Handball player for life.

Major Award winners are stars of the show.




Above: T. Bastidas for M. Lemus, Ciana N. Churraoin and  Kloss

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Three juniors are honored at each nationals with prestigious annual USHA awards.

The Kate Conlon/Kurt Johansson  Most improved Player Award was bestowed on Marco Lemus of Chicago.

Ciana Ni Churraoin of Ireland was presented with the Tom Lynch Newcomer Award.

In addition, five "graduating juniors" were presented with handball bags to mark their achievements.

The 19-and-under final, represented the last 4-wall singles championship of Bastidas' junior handball career.

Tyree Bastidas' accomplishments nominated as top handball moment/feats for 2009 USHA poll.




Vote for your Favorite Handball Moment of 2009 


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By: USHA court shorts staff.

You've nominated some of your top handball moments/feats of 2009, now vote on your No. 1!   2009 was a great year for handball! The list of top moments has been compiled and now you can vote for your favorite. The poll is on the right-hand side of the home page of www.ushandball.org.

What was your favorite handball moment or feat of 2009?

Anna Engele wins her 11th National Open Championship

Paul Brady wins his 3rd consecutive World Title and 5th consecutive U.S. National 4-wall Title

Satish Jagnandan defeats Cesar Sala to regain National 1-wall Title

Fiona Shannon Slams in Portland for 3rd consecutive World Title

Emmett Peixoto defeats Chapman in battle for National 3-wall Title

Tyree Bastidas' domination in the junior fields

Megan Mehilos gets her 5th consecutive National 3-wall Title

Allan Garner's incredible run at the World Championships


Bastidas Keeps No. 1 Ranking.




Above: Tyree Bastidas getting ready to take the ball off the wall during quarterfinal game against Irish player.

Above: T. Bastidas in action during the final of his last USHA National juniors four-wall championship held in Chicago.


Bastidas, who beat Chicago's Marco Lemus in the 2009 USHA Nationals junior four-wall final in three games, will begin his 126th week as No.1 and will further distance himself, from other top juniors’ singles players, for total number of weeks as world No. 1.

Bastidas is the first player to establish a career list with 126 weeks at No. 1, and the first player to get past 100 weeks as No. 1 in all three handball versions in USHA history.

Bastidas did it again on Wednesday 30, 2009. He beat  local favorite Marco Lemus to win the USHA crown. That makes 8 consecutive singles titles, adding to the record Bastidas already holds, building on the argument most people think he has already won: Is he the best ever?

History - Bastidas - Records

"I'm so happy winning this again,'' he said." I think I played some of the best handball recently.''

"I know this is an incredible trip I'm on,'' Bastidas said.  "We'll see where it ends''.

Actually, there is and end. Nineteen, Bastidas' age, is the top age in the juniors division. Bastidas is eligible to play in all junior tournaments during 2010, but the USHA juniors four-wall championships.

The game has progressed so fast, become so much more physical and athletic than ever. That makes Bastidas even more amazing. He has been in 8 of the past 9 junior singles finals in 1-, 3-, and 4-wall championships for the past 3 years.

He knows he’ll face one of the largest fields in his division when he plays his last one-wall juniors nationals in 2010, he knows everyone will be looking to knock him off. This may be wishful thinking against Bastidas, one of the most poised handball players of all time. Many have tried to rattle him, with little success. It’ll be the last opportunity junior players around the country will have to beat him and make history. To defeat Bastidas is a required passage.

Tyree Edges Out Brady for No. 1 in "Best of 2009"- Voters choose Tyree in"Best Of 2009 Poll"





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By: USHA court shorts staff.

The voting for the top handball accomplishment of 2009 has ended. The No. 1 spot, voted on by you, goes to the youngster from New York, Tyree Bastidas, for his dominating year in the junior fields.
Congratulations to Tyree for an outstanding 2009.

Paul Brady finished in a close second in the poll for his great accomplishments from last year.

Tyree's 2009 championships (USHA national tournaments only)
- One-wall 21-and-under singles
- One-wall 19-and-under junior singles
- Three-wall 19-and-under junior singles
- Three-wall 19-and-under junior doubles
- Four-wall 19-and-under junior singles
- Four-wall 19-and-under junior doubles

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Bastidas on pace to tie Vic Hershkowitz’ s record.




Tyree Bastidas knows the end of his junior handball career is near. He can feel it in his heart and every time he’s reminded he’s 19 years old.

“I’m not getting any younger,” Bastidas said this week. “And I’m not diving any more. The end might not be coming as quickly as it seems, but I can see it.”

The closer to the end, the more Bastidas ponders his legacy. That’s why the 2010 USHA National Junior One-Wall Championships in Queens, New York, has such a personal meaning to him. If he wins, he’ll cement his place in history, claiming his ninth consecutive singles titles in USHA National Juniors one-, three-, and four-wall championships, tying Vic Hershkowitz’ s all-time record of nine consecutive singles titles at the USHA National Three-Wall Championships.

“That is very important to me,” he said. Vic Hershkowitz is a New York player and I could not be more please to hold a record in the junior divisions along Hershkowitz's’s record in the Open. This is a legacy.

It’s a legacy that Bastidas once didn’t believe was possible. When he arrived at the Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx for his first USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships in 2004, he knew little about the meet’s history, and less about the USHA National nine-consecutive singles titles held by Hershkowitz. http://www.ushandball.org/content/view/413/ But that didn’t stop him from earning his first crown.

Bastidas has grown more dominant each year, rumbling past quality players such as N. Nahorniak(USA), L. Cordova(MEX), F. Collins(IRE), D. Nash(IRE), M. Lemus(USA) and others.

“I have peaked for now,” he said, “I want people to see that Bastidas is the greatest here.”

Not that he’s expecting a coronation anytime soon.

“I want to leave a legacy,” he said. “I want this ninth one, then maybe I entertain coming back for a tenth. I need to do this while I still qualify for junior eligibility and as long as I don’t have a handball conflict in my schedule.

Blending the Past and the Present.






For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas has won tournaments with the following handballs:

The USHA Red ball

The USHA White ball

The USHA Red Ace ball

The Ektelon ball

The Challenger ball

The USHA big ball