four-wall Boston Open tournament in 2008, and ever since then neither one has been able to win the title. Both players reached the semi-finals during the 2009 Boston Open Tournament, and for the first time they met in the championship match of the 2010 Boston Open.

While both players have met on the courts before, Fink has had the upper hand, but this time teen Bastidas put up a great fight during the first game, where Bastidas responded point by point and briefly was leading the score a few times up to point 15, when Fink finally was able to brake loose from Bastidas’ game and won the first game 21-15

Fink’s vast experience and preparation helped him clinch his first Boston Open Title, while Bastidas became the youngest player from the Northeast to reach the finals at the oldest YMCA in the country where the tournament has its roots.

Both players will participate at the USHA four-wall Pro Stop in Detroit. This is one of the most prestigious Pro-Stop in the Northeast, where the best players across the country play for the prize money and for the title.

The Boston Open always attracts the best players in the country, including players from Ireland and Canada. It is well known for its outstanding hospitality.

Recent Boston Open Champions:

2010 David Fink, PA.

2009 Sean Lenning, WA.

2008 Emmett Peixoto, CA.

2007 Sean Lenning, CA.

2006 Danny Bell, Canada.

2005 Emmett Peixoto, CA.

2004 Kendell Lewis, NY.


2002 Ciaran Curran, Ireland

2001 Ciaran Curran, Ireland

2010 USHA National One-wall challenger – Opening Day 2010 – USHA one-wall handball season starts – It is show time in the city - brothers Bastidas reign again





Above from left: Andres Calle flexes his muscles with Tyree Bastidas. 

Above from left: Jurell and Tyree Bastidas pose with Andres Calle and C. Miranda.

Above: Elks members enjoy the championship match on Thursday night.  

Above: A. Calle serving the ball as brothers Bastidas get ready to return it. 


On Saturday May 8, Tyree and Jurell Bastidas participated in the first indoor USHA National one-wall 21 & 23-and-under Challenger event. Previously both brothers had won these events outdoor at the Coney Island handball courts in Brooklyn.

This was also the inaugural one-wall event of the year at the Elks club, which featured two renovated handball courts with views from the back and sides. All players were treated for food and refreshments at the bar & restaurant on site throughout the day. They were even treated at a surprise free pay-per view event later on at nigh. Because Sunday was mother’s day, the tournament director, M. Watson and the players agreed to continue with their final matches on Thursday night.

Tyree and Jurell Bastidas reached the singles final matches against Andres Calle and A. Garcia respectively. A. Calle, a big ball specialist who has beaten small ball players in national championships in the past, made it to the finals on Saturday night only to find out he had to face No.1 seed Tyree. T. Bastidas had to play Calle in one of the closest game he had ever won. Tyree had to comeback in the second game from a big deficit to close out the second game. The final score was 21-18 and 21-19.

In the mean time, Jurell Bastidas will have to deal with A. Garcia in the 23-and under singles division on Friday night.

Update!! Jurell defeated A. Garcia 21-7, 21-6.

Team Bastidas and Team Calle/Miranda reached the finals of the 23-and under doubles division in an interesting way. All team members are members of the Elks club, which has been recruiting kids and promoting handball through them for the past few years. The Elks in Queens and the ICHA in Brooklyn are currently the main organizations spreading handball in the metropolitan area. All four players had a chance to slam before the semi-final matches started.

Miranda is also a big ball player who has upset small ball players in the past. Asked about how he reached the finals of the small ball championship event, Miranda responded, “I don’t have special handball skills, but I try hard, I go all the way out. I have a big heart when playing handball”.

As team Bastidas prepared to play against the best youngest (big ball) handball team in the city on Thursday night, Jurell said “This is going to be more of a challenge, because they definitely play at a higher level than the other teams we’ve played"

“They’re the most dangerous team we’ve faced, and it’s a difficult matchup, but we have enough confidence in ourselves that we’re going to go with our concepts. We can’t change what we do.” Tyree said.

Brothers Bastidas acknowledged they were playing against a more aggressive team, which has always played in the (big ball) open divisions all year round. A. Calle is an accomplished big ball player in the city, while C. Miranda has just finished winning the USHA Northeast big ball open doubles championships teaming up with John Wright"rookie", the USHA one-wall(big ball) champion. The championship match showcased the best youngest (small ball) handball team against the best youngest (big ball) handball team in New York State.

Team Bastidas captured the championship match in a long hard fought game that lasted late into the night. The final score was 21-17 and 21-6, where the score of the second game does not reflect the intensity of the game displayed on the court. “It wasn’t easy to defeat team Calle/Miranda, they just couldn’t find their rhythm in the second game, I know that feeling” said Jurell.

Referee B. O' Donnell was on site to ref this important match.

“The month of May it’s going to be a very long month for me. Two weeks ago I was playing in the Boston Open (4-wall), last weekend I started playing in the Challenger event (one-wall) in New York, tomorrow I have to flight to Detroit to play in the USHA Detroit Athletic Club Handball Classic (4-wall), next week I’ll be playing with my brother in the Canadian Nationals (4-wall) and the following weekend I’ll be starting training (3-wall) with my brother in New Jersey. I wish I have more time to prepare myself for the one-wall nationals” added Tyree.

Blending the Past and the Present.




Lake forest College  Again, USHA Intercollegiate Team champions.        1975-76 team: L to R  Andy Dolan, Dublin, Ireland: Jack and Vern Roberts Jr., Cincinnati: Dave Dohman, Chicago: Ray Estevez, New York: Scott Rosenthal, Chicago;Sheldon Minkow, Northbrook,Ill; Mickey Guzman, New York; Mike Dau, coach, and athletic director at the college.

For The Record:


The most referees required to ref one of Tyree's match

The 27th Milwaukee Handball Classic - 2007.

Team Bastidas( Jurell and Tyree) VS team S. Lee and M. Munson.

The match was refereed by three referees due to the length of the match as the tiebreaker kept on going till the wee hours of Sunday morning.