Handball player for life.

2010 USHA Four-Wall Northeast Regional Championships – T. Bastidas captures Northeast Regional in a nail-biting tiebreaker – rules the courts as he takes top honors as the top player in the Northeast for the past few years.





Above: Tyree and Billy after their championship game

Above: A young crowd celebrating during the championship match                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Above: Tyree and Billy in action during final match.

Above: B. O'Donnell gets ready to serve during his final match against T. Bastidas at the USHA Regional Four-Wall Championships.


Eastern players weren’t disappointed with the way the tournament was run. “The turnout was slightly higher than the previous year” said R. Retian.

Combining the talents of incoming Northeast commissioner Raul Retian with the help of long-time USHA Northeast Commissioner Bill Kennedy it was reasonable to expect that the 2010 Eastern was one of the great ones in the 40–years plus history of USHA championships in the region, which has come a long way since it was held on two courts in 1967 at the Newark YM-YWCA.

This important event has often been the springboard to handball stardom for many of the national champions and are the next step in the ladder to the Nationals. T. Bastidas is expected to participate at the 60th USHA National four-wall Championships to be held in Austin-Texas. He is looking for sponsors to continue to play across the continent.

He reached the finals by defeating four-seeded R. Retian, and continued to roll until he met archival B. O’Donnell, who had just finished defeating J. Bastidas.

T. Bastidas wasted no time in avenging his brother loss by winning the first game, only to meet fierce resistance in the second game by O’Donnell, who was determined not to go down the easy way. The match ended up in a tiebreaker, where both players had a chance to close out and win the tournament.

Bastidas got hurt as he got impatient during the third game. He fears he won't perform 100% at the WPH 1 & 4-wall Fireball Classic Pro stop in Arizona later on.

T. Bastidas became the only teenager to have won and slammed this event two years in a row. He defeated B. O’Donnell 11-10.

2010 USHA Four-Wall Northeast Regional Championships – Team Bastidas   captures Men’s Doubles Open Championship two years in a row - defeated Pennsylvania team to become lone top seed at the USHA four-wall regional Championships - J. Lee to sponsor team Bastidas.






Above: New York team Tyree and Jurell Bastidas in action against Pennsylvania team Charles Raymond and David Bardwell during the championship match.


In the doubles field, first seeded Team Bastidas of Brooklyn went all the way and were never headed. They defeated Ariel Garcia and Vladislav Klym in the semi-finals 21-3, and 21-10 and then Charles Raymond and David Bardwell from Pennsylvania in the finals 21-10 and 21-14.

Jonathan Lee, an avid open player and handball supporter in New York State had read too many handball stories on Team Bastidas, but he wanted to see them in action with his own eyes. He traveled to the 2009 Albany Open to participate and eyewitness team Bastidas rolls to the championship game in the open division. He was pleased with team Bastidas ‘achievements that he decided to sponsor them to play at the prestigious NYAC in 2010. Previously Jonathan Lee has sponsored them to other tournaments, including the nationals. He has been an active supporter of team Bastidas and other handball tournaments around the area. He recently sponsored the 2009 Kent Ginty Memorial Handball Tournament – One-Wall Pro-singles Stop.

Team Bastidas thanks Jonathan Lee for his active support in the handball community.

The USHA / DAC Handball Open presented by Toyota will be May 14-16, 2010 – Bastidas to play at prestigious USHA Men’s Pro event.






March 30, 2010
Issue 306

By US Handball Court Shorts Staff


12 top pros have accepted invitations to the event:

Sean Lenning, David Chapman, Emmett Peixoto, Allan Garner, David Fink, Tommy Little, Dan Armijo, Jonathan Iglesias, Nelson Quintero, Tyree Bastidas, Danny Bell and Billy O'Donnell.

Four others will qualify for the pro stop in Orange County, April 9-11. Click Here to register for the qualifier.

In addition to the Men's Pro event, a Women's Pro event will be held at the same time.

Thanks to Toyota for sponsoring this great event. CLICK HERE to learn more about Toyota.

($17,000 in pro-prize money).

A big thanks to our pro sponsors Behlen Manufactoring (The Raimondo Boys) and Quantum Composers (Steve Birrell).  Click on our Pro Sponsors links  to read more!



WPH 1 & 4-Wall Ektelon Fireball Classic – Opening day 2010 - Bastidas qualifies to the top 16-players at the first of its kind WPH Pro Stop – it took Bastidas six games to make it to the top 16 – joins fellow NY B. O’Donnell in final round of 16 – Press conference for bracket winners.






One-wall player T. Bastidas worked his way through the 4-Wall Fireball Classic on March 31. He captured the Decatur qualifier bracket and joined three other qualifiers to the final Top 16-men draw.

Sal SantaAna(TX) Def Abe Montijo(AZ) for the Jacobs Qualifier 21-5, 21-9
Andy Nett(MN) Def Chip Morales(MO) for the Haber Qualifier (9), 20, 10
Tyree Bastidas(NY) Def Daniel Perez(AZ) for the Decatur Qualifier 21-9, (20), 11-7
Bill Mehilos(IL) Def Luis Cordova(MX) for the Hershkowitz Qualifier 21-17, 21-8


Match against N. Tovar during opening match of Decatur bracket qualifier.



Press Conference #1...

Here's Bill Mehilos (speaking) at the table with Nett and Bastidas:


Press Conference #2...

Here's Andy Nett (speaking) at the table with Mehilos and Bastidas:


Press Conference #3...

Here's Tyree Bastidas (speaking) at the table with Mehilos and Nett:


WPH 1 & 4-Wall Ektelon Fireball Classic – Bastidas falls to number one-seed, D. Chapman – E. Kennedy upsets number two-ranked, A. Garner.




Above: T. Bastidas and J. Iglesias pose in the Fireball Classic event. Above: Bastidas(green shirt) returning a ball against Chapman.

Above: Perez hitting the ball as Bastidas gets ready.

Photos courtesy of WPH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

After rumbling thru his six games qualifier, one-wall player, T. Bastidas, lost to D. Chapman in the final round of 16. He was unfortunate to play into the eventual champion and lose in two games. Chapman had been on a roll during the whole tournament, winning every match in two games. On the other side of the draw, E. Kennedy also made it to the finals winning his matches in two games.

Asked how he felt about the ball, his game against Chapman, and the tournament. Bastidas responded. “Chapman beat me fair and square”, he was really comfortable with the new ball and his game. On the other hand, I couldn’t adjust to the new ball. Personally I felt that the new ball wasn’t as lively as I expected. I’m used to the fast game with a fast ball. This new ball is the equivalent of the old red ace from the 80’s and 90’s and without taking any credit from Chapman and Kennedy, I think this is the main reason why players over 30 years old like them made it to the finals. I guess it will take a while for me to get used to the pace of the game with this ball. As for the tournament, it was one of the best tournaments I ever attended. Hospitality was great and the running and organization of the tournament was incredible. I’m looking forward to come back to this tournament again.

Coincidentally, there were three States plus a country (TX, CA, NY and Ireland) which were represented by two of its best players. T. Bastidas and B. O’Donnell represented New York State.


Blending the Past and the Present.




For The Record:


The best honor for the best youngest player.

He became the first teenager to be honored with the USHA "Moment Of The Year Award" in 2009.